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  1. As a TFC fan - playing this game in Victoria sounds like a great idea. Helps make up for the loss of the Canada friendlies at the beginning of the Covid emergency. I'm looking forward to the return of the home and away format.
  2. Perhaps they can build the temporary stands to boost the capacity to 40,000, then not sell them, to fill the stadium!
  3. If you look at the tentative schedule in the bid, it wasn't going to work like that. It looked like both Edmonton and Toronto would get a Canada game (of which there'd only be two in the group stage, with the 3-team groups). Also, wasn't there only 8 games scheduled in Canada (and Mexico)? Presumably 4 each in both Edmonton and Toronto.
  4. Surely there must be CPL clubs or we wouldn't be discussing it here. Besides, need 17 more to bring it to 64, so can have a proper knockout competition.
  5. Though there's huge quantities on Stubhub, including in Supporters. The scalpers seem to be into this game. I think the sell-out for the previous caught them by surprise. And scalping revenue must be way down this decade.
  6. The ticket limit per person was much higher this time. I think there were a lot of large sales.
  7. It says it's being played in spring 2024. It doesn't explicitly say it both starts and finishes in spring 2024. Presumably they could play Round 1, as usual, in February, and still play the main part of the tournament in the spring. Either way, I'd be surprised if there isn't play during spring 2024. I'd also be surprised if there isn't play in at least one of the preceding winter, or postceding (?) summer.
  8. It went about before 10 AM. Perhaps in your spam? I'll message you the code.
  9. There's a handful still there (Voyageurs sale), that keeps appearing and disappearing.
  10. Ah, that's right. But then they closed the food building (at 11 pm?) at the usual time (the CNE was on), throwing us all out. I was on the south side, so I didn't see the buses, but had a dry spot under the awning, and waited it out until the 11:30 pm GO Train. But even by 11:30 they hadn't officially cancelled the game. There were a handful of us there on the south side, including one of the players' partners - and even after 11 pm, the players in the locker room, thought they may be going back out to finish!
  11. By the time I came in, just after 10 AM, they were letting anyone at the Ex in for free. Just had to show my ticket to get into the Ex grounds.
  12. There was a 2011 Champions League game against Dallas that was announced as 500, after a rain-out the evening before (which was also pretty empty). Season ticket holders could get (lots of) them at $17, including all taxes and fees. And with about 20,000 or so (before Covid at least), few of them did get them. I'm not sure how you can make it any cheaper.
  13. I expect at least one of the Toronto teams will go above the minimum. Toronto had 4 Canadians out last game, and another 3 on the bench. Probably would have had 5 or 6 if Akinola and Priso weren't injured. I don't see Mullins or Dwyer playing ahead of Akinola. Has Bradley got his Canadian citizenship yet? Does Jim Brennan count?
  14. He said last week that the Voyageurs Cup, and returning to the Champions League is now the priority. Why would that have changed? ThoughI was surprised one of the pundits on OneSoccer on Monday, was saying that the chance of a York win was impossible. With all the rain, it should be pretty clean. Might have to resod it again though. Looking at the current radar, it's going to be quite heavy rain around 7 pm, and then continue. There hasn't been much lightning so far, but looking at the lightning map, the increase of rain comes with a lightening storm. So expect delays. And for those not used to BMO - umbrellas not allowed.
  15. With the mandatory vaccination requirement and with cases in Ontario and Toronto both flat or falling for about 3 weeks now, I don't see why we can't increase limits. If we were seeing cases still increasing it might be different. Though let's be realistic. It's always going to be about the Leafs with the current Premier - so we should watch that. (well, it would be about the Argos - but I don't think increasing capacity gets them any more in the stadium! )
  16. Ultimately yes - but I'd think that whatever happens in January, is half-sorted already, and probably we won't see this make a difference for a year or two. What happens to your work permit, when you need to renew, and you are back below 50?
  17. Probably not, as there's more season ticket holders than capacity currently.
  18. There's probably not much point freezing the US. But there are options - There's been soccer at BMO as late as December 10, and as early as February 26. But I expect Vancouver, unless there's an unexpected catastrophe or quarantine. And of course, the Big O is an option - along with Rogers Centre if they wanted to put the money in for the pitch modifications.
  19. There's 14 tickets on Stubhub starting at $368. Including a pair in 117 for $412 each! Yikes ...
  20. TFC haven't started sales yet on the September 14 MLS game at BMO, let alone the September 22 (?) Voyageurs Cup game. If you believe TFC's website (and I don't), the game against York, is actually on September 14 in Orlando!
  21. Not sure all the fuss and conspiracy theories about SN buying rights. Everyone has a price. At some point, if what one is offered exceeds the value to OneSoccer to having the game exclusive, then it's worth selling. It would be as simple as SN offering more money (and/or production assistance) than TSN.
  22. Where is the ticket exchange? Ah, over in the old Voyageurs forum - it's not dead yet! https://www.thevoyageurs.org/forums/
  23. Gosh - only 6 tickets still left in the south end! Entering BMO at the north, I haven't seen any line-ups entering worth mentioning (though I missed the first game) And quicker walking through the stadium to the south, as there's less people than there used to be.
  24. Absolutely it's news. Might tempt me to come to more games - I've really missed there not being any pies any more at BMO.
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