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    johnyb got a reaction from Obinna in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    He is my pick, but It may take Bayern winning CL for it to happen.
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    johnyb reacted to Cheeta in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Rant Alert.
    Just to borrow something Wallace tweeted.  
    Testing protocols vary from province to province. #CanPL won't specify those protocols until a site has been agreed upon and the provincial rules can be followed.
    Sounds reasonable enough doesn't it?  And it is.  From one perspective. 
    From another perspective, say.... oh I don't know, lets go with "the players" while everything in that statement still remains true, it also says CPL has no covid protocals in place to protect their employees other then whatever provincial requirements are stipulated at that time.
    In other words they're going to do THE BARE MINIMUM that's required of them BY LAW in their attempts to keep their employees safe during this very unusual venture.
    Oh, goodie.  Isn't that what they were doing at that slaughterhouse in Alberta?
    So you see the statement remains true for both perspectives but the take away is something entirely different.
    Totally avoidable error.  Especially given the hyper sensitivity which has to be out there given the times.  Just for appearances and the peace of mind of your players state that while complying with all provincial regulations that you're going to echo the protocals in place for Bundesliga if they are more stringent.  Or EPL.  Whichever.  If it's good enough for the millionare footballers, it's good enough for our lads. 
    How fu'king hard was that?  Nothing to see here.  Move along.  Lets speculate about the structure of the tourney and keep the conversations positive going into this as yet unannouced event.  But nooooo..  Couldn't do it.
    I know things have to be stretched at CPL HQ, there will continue to be growing pains, but this is an unforced error.  One that will hopefully be put to bed very quickly because this tourney is a grand idea that could turn into a great success. 
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    johnyb reacted to Bison44 in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    As some one else put it, its just good PR if nothing else.  Getting the people involved tested, is a no brainer for venture thats going to be in the public eye and have a lot of scrutiny on it.  
    Maybe I'm just an old grouch, but why are certain people posting random goobers from twitter complaining about ****??  And then wanting to argue with us about it on here.  Argue it on twitter where the guy is posting....if I wanted to read idiots on twitter and reddit I would be there and not here.  If its pertinent info go ahead, but do we really need clutter our board with twitter crazies?
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    johnyb reacted to SpursFlu in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Man it's simple economics. The players are getting paid to play soccer. They get paid because it creates revenue. There is no revenue being created. Everything is capitalism. Players, coaches, owners, popcorn person... its a good thing. Get off the internet nonsense 
    If it's so unsavory the owners can just leave and the players can get the government to write yet another cheque. Good luck with that 
    I've been playing soccer, high fives and all. Wow scandalous. Nobody getting tested, nobody cares
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    johnyb reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    ...because the profit motive that drives the capitalist system means that the rich dudes that own the clubs/franchises are going to try to trim their expenses to whatever extent is possible if they have more leverage than their employees do and will care not one iota if that means some of the players are only receiving $700 a month as Duane Rollins was tweeting a few hours ago. Don't like it then go and flip burgers will be the mentality.
    People that try to view this stuff through a nationalist paradigm in which Canadians would somehow be different on this if they were all united as one big happy family against a negative external American influence are deluded. Capitalism has an inherent tension between the owners of capital and the wage slaves, because the interests of those two groups don't coincide.
    It gets even more bizarre when people try to project their nationalist mindset onto others who simply don't see things their way and just want pro soccer to work well and succeed in Canada regardless of who is doing the sanctioning.
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    johnyb reacted to dyslexic nam in The Road to Qatar.   
    Honestly, if we can’t get second in a group like that, we have no goddamned business near Qatar anyway.   The reality is that we have a number of countries that are in the mix for WC spots and we have to start consistently proving we are better than most of them.   We have the players to do it but it is time to a tart walking the talk. 
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    johnyb reacted to BrennanFan in The Road to Qatar.   
    From all media accounts I've read out of South America, WCQ will have to take place within the match days remaining according to the previous schedule, from the point FIFA makes their decision to restart games.  FIFA does not want to add any more windows to their already congested schedule, and they do not want empty stadiums for the first few games, because that will be seen as an unfair advantage to those lucky teams with home games later in the schedule.
    FIFA Match Days:
    - 6 match days left in 2020 (Sept, Oct, Nov) *** This is the key issue, FIFA as of yet does not know how many, if any, of these match days will be used.  Concacaf wants to avoid using these windows altogether.
    - 10 match days in 2021, (March, May, Sept, Oct, Nov)
    - 2 match days for the intercontinental playoffs (Mar 2022)
    The proposed "top 12" group stage would require 6 match days.  This is the favoured scenario in Concacaf because it does not require any games played in 2020, as there is plenty of time for this tournament next year March-Sept.
    The 4 team playoff requires 4 match days, likely the Oct and Nov 2021 windows.
    The problem Concacaf has is getting the 23 bottom teams down to 16 for a proper knock out stage, with a winner determined by Sept 2021.  The previous system, with a 4 team group stage and 3 rounds of knock outs required 12 match days.  They will probably only have 6 or 8 match days to work with now.  Predicting the group stage will turn into a neutral ground mini tournament in Dec 2020 so the 8 team knock out ties can start in March 2021. 
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    johnyb reacted to Alex in The Road to Qatar.   
    I just want to prepare everyone for the fact that we will probably be in a group with Honduras. Those *****. 
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    johnyb reacted to Strait Red in Cyle Larin   
    No, it’s not.
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    johnyb reacted to Obinna in Cyle Larin   
    I would like to see him in the Bundesliga, but a move to CSKA would be pretty solid. 
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    johnyb reacted to jordan in Dominik Yankov   
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    johnyb reacted to Obinna in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    For those hoping Jonathan David signs with Leverkusen, this Saturday is a good chance to check them out and watch Davies at the same time.
