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  1. Yup. Sporsnet does this to try to get people to subscribe to all 4 of their channels. Hell, they often don't even show the Blue Jays nationaly, much to the chagrin of Jays fans outside of Ontario.
  2. Um, nope. I only ever used Massive Attack at the V's board until the switch. I never had a sock puppet at this site. You might be confusing the fact that I posted as narduch at Big Red. I never flipped back and forth on this site like you claim. But it wouldn't be the first time you make retarded claims. The proof is in the fact that my current user name has a join date of April of 2010. Good day.
  3. Does anyone know if Neindorf wanted the job? Did he apply? Does anyone know if Gazzola is a good coach?
  4. Well its pretty stupid. Almost as dumb as the retarded censorship. Although what happens to ********** name is funny. Note: that's the douchebag traitor for Calgary, in case anyone wondered.
  5. Username was lost with the forum switch. And just because somebody gets a nice plumb job doesn't take away from some of their previous classless acts. But of course you being Hooper's #1 apologist makes you blind and stupid on that issue. Really, you are going to make a big deal about having some useless bureaucratic position? Next thing you'll tell me is that Jack Warner is a great man because he also works for FIFA.
  6. Thanks for catching the link problem. Maxxed doesn't have a May forum yet.
  7. When I try to post the links to the files it tells me a mod must first review my post.
  8. May 5th - Vancouver v Montreal is available here: http://fbtz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=154031
  9. Which is ironic because Vic is a big Charmaine Hooper supporter.
  10. Well I tried posting it here. That's the last time I'm going to. A mod can do whatever they want with it whenever they ****ing feel like it. I'm tired of this bull****. If anyone has a Maxxed account the full match is already available here: http://fbtz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=154031
  11. I guess. If you have an account at Maxxed you can see it now: http://fbtz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=154031 The 1st half is up and the 2nd half is almost done.
  12. Well, I tried to post it in the video thread but apparently a mod has to review the post first. How stupid is that? http://www.cansoc.org/showthread.php?39669-Voyageurs-Cup-2010-match-videos
  13. The files are done. They are being uploaded right now.
  14. I will try. Hopefully my recorder doesn't act stupid again.
  15. These are his stats from the professional divisions in Italy (Serie C2 and above): http://aic.football.it/scheda/16311/uccello-julian-paolo.htm I use to have a good site for Serie D level as well, but its now by subscription. Edit: found another site with some more of his stats, just appearance and goals, including for his Serie D teams: http://www.tuttocalciatori.net/Uccello_Julian_Paolo
  16. Ya, I don't mind doing them. Just need some back up for the occasional screw up. Thanks
  17. Did anyone with a DVD recorder manage to make a copy of this game? If I can get my hands on a DVD I can upload the game. Don't worry about adsense, it won't be a torrent. Direct download, that should be alright to get around stupid rules.
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