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  1. This is why the games are so much more entertaining to watch this tournament - playing through the midfield - and also why stretches of the Honduras game felt like old times - the hoofball. Thanks for spelling it out, it really does come down to the CBs finding the DM as a target - so no matter how good the midfield is, if the backs don't see them as valid targets, the team looks lost. I'm sure Hutch would enjoy this play so much more than what he suffered the last few years.
  2. I want to know, in a game that ends 4-0, with a rating scale of 1 through 10, how no one on the winning side got higher than an 8, and no one on the losing side got lower than a 4. That's not a 1-10 scale, that's a 4-8 scale. /ducks
  3. As a TFC fan, I'm happy to have him back so he can play while we are down Osorio and Ricketts (and Bradley, Altidore, and Cooper). He wasn't getting on in front of the guys who have played so far, so it's just as well for him.
  4. He did struggle to find his place last night. I think if he had played on the left in a previous game he'd have been faster to get up to speed. Coming in as a sub you have to be fully comfortable from the first minute, you don't get to play into the position. That said, I agree with taking Hoilett off instead of de Jong, and they wanted Davies to get into the game. So I get it. Just didn't work out for him last night.
  5. FWIW I didn't think this was offered as an excuse, rather that with a BA level so high yet being (somewhat) functional, that he had built up alcohol tolerance, which suggests lots of practice. I felt it was more alarming in that it suggests that this is not a one-off, at least the drinking part.
  6. What is she studying at UCLA? Is it something that UCLA is highly rated worldwide in, and where would a similar calibre of university be in Europe? (I'm not asking *if*, as I expect there will be a couple of reasonable choices) Earlier in this thread we've already had this discussion, that it looks like her choice is school 1, playing 1b. So we have to respect that...
  7. It was an honest question, thanks for answering. In Ontario the mosquitoes tend to pick up immediately where the blackflies leave off, so no real respite. (Of course that would only affect the training facility in Nottawasaga, for Toronto based games)
  8. Is her course of study at UCLA better than what she'd get home at Western?
  9. Why do I keep reading the thread title "Canadian apology"?
  10. I dunno, they came pretty close - and it's a long tournament to go quiet for, given the number of games they have to get in over the season. MLS appears to have respected the International dates this year also.
  11. The way I read the comments by the players, it was death by a thousand divots, and I think the Impact game was the hardest on the grass. It was weak already because that was only 3 days after the Grey Cup, remember. (Sometimes it's that second effort that pops the lid off the jar)
  12. True enough. But he would have looked less bad because the collapse might not have been so dramatic. At the time the Klinsmann project was being sold to the fan base as a multi year project, but it never had the time to bear fruit for Aron. This was at the same time as the setup of the Academy, and I think there has been some good that came out of that - just nothing good happened on the senior team in the immediate period. So Aron was doomed.
  13. If Frings had stayed healthy this conversation might be a bit different.
  14. Actually, I think just getting off the TSN2 upper tier cable and onto a more primary channel will do wonders for the ratings. Hard to get casuals if they don't have the channel.
  15. Hey Jamie, should I be watching for a package? No pressure or hurry, just don't want to miss it if it comes (I'm lazy about going to my superbox).
  16. As a TFC fan, I say: good. I want Montreal to be the worthy opponent they were this year. Make us be our best.
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