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  1. I've actually known this for weeks but refrained from posting out of respect for my source. This was basically decided at that last major meeting.
  2. Streetsville would be certainly be interesting if it wasn't it being a logistical nightmare. I dare you to drive through Streetsville during a busy hour. A 7-8pm kick off during the week would be just awful.
  3. Hamilton City. He explained he didn't think Steelers was a good fit for the city. I was personally kind of shocked they'd produced a video where the supporter would openly denounce a popular name option. Good on them.
  4. In a perfect world a Toronto CPL and the Toronto Wolfpack would ground share a new grass field stadium that seats 10k.
  5. We've heard that 10 cities are bidding for a place in the CPL. Has it been confirmed that this doesn't include Hamilton and Winnipeg because they're confirmed? Thus, 12 cities are interested? Is that a fair assumption?
  6. anywhere to buy tix without paying absurd fees?
  7. I was actually talking to Frank at my work a couple days back. I asked if he ever thought about playing at home in Canada and he said he wanted to. I guess he did.
  8. I always end up agreeing with you Grizzly. I think you're certainly on to something here as well. Canada is limited to NASL expansion with the 75% requirement so new investors will certainly be looking at Ottawa to see if their model works. This could be a great way for CFL teams to diversify and gain a second income.
  9. The next biggest market not in the NHL is Mississauga. hmmm
  10. Hate to spoil it but after the show his board of governor's decided to not take the deal due to the new evaluation so the deal was nixed. http://business.financialpost.com/2013/04/01/why-tornado-defense-pepper-spray-walked-away-from-a-dragons-den-deal/
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