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    johnyb reacted to Stryker911 in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Quick question. Has Davies done enough to win the Lou Marsh award? He will likely win the u19 Bundesliga player of the year, be in the Bundesliga team of the year, win the league title, dfb Pokal, and possibly Champions league. It also helps having the Olympics canceled and every other major sport shortened, so there will be less contenders to choose from.
    David would probably be a candidate as well, but I feel like he isn't mainstream enough yet.
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    johnyb reacted to Kadenge in Canadians Abroad May 29th to June 4th   
    massive 1-2 away win for Ingolstadt and Elva in B3 vs. Unterhaching who are in 2nd place. Elva was subbed in at 67'. Ingolstadt are now in 4th place but  there's a bunch of teams that are very close just below them. Its going to be a battle right to the end of the season
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    johnyb got a reaction from lamptern in The Road to Qatar.   
    This is the exact format I was hoping for. It would reduce the importance of which group we are drawn into. Still hoping to avoid Mexico though. Assuming a fair draw (🤣) We shouldn't have a problem finishing 2nd in any group and have a legit chance at 1st in a couple.
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    johnyb reacted to gator in CPL General   
    I'm sure you can find something about Bradley's recovery from surgery or Delgado's new contract though!
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    johnyb reacted to gigi riva in CPL General   
    People complaining about the Soccer coverge here in Canada  Once Canada start's sshowing signs of improvement and and winning then you will see the TSN's and Sportsnet starting to pay attention
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    johnyb reacted to Macksam in CPL General   
    I don't think anybody is talking about extensive highlights. What's TSN's excuse for not even doing a 10 second blurb on the league opener? Like what they do when a Canadian athlete participates in alpine skying championships in Austria, or when they show Rugby highlights. Again, 17,000 fans showing up in a stadium for a league's debut where even the prime minister tweeted on it would get more interest than the aforementioned things.
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    johnyb reacted to Bison44 in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Pulling a random tweet out of the air to help push whatever BS narrative you are pushing is pretty weak.  There is enough pent up anger out there lately that Mr Parrot droppings could probably find someone blaming Trudeau, Trump, the Pope and aliens for whatever is pissing them off at the moment.  Why you would revel in the fact that some people are pissed at the CPL management is beyond me.  And of course you need to circle back around and make it about MLS vs CPL even though you piss and moan when anyone else does that. 
    Its been bad for CPL (along with every other sports league and 99% of other business), and most people are getting some sort of raw deal with the virus, either health wise or financially.  You acting all gleeful about a twitter ranter being pissed at CPL and using it to try and prove some point about MLS is just the usual BS you push around here.  
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    johnyb reacted to Cheeta in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Can't even imagine it.  Can't even imagine CPL HQ would try to pull something like that off.  The risk of being savaged in public is waaaay too high.  It's almost guaranteed.  How would that benefit the league?  Get some TV time in exchange for a public flogging?  Madness.
    The science behind testing or not testing in that sort of circumstance doesn't even matter.  Too many people have, and are, paying too big of a price during this pandemic to tolerate a soccer league trying to save a few dollars while putting on a tournie.  It's a bad look.
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    johnyb reacted to Ansem in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    I can definitely understand the 25% cut making players angry. The 5% extra cut is just unnecessary in my opinion.
    However, the league is doing this because cuts are happening everywhere else and unlike the big leagues, TV money isn't keeping them afloat the same way it does for the big 4. Hell even some clubs from big Euro leagues are getting hurt bad.
    So, just showing both sides here. I do support them getting a union. Seeing how MLS is handling the players even with them being unionized, CPL could have done far worse.
    Which pays players 75% of their contracts and pays staff salaries while keeping them on the payroll. According to the government program, CPL can't just cash in the check and keep it in the bank.
    Also, they virtually have little to no revenues in some cases.
    Even if they got the $15M loan from the government, it's a loan that they have to repay which must be to help account for the loss in revenues. 
    I'm not sure how they can hold that tournament without paying for it but I'm far more outraged by the additional 5% cut which in my opinion was utterly unnecessary and players most likely didn't care for that being use as a performance bonus
    We seem to forget that like every other leagues, CPL is a business. The union have to go through the process of getting recognized by each provinces which will take time.
    It's not about CPL being anti-union like Amazon or banks, it's about buying time. The league knew that players would be unionized eventually but I think that they were surprised it happened this fast. (MLSPA was founded in 2003, 6 years after MLS launch I think).
    They have no incentive in fast tracking the process and go through bargaining in season 2 or 3. It's a business decision and unionization process/employer business is usually kept private until it happens.
    Unless they are millionaires (which most aren't), they won't do that. A boycott would hurt the league a lot this early which in turn would end up hurting the players even more.
    With USL dropping Canadians domestic status, it isn't in players interest to see the league struggling.
    The union will have to navigate this delicate balance of getting more for the players without hurting the league until it's more settled and revenues are way up.
    I understand people's disappointment and I'm unionized myself and very much so pro-union but we have to think this through both sides perspective, not just players.
    The league could have been far worse
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    johnyb reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Ted, the low camera angle was poor for the broadcast image in general. The play is flat, you can't see how the teams are lined up, the distances are distorted, and as the camera was too close to the pitch, it did not follow the play properly. It has to be taken back away frm the touch line 5-10 metres and raised another 5. 
    Or shoot from the other side of the pitch, from the main stand. That way at least you could be watching the benches, if kept as they were, and have the light at your back from mid afternoon on.
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    johnyb reacted to SpursFlu in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    I think the only reason they shoot from that side is because its easier to just construct a scaffold tower (whatever its called) and you want to showcase stands full of fans. As mentioned above, with no fans, who cares, just shoot from the other side. 
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