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  1. He's gone end of Feb. 2012 http://www.whitecapsfc.com/news/2011/12/vancouver-whitecaps-fc-ceo-paul-barber-step-down-end-february-2012
  2. Wait until you see M. Akloul. Very skilled. We're set at CB if/when those two pair up. If healthy, they will be a force!
  3. That's the funniest thing I've heard all day!
  4. He's never been a DP. This is legit. The only joke here is TFC.
  5. Brutal? He had a goal and two assists, held the ball up perfectly and was a workhorse last Saturday. If that's brutal, we'll take it.
  6. thanks tmcmurph. Yeah, never did get it to work on my computer (windows 7) but followed twitter. I'll have a look at the video highlights tomorrow. Good showing by Caps--Vancouver wins the Cascadia Summit!
  7. the bitgravity player will not work on my laptop, but it does on my son's laptop. Am I missing something here? Yesterday, during the Caps game I clicked play and it just searched for a connection indefinitely. Would love to watch the game this afternoon and am nowhere near my son's laptop. Help please!
  8. Nah, I'm thinking this would be fitting http://www.wish.org/var/wish_user/storage/images/media/files/saputo_sponsor_logo_2009/60997-1-eng-US/saputo_sponsor_logo_2009_medium.jpg
  9. Can't think of another game EVER when both goal keepers scored a goal - Conway with a sweet own goal off his back and Hesmer with the equalizer. Incredible!
  10. For the last time I'm afraid. The soccer gods will remember 18-6-09 as well. Decades from now your futility in the NCC will be called "The Curse of Dos Santos"
  11. Lots of new photos here http://www.vancouversun.com/Photos+Place+stadium+roof+taking+shape/3668523/story.html
  12. When classless acts are the norm of an organization such as the Impact, I suppose 18-06-2009 doesn't jump out at you as anything extraordinary. To the rest of us Canadian football supporters, that evening was a disgrace and a blot on the integrity of the NCC tournament.
  13. Come visit Vancouver. We'll put you to work holding up this banner
  14. cheerleaders (and of course their requisite music for dancing) would be as troubling as allowing vuvuzellas. I seriously don't see this happening in Vancouver. the FO gets it and cheerleaders are certainly not part of "it"
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