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  1. Sorry for being so late on this but I was honestly divided on whether I wanted to put these viewing parties on here. 5pm and 5:30pm kick offs on Fridays in July makes for a very VERY tough sell to people. The VIP Room at Sports On Tap has been booked for all three games. Please post this as being hosted by the Saskatoon Soccer Supporters. That's the generic name for things here until team details come out for the SK CanPL club. We don't jump the gun like they do in Regina
  2. I liked the yellow better than the white? Not sure I recall that
  3. Hailing from the bustling metropolis of Aylesbury, Saskatchewan (pop. 42) I bring you the English wannabe wanks, Aylesbury Town FC. The real team I'll enter in this league is one Guillermo has already designed, Saskatoon Athletic FC. Club name: Saskatoon Athletic FC Club colours: green, white, and Saskatoon berry blue (this last colour used sparringly, probably not at all on the home kit) We'll let the supporters organically discover a club nickname. Ground: Hugh Cairns Memorial Stadium
  4. Colin Elmes and Will Cromack are leading things for TSS. There's past history between BC Soccer and TSS so I'm not surprised they aren't part of the new BC HP make up. Colin or Will are probably going to DM me on Twitter now...
  5. "Hey there lamp post, whatcha knowin'? I've come to watch your power flowin'."
  6. I love the insanity of this group. Hope you guys hit the ground running.
  7. I don't think anyone on here would complain if the #CanPL started out at both the attendance level and skill level seen in League One. I think if it started out with the inflated attendance numbers of League Two most would be satisfied for the first year. Does anyone on here have delusions of the league starting at 10,000 av. attendance?
  8. I think people do need to expect these teams to be playing in CFL stadiums probably for at least 5 years. Teams like Halifax will be fortunate in a way as they'll be able to start in their own stadium. Teams like Regina and Winnipeg will be very hard pressed to get out of their CFL stadiums as their ownership will likely be the CFL ownership.
  9. They'll all say that until they travel away to the mighty Saskatoon.
  10. You shall be visited by three spirits, expect the first visit when the bell tolls one...
  11. We'd have a city equivalent to the size of Winnipeg if it was all in one. I think there'd be quite a bit more sports potential too.
  12. This is true. They really should have put everything in one major city.
  13. Assuming L1O fits into the desired D3 slot in the player dev pathway, shouldn't we be hoping L1O produces players who end up with pro contracts?
  14. Please take the moose antlers off the star, IMO it's kind of hideous. Without the antlers I think this badge is fantastic. You can't really get more specific to a city's symbolism, at least the symbols on its official emblems, than what this badge is.
  15. An interesting comment, that it sort of is a final place to play high level competitive games in the hopes of perhaps getting another shot at a pro contract. Is that actually a reality? Do we know of any players who have gone to the CSL and managed to get looked at for a pro contract due to making that move?
  16. I'm hoping the league provides a place for budding CDN players to get their first pro contract. I'm not sure we'll see a bunch of kids jumping from L1O, PLSQ, and whatever the hell they have in BC as much as we might hope. A standard level of play needs to be maintained for fan engagement but hopefully that won't come at the sacrifice of providing that pro opportunity to players coming through our D3 leagues or the CanPL academies. I'm really curious where CanPL academies will be encouraged to play (i.e. what league(s)). I also expect the CanPL to be the needed top of the pyramid to allow discussions on the evolution of D3 and creation of D2 levels.
  17. I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to include multiple quotes in a single post, so by all means spit fire at me for double posting. I do think we're fortunate that there aren't USL franchises in the different markets mentioned above. I think we need to look at both USL and the NPSL as models for how our D2 could work. I don't want to hijack this thread and turn it into a Pro/Rel debate, but I still wonder how a D1-D2-D3 relationship will work without that construct?
  18. Now that League1 Ontario seems to be solidified and expanding healthily, of what use is the current CSL? Let's forgo the obvious "it's a place for people to bet on fixed matches" etc... I'm seriously asking of what use the league really plays in the grand scheme of things??
  19. The bustling metropolis of Saskatoon is 2.5hrs north of Regina. Back in the day the Federal Gov't made a decision to make Regina the capital while giving Saskatoon the university. They should have done what they did w Winnipeg and put both in the same city. Clearly that city would have been Saskatoon.
  20. Is there any good use for the CSL now that L1O has arrived?
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