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  1. I managed to convince Alex Fletcher and his friend to tag along!
  2. I'm in a bit of a bind. Have two tickets for the game, but need to work Monday morning as well as Tuesday. Was hoping the bus would have worked out. I live in Port Hope (right along the 401). Is anyone from TO driving up and back right after the game? I'd be willing to share driving and/or pay for gas. Alternatively, is anyone further East looking to go up and back the same day? I have a car and could stop in Belleville, Kingston etc if people are willing to split on driving and/or gas.
  3. Spungi

    Milan Borjan

    Hutch played with Copenhagen in the CL in 2006-07, don't think they managed to qualify again until after he left
  4. Ahh citizenship. Reminds me of my father's messed up history. All of his family is born within about a 2 km radius, but his grand parents were born of Austria-Hungary, his parents were born in Italy (my grandparents) and he was born in Yugoslavia (though what is now Croatia). He's from the Istrian (istra) peninsula at the top of the Adriatic. Through him I could get Italy and Croatia, and my mother is 4th or 5th generation Canadian. So Canada, Italy and Croatia for me
  5. I think the thing a lot of people are forgetting is that in the Panama game we did not have Johnson with us. His tenacity and work-rate will help a lot in Honduras.
  6. In terms of overall play I'm not disappointed that they didn't push hard for the win. The corner however bothered me. Its a golden opportunity, throw a few people, knock it to the penalty spot and see what happens. it could be b/c the corner was on the left, Schmidt seems to have been taking those all tourney with Matheson taking some of the ones on the right.
  7. I would personally be worried about the French as well. They've had our number recently. Aside from France and USA I would give us a good chance.
  8. Any viewing parties in Montreal? I am starting road trip to Halifax, from just outside Toronto, and will be in Montreal on Tuesday. It would be great to meet up with some Vs and catch the game
  9. I'm waiting on this info as well. Have a group of 10 and we are trying to decide when to leave for TO.
  10. I wouldn't pay Luca Toni DP money. After leaving Bayern in 2010 he has been pretty much useless. He's old, big and lumbering.
  11. Edit: nvm I figured everything out.
  12. If I remember correctly, Little Bird is his son. Who is playing in Italy. Big Bird gives us updates from time to time on his progress. He was at Crotone last time I checked in. Julian Uccello is his name.
  13. Add Harry's Little City of Bricks in Port Hope again. There were two of us for the USA game, so I'm hoping to double that for Panama!
  14. I'm visiting familyin London, so i'm going to try to make it to Scot's Corner. Canada jersey and V's scarf should help me stand out!
  15. I don't think there are many (or any) V's out my way. I live in Port Hope, and TO, Kingston and Peterborough are all about an hour trip. Anyway, I talked to the owner of the local pub here and he said he would gladly show the game. They have a few big screens and all the specialty sports channels. He also hosts the local Celtic Supporters Group. So if there are any V's out this way come out and show some support. He's been pretty good to me putting on TFC games etc when I ask for them. The venue is: Harry's Little City of Bricks 22 Ontario Street Port Hope ON L1A 2T6
  16. Not to mention, that being from the US Blazer is more likely to take a CONCACAF approach that favours the larger and more successful FA/SAs. The proposed change to WC qualifying (which eliminated a Mexico/US game) was good for Canada, but unlikely to happen under Blazer's watch.
  17. I like it because generally the commentators don't say much (although when they do they butcher a lot of names) and the crowd noises are pretty high. Not sure how they plan on doing the GC though.
  18. For the Peru game there was a one page handout with the main songs on it that was given out at Maro's. Is something similar being done for this one?
  19. Hey guys I have two tickets for the TFC game this Sat, going with my mom. Unfortunately, I have 4 friends in town visiting on very short notice. Any chance someone has 4 tickets for up sale? Email me at: bfonovic@gmail.com Thanks!
  20. I bought 4. Taking two of my cousins who have never been to a soccer game before, and it'll me my Dad's first CMNT game since Belize in Kingston. How do we get the tickets? Are they emailed to the accounts we used with paypal?
  21. bah... I clicked on the wrong radio link... that's embarrassing! Thanks
  22. IS there at least radio to listen to the game? Team 1040 has NCAA basketball
  23. I'd say I'm about 90% for going to game. I'd haev to get down to BMO from Port Hope, but that should be no problem. I'll try to convince some friends.
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