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  1. @GuillermoDelQuarto Don't you have the final Saskatoon Athletic badge you whipped up for me a bunch of months ago? Much better than the Saskatoon FC one you posted in the "what we have so far" post. As for the Highlanders badge, it does look good with the crown, but isn't the last thing a Scot Highlander would want is representation of the English crown associated with Scottish design? As for the Winnipeg badge, what are the things people associate as symbols of Winnipeg? I asked people around my office what symbols they most associate with Saskatoon and the first answer was the river/the bridges. The Bessborough Hotel (The Castle on the Prairies) is also very symbolic of the city, something people would recognize, so I had him add the spire to the top of the badge. Colours were kept a simple green and white, as everyone associates those colours with both this city and the entire province. The Winnipeg badge needs to use the colours people already associate with the city (likely blue, white, silver, gold, or a combination of a few) and imagery that people most associate with the city. My two cents. The gold in the Moncton badge doesn't really work. I'm not sure what colour you should use there. I like the badge where the red, white, and blue resemble canoes. Are canoes symbolic of Moncton? That KW Utd badge needs to be burned in hell for eternity. What were you guys on when you proposed that idea?
  2. Love the Wascana FC with the arrowhead pointing down. I don't think the word Wanderers has to be on the badge necessarily, but NA sports people can't seem to handle a team logo unless all of its name is on there so keep it to your own discretion.
  3. U20 ROSTER RELEASE IN CRISIS! Will be interesting to see who shows up for us at this tourney, as in, puts in that noticeable set of performances.
  4. Really wish I could have been in Winnipeg for the mini-tournament WSA hosted. Someone should host a Canadian semi-pro Voyageurs Cup type tournament for the six Canadian PDL sides. It could double as a scouting combine for players. Perhaps make the stipulation only two players on the field for each side can't be Canadian and perhaps only 3 players allowed for each side over age 21? I dunno just throwing ideas out there.
  5. Is anyone else pining for the fall to see if Mont Vic's claim of a fall announcement actually comes to fruition?
  6. Where did you get those badges made?? My team is probably getting new jerseys right away and the place in town only silkscreens on crests, would much prefer actual badges even if we have to sew them on ourselves.
  7. I like how all the suggestions on what Mont Vic should do in his new position all conjure total violations of his position.
  8. I guess you could say that Mont Vic Has Reached New Heights On another topic, I'd like to see the list of nations that voted against him. Some serious questions need to be asked of the individuals involved in deciding on their vote.
  9. I have to say, unless the building is as simple as the London Tower like in West Ham's badge, and essentially the only thing in the badge/the centerpiece of the badge, I'd stay away from using a building outline. Doesn't look good IMO. Why not play directly to Sauga's past and use farming imagery? What was the main production of the farms in the areas before the city took over? Perhaps use a generic looking crop like this: Also, I think symmetry needs to be maintained in the badge if you're going to go with symmetrical wings and gear at the top. To break symmetry I think would detract from the badge overall. Personally I love a good symmetrical badge. Chelsea's badge is quite close to being symmetrical. Same with Bayern's and Dortmund's. United's badge is quite symmetrical, as is TFC's and the Whitecaps'.
  10. Could you redesign FC London's crest? The tower idea is great, but the giant soccer ball at the bottom is simply horrendous.
  11. What if you removed the text from the shield and simply had the gold lion over top your preferred flower in the shield? That way you could use the scroll element for text. What if you also included the year the Highlanders were founded inside the shield at the very bottom? Also, good call on using the dogwood's flower.
  12. Ah ok you're the guy who was wearing the Jackson jersey. Still hoping someone out there has a Wassey kit.
  13. Tuscan

    New here

    Better late than never. Welcome aboard. Did you take in any of the recent WCQ matches in BC?
  14. Sorry for the double post but I also think this is a bad-ass crest. And yes, it SHOULD be cities instead of entire provinces. Also, for their primary kit, could you give them the blue X on a white kit? It'd be something unique in the footballing world, I think, to have an X cross instead of the + cross.
  15. Vote Mont Vic to make sure he can fix things in Canada's favour. This is politics at work, people!
  16. Fast Eddie likes to say a lot of things that tend to not come to fruition.
  17. Not sure if you've done anything for Quebec City yet, but I tweeted out an idea earlier this morning about calling the club Citadelle Qu├ębec Club de Foot (CF) to pay homage to that magnificent citadel the city has. I was thinking the badge should be a symmetrical take on the actual shape of the citadel. It would lend itself quite nicely to being a badge. You'd have the St. Lawrence side as the bottom and the peak facing Old Quebec City as the top. Not sure what you'd fill it with, but I assume the club would want to be Quebec flag blue, white, and might feature Samuel de Champlain's ship, as the city flag does. Also, I really hope these clubs stay away from provincial representation and keep to only individual city representation. My utopian future sees every city in Canada having a club part of the Canadian football pyramid. No Saskatchewan __________ or Nova Scotia __________. I want Wascana __________ and Halifax [King of Donair].
  18. I think Wascana FC would be the better choice. It's the name people all around the province know. Oskana is getting into the history buff territory the general public won't give a rat's ass about. Wascana FC screams whole city of Regina and pays homage to its roots. I really like the name, it's authentic and provides a bit of difference from the tradition using the city's name. One day, when Saskatoon Athletic plays Wascana FC, the two firms will clash outside the ground and supporters across the country will recognize the Highway 11 Derby as the fiercest rivalry in the nation.
  19. Camo anything is wretched. Hate to say it but you can burn that one with fire.
  20. Guys like this aren't worth our energy.
  21. Ballpark idea only but what are the chances this guy even considers a CanMNT call? Also, @Olympique_de_Marseille you bastard you stole my bit!
  22. We looked into having the main colours be gold, green, and white but gold is really difficult to work with. It contrasts so viciously with pretty well any shade of green that it looks gaudy at best. I'm not a fan of the Edmonton Eskimos colours so my personal bias probably impacted the initial designs Guillermo created. Here's a really early thing he made up quickly (sorry if you didn't want people to see any of these Guillermo!): http://imgur.com/LPXizYB Another idea he came up with, a lot of this one ended up in the final one I posted a bunch of pages ago:
  23. That's why I suggest they need to stipulate in the original strategic plan and business plan that incorporating Pro/Rel into the overall league pyramid needs to be a goal/milestone. The initial CanPL owners need to know they are investing money initially for D1 status but that, down the line when Pro/Rel is introduced, they could see their club drop down the pyramid.
  24. When it comes to Pro/Rel everyone seems to think it needs to be a system initiated right from the beginning. The way I see it, we need a D1 league to exist before the D2 and D3 levels because we simply need to build the reality of professionalism into the sport of soccer in this country, to help shed the notion of "rec only" that the general public holds. I would also argue that all stops need to be pulled in order to ensure the D1 league's continued viability; therefore, it probably has to start with a highly centric model. One thing I certainly hope is built into the league is that Pro/Rel is one of the league's milestones - Pro/Rel needs to be built into the league from the start as a goal to reach once the entire soccer pyramid is functioning healthily. Pro/Rel shouldn't be seen as a now-or-never type system to adopt - rather we should build the league, and entire Canadian soccer pyramid structure, based on the idea that Pro/Rel is a milestone goal to achieve, built into its strategic plan for, let's say, 25 years after D1 league start.
  25. Here's a close up of the badge he designed. Saskatoon Youth Soccer, whose colours are blue white and gold, have a similar type badge but it features a giant ugly ball as the background centerpiece, so that kills it for me.
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