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  1. Remember, those can be signed if sent w return shipping
  2. Twitter. At least that's all I've been involved in.
  3. Go with this for a simple concept: Make the castle top or whatever you call it (you know, the part that looks like a rook from chess) the main part of the badge, add a majestic trillium flower, and go with red gold and white as your colours. Not sure about using a shield, a circle, or what for the general shape, but perhaps the shape of the shield you can really only see the top of from that pin's design?
  4. Surely the city of York must have its own city coat of arms that could be drawn from?
  5. Yes it'd certainly be a challenge, but for the good of the growth of the game these challenges need to be solved. If marketed properly and run as professionally as possible, I don't see why teams here couldn't at least draw 5000 per match. The U of S Huskies football team is drawing upwards of 7000 per game right now. Not quite an apples to apples comparison but both are sports entertainment. When the Huskies football program brought in a new marketing company to help build attendance, things went from an average of maybe 3000 to at least doubling over about a 3 year span. Mind you this has come at the cost of not making it out of Canada West since 2006 and having the same coaching for the last 25 years who are simply behind the times and why do we spend THOUSANDS on bloody fireworks displays instead of focusing on winning Vanier Cups hell we can't seem to recruit players as well as we could in the early 2000s which is both coaching issues and focus issues I mean really do we need games like BLACKOUT Night and shit like that or setting off thousands of dollars worth of fireworks at the end of a game WE LOST???!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  6. Agreed way too much going on, plus it's rectangular. That's brutal. Why not simply use that shade of red, white, and gold?
  7. My argument to this is the Riders used to be branded Regina, both when they were still a rugby club in the early 1900s and when they initially became a gridiron club afterwards. I'm not sure when the switch the Saskatchewan branding happened (someone do the dirty wikipedia work for me) but if I could go back in time I'd stop them from doing that.
  8. Anyone active on the forum who's from St. John's, Nfld?
  9. See and this is something I think the CFL has done to actually hurt its own future growth potential. By branding the SK and BC teams as SK and BC instead of as the cities where they're located, they've basically eliminated all other cities in those provinces from having the chance to have their own team. SK is particularly bad as if you even mention the idea of a separate S'toon CFL team you're branded a heretic. No word of a lie I suggested that idea to a couple of my classes during university and people were outright hostile to the idea and said they'd actively work against the new team here. I really don't want the CanPL to make that same mistake. I want Regina's team to be Regina, not Saskatchewan. I want Regina and Saskatoon to face each other in the Voyageurs Cup and to be a really hotly contested rivalry with animosity between players and between fans. I know I joke about the idea of supporters clashes between the two teams, but I genuinely hope that our two cities get the opportunity to renew the old rivalry on the football pitch, just the ACTUAL football in this case.
  10. CanPL to Pennant, Saskatchewan! Make a badge that truly represents buttfuck nowhere! The only thing to come out of Pennant was @GoalieGrey and he was a mistake from what I've heard
  11. One of the stats I'm most interested in is % Homegrown Fanbase. This is a stat that I think will really cripple cities like *sob* Saskatoon. Our population here is made up of tons of people from rural areas of the province. I think Saskatoon's sports teams struggle to make a connection to the city because the city's population struggles to make a connection to the city. It could also explain why teams branded as Saskatchewan ________ rather than Saskatoon/Regina _________ seem to have an easier time building fanbases. Not saying it is the definitive reason, or a main reason, but look how quickly the Saskatchewan Rush have grown their season ticket holder base. They just sold 7,000 season tickets for this year! Their second year of existence (as an SK-based team, of course). Sour grapes, Edmonton lacrosse fans.
  12. This is related 100% to the article Peter Wilt created for Howler Magazine's WhatAHowler.com site. https://whatahowler.com/professional-soccer-expansion-in-north-america-45715f7806ec#.ergx3c623 I'm not a stats person, but I respect the information and insight they provide and believe that the type of info he's uncovered for US centers and their prospect as a great place for pro soccer to flourish could be easily translatable to Canadian centers. I'm hoping one or more of you intrepid Vs could look into a similar study of Canadian centers, perhaps focusing on the medium sized cities and smaller sized cities. Perhaps use the 2011 census data via Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_100_largest_municipalities_in_Canada_by_population
  13. What actual facts about the smaller Caribbean nations do we know? Can someone provide budgets? Really tough to predict how a new qualifying system will work out when we don't necessarily know what financial impediments those smaller nations are really up against.
