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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_–_CONCACAF_Third_Round
  2. Its in September. Exact date not set.
  3. Coming off an injury and set up the goal in Haiti
  4. Panama does it. They make the Octagon
  5. Haiti line up GK: Josué Duverger - Carlens Arcus, Ricardo Adé, Kevin Lafrance, Jeppe Simonsen - Bryan Alceus, Steeven Saba, Leverton Pierre, Hervé Bazile - Duckens Nazon, Frandzy Pierrot https://haititempo.com/foot-selection-la-composition-dhaiti-contre-le-canada/
  6. Possible streams https://soyh8.com/curazao-vs-panama-en-vivo/ http://www.hesgoal.com/news/81823/Curacao_vs_Panama.html
  7. I believe we had to apply for exemptions for some of our players. Aruba is a good example. In the March window they called an all domestic side. In the June window they had 10 players from Euro clubs
  8. Its actually kind of funny to see the news here first and then have the media guys today state that they 'heard rumblings' of this happening.
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