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  1. i can't get rid of the stupid add on my screen fml
  2. http://www2.tsn.ca/window/podcastcentre/#id=33 Joey said grass is currently being grown for them. They have a new type of grass more suitable for Montreal weather and have set a deadline as to when it has to be installed
  3. sup Chris ! sadly we're only at 7000 right now ... but in Montreal fashion, the fans will wait until the last minute I believe I don't see Raul leaving Europe ...
  4. logic is not important when you are buddy buddy with the boss
  5. white jersey has blue shorts and white socks
  6. Joey said he had not spoken to his people. It was his manager who brought up Montreal.
  7. Biello and NDS are currently in Portugal . Some hope this is to help lure non other than Pedro Pacheco to IMFC. He is represented by Kafute who has an important history of providing players to IMFC. I would personally love to see this happen.
  8. IIRC, most IMFC did not want Stalteri on the team. personally, I'm not sure if he has anything left in him.
  9. bahh. just a southsider. nobody takes 'em seriously anyways.
  10. please tell us what you know of him , his style of coaching , his approach to dealing with players, his experience...... MDS was a fine coach. Sadly, he was forced to deal with an technical dictator who tried to control everything.
  11. please keep Straith off the pitch .......
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