  14. I'll just get Fred to throw pissbags at you.
  15. Toronto, Ontario 5,583,064 1 Montréal, Quebec 3,824,221 2 Vancouver, British Columbia 2,313,328 3 Ottawa, Ontario - Gatineau, Quebec 1,236,324 4 Calgary, Alberta 1,214,839 5 Edmonton, Alberta 1,159,869 6 Québec City, Quebec 765,706 7 Winnipeg, Manitoba 730,018 8 Hamilton, Ontario 721,053 9 Kitchener - Cambridge - Waterloo, Ontario 477,160 10 London, Ontario 474,786 11 St. Catharines - Niagara, Ontario 392,184 12 Halifax, Nova Scotia 390,328 13 Oshawa, Ontario 356,177 14 Victoria, British Columbia 344,615 15 Windsor, Ontario 319,246 16 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 260,600 17 Regina, Saskatchewan 210,556 18 These are the cities (or city amalgamations in the case of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa-Gatineau) with over 200,000 pop. I'd argue these are your first 18 #CanPL targets, unless you take a "minimum one team per province before overloading Southern Ontario" approach. In that case, St. John's, Moncton, and Charlottetown would come before places like Kitchener-Waterloo, London, St. Catharines-Niagara, Oshawa, possibly Victoria, Windsor, and (GASP!!!) Saskatoon. I'd kill every last one of you if anything came before Saskatoon.
  16. @Kent I assume you probably didn't count my original post since I made a list of 12, so here's my initial starting 8 cities: 1. Vancouver (independent) 2. Edmonton 3. Calgary 4. Regina 5. Winnipeg 6. Hamilton 7. Toronto (independent) 8. Ottawa In my opinion the most important of all cities in the list is the independent Toronto club. If the CFL goes out of its way as hard as it does to keep the Argos alive, thus keeping a team in the league in Toronto, then its obvious how important having a top flight club in Toronto will be to the new league. I could trade Ottawa for Halifax but I think you go with an existing club (Fury) over starting from scratch (Halifax). I'd also say every city with a population over 200,000 should be targeted as a #CanPL club location for eventual expansion.
  17. Halifax City is a club that already exists in Halifax, they've represented Nova Scotia at CSA Nationals in the past. Right now their badge looks like this: What's it with you and having to add the roots any time you draw pictures of trees?
  18. I still likely the simplicity of the badge you made for a Saskatoon club. Not sure it needs to be any more complicated. I have to say, I absolutely love the badge you made for Victoria that uses white colouring for the name. I think using gold colouring causes the name to be lost in the badge. If you look at Ottawa's badge, it's unmistakable what name the club has and what drives its branding. This is perhaps not a popular opinion but the CPL logo you created looks like it came out of the 80s. Not sure why, but the font used screams 1980s to me. Someone made a really excellent CanPL logo in another thread I think, hopefully someone can find it and post it here. The goof that tweets as MLSRumors tried to trick people into thinking it was a legitimate logo until numerous folks, including myself, pointed out it simply came from the Vs forum.
  19. On the London FC, why not use the existing name Forest City London? Definitely my first choice for a club from there. Not sure I dig the colours, makes the tree part almost seem like it's out of some vampire metal band's choice of logos lol. Stick with FC London's colours and create something Forest City London. Aaaaaaaand GO!
  20. Good point. I suppose the reason why EPL draws more than MLS needs to be broken down, or better yet, why MLS is able to draw at all. I think the latter info would be more valuable than the former.
  21. I only just saw this now and am SHOCKED at the Saskatoon hate I'm finding here. Wait 5 years until places AS GLORIOUS as Saskatoon are considered? Piss on that, I say! My list (in order of Canadian city importance then West to East): 1. SASKATOON (go to hell haters!!!!!!!!!!!) 2. Victoria 3. Vancouver (independent) 4. Calgary 5. Edmonton (someone buy out the Faths, please) 6. Regina (someone threaten family members if the name Roughriders FC gets mentioned) 7. Winnipeg (really REALLY enjoying @Benjamin Massey's Riel Winnipeg name even if it was a joke) 8. GTA (independent, doesn't have to be right in Toronto, could be M'sauga etc) 9. Ottawa 10. Montreal (independent) 11. Quebec City 12. Halifax (due to @GuillermoDelQuarto's badge design)
  22. I have a friend from Moncton and I'll message her right now to see what she believes are the main symbols of Moncton. People from Moncton say the letter A differently than anyone else in Canada. I can't even type out how they say it, but if you ever meet someone from Moncton ask them to say the words "parking lot". You'll get what I mean then.
  23. Look at the better badges in MLS. I purposely choose MLS because, sadly and frankly, MLS is the proven way to market soccer to North Americans. Badges like the Sounders', Orlando City's, the Whitecaps', NYCFC's are the ones that are simple, easy to remember, and have a connection with the place the team plays. That's what #CanPL badges need to be.
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