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  1. 1 hour ago, Stoppage Time said:

    Since, apparently, Canada will field a U20/U23 team in the not too distant future, who might be some CPL candidates for inclusion in the team?  Lowell Wright? Coupland. Abzi, Farsi, Woobens Pacius? Who else?

    I believe of those names, only Wright and Coupland will be eligible as I thought I had remembered reading that the U20 was going to act as the U23 as well, but I must admit I am not entirely sure

  2. 16 hours ago, Dominic94 said:

    We’ve been competing with our CDN MLS teams and have a few upsets, I don’t think USL Championship is a better level.

    I'd say based on performances of players that have played in both leagues, USLC is above CPL, but not by much. I do think that CPL will equal if not surpass USLC in the next couple of years though. I would imagine that the uncertainty going into the past two covid seasons, and being unable to get some internationals in has stifled CPL's quality a little bit

  3. I was curious as to how Zator's loan club, Vasalund IF was doing in their season after Zator left.

    Zator was there for the first 8 games of their season in which their record was 3-1-4 (1.25 PPG).

    In games that Zator featured, they were 2-0-3 (1.20 PPG).

    In games that Zator played all 90 minutes, they were 2-0-0 (3.00 PPG).

    Currently, they are now 6-3-14 (0.91 PPG) [or 0.73 PPG since Zator left) and are last in the table.

    Makes me wonder if they or another team in the league tries to get Zator again if they manage to stave off relegation

  4. 2 hours ago, cronaldo7 said:

    Any thoughts on which Euro leagues track the CPL? Genuinely curious. 

    I guess basing it off Borges, Zator, etc I’d have something close to the answer I’m looking for. I’m just wondering if any others have proper intel. 

    I was curious myself, so I checked out transfermarkt to see the most common landing spots for players leaving the league. I would say that it is much too early to base anything off of this list, especially with the two pandemic seasons. There are a few leagues that players bounced back to, so it is hard to say if teams in the league are actually watching CPL. I also did it pretty quick so I might have missed some transfers, but this is what I found:

    Regionalliga (Germany) - Brown, Kowal, Buescher
    USL Championship (USA) - Sissoko, Murrell, Thomas
    USL League One (USA) - M.Hamilton, Hundal
    Primera Divison (Costa Rica) - Cabrera, Aleman
    Segunda Divison B (Spain) - Galan, Martinez
    Ettan Södra (Sweden) - Zetterberg, Adjei
    Ykkönen (Finland) - Moses, Sukunda
    1. Divison (Denmark) - Ongaro, Starostzik
    Superettan (Sweden) - Zator, Mavila

    *I only included leagues with 2+ player transfers (or loans) out of CPL

  5. 1 hour ago, yomurphy1 said:

    We're the deepest we've ever been and are calling up CPL guys? I love that the league exists but it's not comparable to MLS, Europe, etc. 

    Yeah. I am all for getting more CPL callups, but if anyone is getting called up it is an uninjured Bustos or a fullback. I don't see any Canadian forward dominating enough in CPL to warrant a callup

  6. 8 hours ago, Senorpopps said:

    Word on the street from a real estate friend of mine was that an Old Ottawa Fury player was spotted house hunting in anticipation of a move to Atletico Ottawa next year - any guesses on who it could be?

    And yes, they should really give Coupland more playing time. Given how young he still is he has the potential to become of our biggest assets in the years to come and could also be one of the players that we generate revenue from by selling him on (should he reach his full potential - needs to play to do that!) 


  7. 32 minutes ago, Kent said:

    And I've just confirmed that there is no explanation for those funky rules that determine which pots the qualifying slots go into in this document that is supposed to explain this kind of stuff.


    Do we know at what point CONCACAF would give Canada a third or even fourth spot?

  8. On 5/11/2021 at 2:30 PM, Blackjack15 said:

    Breza has big potential, i don't understand at all why Sirois was loaned out to Valour and not Breza!

    Because he is on loan in Montreal already from Bologna

  9. 15 minutes ago, nolando said:

    I think we simply could debate whether or not to include a particular coach in December rather than rule out a Marcina in the States winning a title, or perhaps a future NCAA championship winner or Canadian woman coaching in Europe, to give just three examples, simply because we have a few gray area candidates.

    Agree. Its also not hard to make certain criteria for a coach to say whether or not they are considered Canadian for the award. Born in Canada? Yes, they are Canadian. Played for Canada? Yes, they are Canadian? IIRC players need to reside in a country for 5+years to be eligible. That seems a bit short in terms of coaching career, but also since we likely wouldn't know their immigration status. Most guys in CPL that we would consider naturalized Canadians would meet this threshold.

