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  1. Come on man, the Leagues Cup is a made up fake tournament. No way should the CSA go out of their way to accommodate it.
  2. Wasn't Don Garber recently complaining though that Vancouver and Montreal can't put new teams in USL now?
  3. Lost in the news today is the fact that Zator and Didic both got National Team call ups.
  4. I"ve been thinking about that as well.
  5. I thought Fresno was trying to relocate too. And that isn't going too well either. Apparently USL charges a $1 million fee to relocate. Maybe they can sell the franchise to a US city/investor? Its awful late now though.
  6. He doesn't have to. He has media mouthpieces for that.
  7. As expected they are blaming sanctioning.
  8. The real funny part of that post is this though: Something for some on here to ponder who fixate on those sorts of announced numbers elsewhere. That gave me a good LOL.
  9. TFC didn't even take the last Champions League seriously. All this bluster is just PR. Trying to show fans they are more ambitious than they have really shown.
  10. Based on that it sounds like its larger than the Fury. And might also threaten the future of the CFL team. There hasn't been a peep from either CONCACAF or CSA with respect to the sanctioning. We don't know if Fury are just throwing in the keys on their own.
  11. I don't think that's what happened. It sounds like they are losing their sanctioning. And their only option was to join CPL or fold. So they decided to fold instead. The rumour I have seen is that CPL was going to allow them to join the inaugural season with no expansion fee. But now that 1 year has passed and the league has established some sponsors and other revenue streams they now want an expansion fee. And the Fury balked at that.
  12. They are stuck with Altidore due to his salary
  13. The only USL teams that would offer larger contracts are the ones with MLS aspirations. The rest of the teams will offer wages closer to what Harford was rumoured to be offering.
  14. 54,000 average is not bad for a start up league. One Soccer really needs to work to get back onto CBC, and try to make the broadcasts more consistent. For comparison sake MLS ratings aren't much higher. It's hard to find 2019 ratings but this article from 2017 has some. https://nationalpost.com/pmn/sports-pmn/baseball-sports-pmn/toronto-fc-success-drives-up-ratings-while-struggling-jays-numbers-drop Considering how poor TFC was for most of the regular season and the post Giovinco buzz kill, plus the situation in Vancouver I would bet those numbers dropped this year. Although there must be a playoff spike for TFC.
  15. She's a good broadcaster. A nice get for One Soccer.
  16. Good move. I think they would have defeated Ottawa in the V's Cup had they started him.
  17. Conspiracy Theory: one of the teams that qualified from Concacaf League will be booted out to make room for TFC.
  18. I think even if they do get their own channel they should still consider having a CBC game of the week. That's probably the best advertisement you will ever get for your channel.
  19. I continue to wonder if MLS regrets giving franchises to Montreal and Vancouver. Mind you there are about 8 teams in the same boat as them. This league has a real parity issue on its hand.
  20. Did he actually say that? Looks like you are over analyzing the headline. It was not a direct quote
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