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  1. As a TFC fan, I say: good. I want Montreal to be the worthy opponent they were this year. Make us be our best.
  2. "together" um good luck with that. You can go on ticketmaster to see what is currently unsold. Not very much, I'm afraid.
  3. Watch Irwin's reaction as the ball goes past. He gives up when he sees Oduro, then redoubles and tries to get it when he realizes Oduro is offside. Hell, I'm not even convinced Piatti was onside for the play. That's ok, though, our boys spotted the Impacts that one just for entertainment.
  4. Heartstopping. I was gonna draw and quarter Hagglund until he made that header.
  5. I'm with rkomar except I put Lawrence first and Sinclair second. Fleming third... Beckie would be fourth in my listing.
  6. I would imagine the three days have to be pretty perfect. This article was at the start of the season (note the citation of five days, which is not true for this one turnover). If they're not relaying sod right now it means they're going with what is on the ground. I didn't see any big lumps come up, only little clods. Hopefully they can be replaced and the roots reintegrated quickly enough.
  7. This thread is crying out for moderation.
  8. The whole point is to shift what the line is defining "good enough." We aren't talking about stars, we are talking about the borderline players. Which for any country is going to be the majority. ...but you don't develop your stars in isolation (Own the Podium be damned). You develop a strong cohort and give them time and experience, and the stars rise out of the cohort. Currently the cohort is capped at amateur ages for development, and if they feel at 15 that they won't be a star and can't catch on professionally, they'll focus on other things. And their departure weakens all the players around them.
  9. Rob's point is correct. Larson may be right that it will have no impact on current rosters, but to me it's about rosters 5 years forward. It's about providing the space for the youth in the game to continue to play professionally.
  10. Yes, have them train on incorrect lines first, then "delay" the game start. Make sure the visitors are lined up in the tunnel when you "discover" the problem. (Meanwhile the home squad can be relaxing in their clubhouse la-z-boys sipping lattes)
  11. To be fair, since Lord Bob *is* the original supporter, he should still get the dickhead charter (and the t-shirt). He can then define the contexts under which we may join the dickhead brigade...
  12. I'm not sure it's so strong as an anti-American sentiment, although it's probably an anti-hype sentiment. And the MLS is all about hype for the USMNT. So there's that. Bradley will go on his own terms, ie he'll get the offer he wants from elsewhere, or he'll stay. I don't advocate his departure, but I suspect WJ is being groomed to replace him if it becomes necessary. Altidore was saddled with injury concerns and his DP contract, and fans have understandably been underwhelmed until his recent stretch. But close observers have been high on him for longer than that, and his performances this second half have justified that high opinion, IMO. If they've figured out his hamstrings, he'll earn every penny of that contract. I want Larin to succeed, and I think Altidore shows one possible path for Kyle to follow, gamewise. In the meantime, I'm enjoying TFC's designated players immensely.
  13. re Larin vs Altidore: My few times watching Larin live, I've not been impressed as much as his line suggested I should be. Of course, most of that is watching the Nats, and I'm sure better service and work around him in Orlando makes him better. Altidore definitely benefits from his team (and I'm not just saying Gio). Anyway, the "get rid of Altidore" talk is ridiculous simply because you're not going to get rid of him and easily find a replacement. Orlando wouldn't swap Larin out anyway, and that's the only Nat option I see. I am a big fan of Altidore on his current form, and I believe Larin is on that path. I think it's great that it's even a debate - it shows Kyle is going to be *that guy* for the Nats. I'd be happy with a swap, any day.
  14. Soon to be followed with the "I'm done with this forum" manouever.
  15. Yeah, I saw that article too; I also know that Ontario's EXCEL program has been gappy in its implementation. I know that funding has disappeared for certain teams, (the one I had followed most closely was the 2001 cohort) so I have to wonder just how much they can really toot their own horn on this tournament. Maybe the funding was allocated to this 1998/1999 cohort instead? I've not followed the full program across the province (web info is spotty at best) so can't say.
  16. Get rid of Altidore. Yeah, right. I think next year Johnson is looking at inheriting Bradley's role, but there isn't a Canadian ready to replace Altidore. In a year or two, maybe Larin or (if he continues to develop) Jordan Hamilton. Honestly, give Hamilton another year or two behind Altidore and I think he could learn the role.
  17. To the come-latelys who want to criticize the performance and selection in this tournament, take note: This is how you do it.
  18. says the poster with 3 posts to their name
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