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    Joe MacCarthy got a reaction from beachesl in Players Retain Legal Counsel in Fight Against Artificial Turf at 2015 Women’s World Cup   
    Casey Stoney with a more realistic, not rivalry influenced and used to play on artificial, top player's opinion
    "From my point of view, it is not ideal, you want to play on grass where possible. But I've spoken to some of the England squad, who played on the same pitches at the Under-20 World Cup in Canada recently, and they told me it did not cause them any problems.
    They said the pitches were good and the ball moved quite quickly, which can sometimes be an issue with artificial turf. The reality nowadays is that we train on pitches of this kind day in, day out and we are used to matches too as Everton and Liverpool both play their Women's Super League games on an artificial pitch at Widnes.
    I also doubt that Fifa is going to change its mind now, so we will just have to prepare in the right way by training on that surface beforehand. From what I've seen, the stadiums in Canada are fantastic and I'm sure it will be a great spectacle for women's football.
    If I'm totally honest, though, my biggest concern right now is to make sure I am there."
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    Joe MacCarthy got a reaction from Obinna in Canada Costa Rica in Toronto this fall?   
    New Regina Stadium
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