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  1. Here's a mock up of a franchise in Saskatoon, Saskatoon Athletic FC. Guillermo did this for me for shits n giggles about half a year ago. Badge features the Broadway Bridge as well as a Saskatoon berry. The spire at the top of the badge is the spire from the Bessborough hotel (the Castle on the Prairies).
  2. All but confirmed in an article from the Hamilton Spectator. Bob Young, as initially reported a few years ago, will be a main player and the league's FO will be located in Hamilton. 6-8 teams will be founding clubs in the league, so the minimum 8 number has clearly been loosened. Not much else new was revealed outside of an expected announcement in 4-6 months as reported in this article. CSA cited as being "main partner" in the league so it appears it will be operated similarly as to the Premier League's relationship to the English FA is. Here's a link to the article: http://m.thespec.com/news-story/6261090-pro-soccer-team-for-city-would-see-winter-dome-at-ticat-field
  3. Let Me Google This For You
  4. Someone give his ol' man a phone call
  5. Interesting. It's a wait-and-see situation. I mean, we're talking about a guy who's still not in his twenties and who could still end up blowing an ACL or have a wicked leg break *looks at shrine of Josh Simpson* or just simply flame out. Will be curious to see if he ever does get an Italian call. Good to know folks on here will keep an eye on him to keep the rest of us informed.
  6. Not enough Handsome Bowties on these lists eh?
  7. Where would his development be better suited, in North America with a USL squad or overseas with a club like Augsburg 2?
  8. Suppose I'll give this a go. Considering where they are playing and my perceived trajectory of their potential growth as players, this is how I see our top 5 senior Nats prospects" 1. Henry - hopefully getting consistent minutes in jolly ol' England now 2. Petrasso - same thing as Henry 3. Larin - hopefully maintains his spot in Orlando's starting XI, but I am skeptical of this 4. Teibert - would be great if he could maintain his spot in the Whitecaps' starting XI next season 5. Piette - I believe he's getting consistent minutes with a club in Spain, can't keep track of all this stuff
  9. Well I suppose, as sad as it sounds, we can only hope that he doesn't get called to a Chilean national team and, instead realizes his chance with int'l football is available through Canada. Being a beggar instead of a chooser as a soccer nation has us as a nice second-choice option at times.
  10. Unless this kid suddenly becomes a starter for Benfica or another large Euro club, I don't think we should lose any sleep over him.
  11. Are you sure you ain't dat string who keeps comin' around here? I'm a personal fan of songs created on the spot and prefer to let spontaneity lead us into hilarious chants in the moment, but I understand there's a lot of new people who are taking in games and so pre-set song sheets are a bit of a must as the Voyageurs section grows in new stadiums. I've been fortunate to be a part of smaller groups in other Canadian cities for different matches (one-off friendlies, GC). At these ones it's way more fun to let spontaneous things happen.
  12. Who was that kid a few years ago who was invited to join Barcelona's academy? I thought there was some kid w Canadian connections in La Massia right now?
  13. He's only playing B3 right now? Wasn't he in Barca's academy at some point?
  14. Can someone summarize here? Is this kid still looked upon as a possible prodigy? Is he in any way eligible for Canada?
  15. Jr's importance will soon be on the table for scrutiny. Let this thread morph into yet another form! By the way, what do the dots above our avatars mean?
  16. How bout we let Jamie look into how the database could work, and go on to other, more productive things such as badgering each other about going to the away leg in Mexico in March.
  17. Let's not delude ourselves into thinking Jr will magically get us through this next qualification round. Our defense is still in shambles, and that isn't going to change any time soon. *music starts* THAT'S ANDRE HAINAULT'S MUSIC! (sorry Squizz, had to steal this cuz it was that good)
  18. You know, perhaps we need to take a step back from our own views of how Canada deserves this or that, and consider our place in international football. We're a beggar nation, plain and simple. We have no real coaching curriculum or pathway, no real refereeing pathway, and no player pathway. Quite frankly, we're the skinny, broke 20yr old who's looking at all these fit 20 somethings w good jobs wondering why they get all the babes. Until things are fixed internally we should never expect higher profile players to ever choose us for their international career when they have other options of more promising countries available to them. Also, how the fuck do I only have +10 reputation on this board?? Chris King1010 is full of shit and he's a +34! madmonte is even MORE full of shit and he's a goddamned +72!!! Fuck all of you
  19. This thread being THE deciding factor in Jr. joining the #CanMNT program: Confirmed
  20. Jamie don't you DARE say you hate this thread. This thread IS the Voyageurs! Not you, not me, not any of the other fools on this forum. May this thread LIVE ON FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. NEVER! This topic will live on infinitely (or until he declares for us or the Jammas)
  22. Def going to ask for this game for Xmas. Along w Fallout 4. Anyway will def be a Canadian manager and eventually take the reigns of the Nats and lead them through WCQ. Can't remember, if you qualify for the WC in regular FIFA (not in like FIFA WC Brazil) do you still play in the World Cup? It would actually check off a box in my life, to play as Canada in the WC in FIFA lol. Also looking forward to winning the WWC as Canada and somehow getting Nichelle Prince and Janine Beckie on the squad.
  23. Has he fallen off England's radar now? Jamaica's?
  24. Interesting, had no idea of his training, figured he came through Canadian youth clubs like most. Ottawa guys on here, thoughts on his performances so far?
  25. Lots of ways this could happen. I would prefer that the CSA use the branding of the Voyageurs Cup all the way down to the adult grassroots level, perhaps calling it the Amway Canadian Championship - Voyageurs Cup or something like that, so not only do people know it's the national championship but also it keeps our name in the competition front and center. This isn't perfect, and a marketing guru would look at it and faint, but you get the idea. If each province makes their adult provincials a season-long FA Cup style tournament with the national branding, it would connect the everyday house-leaguer to the competition and raise awareness.
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