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  1. Stop trying to turn yourself into a victim. Posting news is cool. Posting random Twitter opinions because they support your narrative is borderline trolling.
  2. My favourite one is a post from the CPL General forum of a Tweet from some random guy stating that Clanachan was the former CEO of Tim Horton's. It added nothing to the discussion. If OTP wanted to make that point on our forum he could have just posted that.
  3. So the CEBL just announced their Summer Series and it included live games on CBC 3 strait Saturday's (July 25, Aug 1, Aug 8). CBC will also have the Final on Aug. 9. Those would have been good match days/times for CPL.
  4. I hope Liam gets into a game. That's what I would do on FM! I'm of the opinion that the EPL should start cancelling games that are meaningless due to COVID. Although I guess it's still too early for that
  5. I believe BC wants a mandatory 14 day quarantine for those entering the province. The NHL wants that waived. Ontario is run by a bunch of morons that will probably go for that. I believe the CPL stated they would be amenable to quarantine so playing in Victoria is still an option maybe? PEI might end up winning due to costs. Vancouver Island can get expensive
  6. Yes they can stop them. And you are correct about historical teams. They decided to not press the issue. But a brand new team from scratch? No way
  7. I don't think the IOC would allow that.
  8. 9 makes me think it's a baseball team
  9. My guess is that due to COVID it will probably be a few years before any more teams are added.
  10. They could easily just rebrand as York FC and try to attract people from York Region and North York. You can even keep the colour scheme in order to differentiate the team
  11. Apparently MLS will have a regular season after this Orlando tournament. So there would still be time for Voyageurs Cup. However the schedules may be cramped? It might make sense to just have the CPL champs take on the highest seeded MLS team in a one off match?
  12. I prefer this format over being the 7th place team in the previous format. Its still not perfect, but that's CONCACAF
  13. Playing in Langford only makes sense if the camera angle is fixed. The only thing I don't get about the PEI proposal is why not just play in Halifax? Isn't Nova Scotia doing pretty good too?
  14. I think the issue is they haven't left enough time for a different format. That being said, its not out of the realm of possibility that this virus is still being an issue in September.
  15. You could always have a shortened season. 14 or 21 games. It's all speculation now and nobody really now's what's in-store.
  16. Impact are back at it tomorrow as they take on Olimpia at 8pm ET. Match is on TSN1. Impact should be the favourites but they face the 2nd leg on the road. Plus Olimpia did manage to knock out the MLS Champs
  17. I actually had similar thoughts about the Toronto market during the Aaron Winter/Paul Mariner days. But that has passed now.
  18. But it originally had a community use component. MLSE renegotiated the deal when they switched from artificial turf to grass.
  19. Fraser not starting again for TFC. Probably better off leaving the club at this point.
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