    Hart (~40 years) - In Halifax since 1981
    Rob Gale (~20 years) - In Winnipeg since 2001

    Wheeldon Jr (~19 years) - In Calgary since 2002
    Koch (~12 years) - In Vancouver since 2008. This one is a bit broken up though since he was in the States for a bit but I think he was technically residing in Vancouver

    I would find it hard to believe that most if not all of these guys have Canadian citizenship by now, or if not, at least PR status

  10. 19 hours ago, Bison44 said:

    That might be a little harsh, hard to say which kid gets through the choke point up to the big club.  It sure makes me think about all those kids that get a cup of coffee with CDN MLS, then toil away in L10 or USL for a year or so and pack it in. Hopefully we see a couple guys every year turn things around in the CPL/USL and more and more "mature" guys like Pasher can find their footing.     

    Its hard to say if its harsh or not. There were few opportunities in the past. A lot of players seemed to hang up their boots shortly after finishing with the academy. Hopefully CPL allows them to hold on a little longer and we see some more late bloomers like Kaye and Pasher.


    18 hours ago, VinceA said:

    I remember there was a ton of hype for Lao but I think he kept getting injured?

    Yeah I was excited about Lao as well. Had hoped to see him in CPL. I don't know his circumstances now, but it seems unlikely unfortunately. Maheu was another older one that I had been excited about. CPL will be great for keeping these guys around. Especially once we get through this pandemic and there is more normalcy to the seasons

  11. 52 minutes ago, Ivan said:

    I remember going to Club Roma about 10 or so years ago to watch the TFC Academy play St. Catharines Wolves in an old CSL game.  That academy team had Doneil Henry, Jordan Murrell, Jonathan Lao, Allando Matheson and a few others I am probably forgetting.  But the player that stood out the most to me? Tyler Pasher. 

    I still remember being excited about Pasher when TFC played Liverpool. With him making the jump and Kaye before him, its clear that TFC have really wasted their academy in the past

  12. 1 hour ago, SpecialK said:

    Yes, but we are looking at 2- 4000 people attending games. That’s what the CPL needs. Also it can open the door for the French( France ) market plus players. Plus would give a rival to St.John’s. 

    I don't know how you would assume that many people would be there consistently every game with a population of ~6,000 unless you mean anywhere from 2 people to 4,000 people per game

  13. 3 hours ago, Obinna said:

    Calgary and Edmonton account for the vast majority of Alberta's urban population, so I would say the AMSL is province wide for all intense and purposes. But like you said, the OSL is not really province wide, since it does not include Ottawa (+1M) and possibly Windsor (+300K), which are pretty significant populations to leave out of a "provincial league", even for a province as populated as Ontario.

    I mean, Calgary and Edmonton is a 3 hour drive versus a 7.5 hour drive between Windsor and Ottawa. This is probably as good as it gets.

    In L1O Windsor even has a hard time filling a bench half the time and Ottawa moved to PLSQ because the travel was too much

  14. 13 hours ago, Obinna said:

    Is the OSL a province-wide league that also serves as the top level of amateur soccer in Ontario? If so, we're talking equivalent to AMSL.

    Yes, I believe so. It has been a while since I have been in the pyramid so am not up to date on everything. It is not technically province wide as stated above since Ottawa area is in OCSL, then  I am not sure about Windsor area but even with AMSL, it is mostly just Calgary and Edmonton teams


    13 hours ago, Obinna said:

    I am not that up on the structure in Ontario, but I always thought they used the Ontario Cup to crown provincial champions because it is the best way to bring the best teams from all regions into a single competition.

    I am not 100% sure here, but  I remember when Rick Titus had played a game for TFC as an amateur because he didn't want to ruin his eligibility for the Ontario Cup. Guys like him I believe would put teams together with their buddies and enter and do well without having to work their ways up to Provincial Elite


    13 hours ago, Obinna said:

    For clarity, I am discussing men's soccer, not youth. 

    And yes this is all men's soccer. OYSL as far as I know would be the youth equivalent (or was when I last played club soccer)

  15. Would OSL not be the equivalent for Ontario? They have Provincial Elite levels as well as Regional Leagues below it that I believe do promotion and relegation in between it. A club I was with back in the day promoted from YRSL to one of the Regional OSL leagues as well.

    I know it is not province wide as well, but it seems like that would be an equivalent to AMSL

  16. 10 hours ago, toontownman said:

    I know he was listed number 1 pick on the canpl website mock draft. Would make a bit of a mockery of the draft in my opinion considering he has been available for nothing and everyone has passed the first two years. He was in the Foothills team prior to season one wasn't he?

    Yeah he was with Foothills the year they won the PDL Championship I believe. I don't see him going first overall, but like I said earlier, would not be surprised to see him or Gardner (unless Pacific picks him a third time) go as Edmonton's second pick given the Koch connection if they are still available

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