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  1. As I've said before, we need to stop comparing Mariner to Winter, and start comparing his results to the rest of the league. 4W 6D 7L would still make you one of the worst teams in the league. I don't care that its a better record than 1W 9L. Besides, Mariner was put in place for RESULTS now. So we have every right to criticize what he is doing. I'm tired of patience. I want this team to hire a competent management staff. Not give Mariner a 3-year extension before he proves anything and install Cochrane as the team leader. Its a ****ing disgrace.
  2. I think we have seen enough of Mariner to evaluate what he is. I use the results, the transfer window and his in game decisions to come to my conclusion. Defending him and saying that he deserves more time ignores some glaring faults that he is already showing. I would have preferred if Mariner was fired with Winter. And an entirely new management team was hired, including a President that oversees the team. Instead we have Mariner as head coach, and now Earl Cochrane as overall head of TFC and Anselmi head of MLSE. Personally I consider this a nightmare situation for TFC fans.
  3. I wanted to give Mariner a chance, but I've seen enough. I don't think he has what it takes and is putting TFC further behind. I hate that the pro-Mariner crowd tries to pigeon hole all of Mariner's detractors as pro-Winter people. And for the record I'm no fan of Winter. I wanted him out since the middle of last season. I'm not one of those fans though that thought he deserved to carry on after this year's V's Cup wins and the win v. Philly. To me, Mariner's time in charge has all the markings of all of TFC's other failed managers. And like I said, stability for the sake of stability is a massive mistake if you have the wrong person in charge. Anyways, Mariner's not even one of the biggest issues facing TFC. News that Earl Cochrane is going to be the new head of TFC is shocking and embarrassing. I almost consider that a '**** you' from Anselmi to the fans.
  4. I would have prefered if Mariner was fired with Winter, as I feel he deserved some of the blame for the past 2 seasons. If not, what the hell was he doing? For me the dream scenario would have been an entirely new management team being put in place when Winter was fired. That way this new team would have had the summer and winter transfer windows to get this team ready for 2013. I was willing to give Mariner a shot, but I think I've seen enough of his on field coaching and this transfer window to worry about the future of this club. They will probably fire Mariner in June of next year, and yet another season will be lost.
  5. My issue with Mariner is that he was a lazy hire. I would have preferred an exhaustive search to find the next best coach. And for those saying you don't want major roster turnover, its going to happen with or without Mariner, as this team is ****. I'd prefer if Mariner wasn't the guy doing it.
  6. I'm pretty sure his contract is guaranteed for next year. I don't expect Frings to walk away from $2.5 million that easily. I foresee another De Guzman situation.
  7. I get it. Montreal fans are fairweather, and therefore much more sophisticated.
  8. Just to correct some of the numbers. Winter won 7 games in 44 MLS matches. Mariner's MLS record is 4W 6T 7L. We need to stop comparing Mariner to Winter and start comparing him to the rest of the league.
  9. Seriously, especially considering some of the Impact matches at Saputo Stadium earlier in the season.
  10. We should probably start a ticket exchange thread. I'm sure people will have extras they would like to give to other supporters.
  11. We can't say for sure. Maybe if he was a true free agent and wasn't held hostage by arcane MLS rules some other team would have picked him up on a free.
  12. This is a funny response considering the website you write for. Besides, Kurt Larson reported it. He appears to have decent insider knowledge of the team. Plus it helps explain the situation a lot more.
  13. Its because the coach himself is a hack. Rumours going around now that Kocic lost his starting job because of a contract dispute. Classic, petty TFC. This has happened way too much for a professional club, in my opinion. Truly bush league management. The real annoying thing is that it happened at home as well! Mariner is out of his depth. He is a clown.
  14. With 39 points, Montreal has now tied TFC's highest single season total (2009), with 6 more games to play. Its funny though, Montreal could finish with more points than Vancouver and miss the playoffs while Vancouver might make it. The playoffs are still a long shot for the Impact. If it isn't the extra games that will make it tough, playing 4 or their last 6 on the road is also a fairly big barrier. But at the very least, Impact fans get to watch their team in a playoff race to end the season.
  15. Most of those goals are from the penalty spot though. But he is playing well and deserves to start for Canada.
  16. With 11 wins, Montreal has surpassed TFC's single season high of 10 (which occurred in 2009). Doesn't look like TFC will hit 10 wins this season either.
  17. Seattle is the model franchise. TFC is the polar opposite.
  18. Pay Per View? Isn't Sportsnet World expensive enough?
  19. People respect those that are humble in victory. Nobody respects a trolling douchebag. Go **** off to bigsoccer or somewhere else where they sympathize with you cheating bastards.
  20. Suggestion by Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail that Sinclair should carry the flag for Canada at the closing ceremonies. I agree! http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/olympics/why-not-christine-sinclair-for-flag-bearer-at-closing/article4468542/
  21. Cann wasn't even in Chicago. It appears that Mariner favours about 14 or 15 players and that's it. All the other squad members aren't even worthy of a bench appearance.
  22. Is Cann injured again? Or out of favour with Mariner? I noticed TFC played with a shortened bench again yesterday. Is it not possible for them to travel with a full team? They don't have that many injuries.
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