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  1. Similarly, I'd be cheering for Les Rouges if we came up against the Socceroos. I do support the Socceroos against all other opposition, though. Then again, I would never cheer for the Australian cricket team, no matter whom they were playing. Part of that is surely that you and I moved to NZ and Australia, respectively, as adults. You can't just turn off a lifetime of sporting allegiance just like that. You may find that many of those supporting Honduras and El Salvador against Canada in Toronto this week have spent most of their formative years in Canada. That I don't get.
  2. I'm not sure that the Salvadorans would necessarily cheer for Canada against Honduras or Panama. The Latinos that I knew growing up in North Burnaby would rep any Central American country over Canada regardless of their own country of origin. In the case of my neighbourhood, they were mostly Salvadoran or Chilean.
  3. South Korea and Saudi Arabia should go 1-2 in the one group. Japan and Iran will probably go 1-2 in the other group. That'll likely leave us with the playoff winner between Australia and one of Iraq or UAE. I watched the Socceroos 2 games so far this window. We should beat them over 2 legs. That being said, if we draw Australia in the playoff, and they play the away leg here in Melbourne, I'll 100% be organizing the away supporters' pre- and post-match parties.
  4. How fucking hard is it to understand? Keep the ball, buy fouls, and take your time on the ball. Pick your spots going forward, but keep the fucking door shut at the back!
  5. We really might be too stupid to qualify for the World Cup. Miller had to make another last-ditch tackle with literally seconds left in the half. Fucking imbeciles!
  6. It fucking kills me how stupid we play sometimes. We're fucking up 2 goals with 5 minutes left in the half, and we're leaving ourselves short at the back constantly. FFS! It's basic shit!
  7. At this point, the clean sheet is more important for me than getting a 3rd, 4th, or 5th goal. If we stay solid at the back, maintain possession through midfield, and pick our spots going forward, we'll get the opportunities to add more goals. However, clean sheet at all costs, now.
  8. So, interesting note on this point. Tonight, I was on a video call with about 40 other referees affiliated with Football Victoria, the state federation. Also on the call was Kate Jacewicz, the referee from this game. I asked her if she knew why Beckie took the penalty over Sinclair. She said she was as shocked as we were that Sinclair gave Beckie the ball, then made a crack about Beckie missing again during the Olympics, then jokingly said "boo, Beckie!" I'm almost at the point where I could've laughed at that. 😕
  9. Dare I say, if he was suffering from a recent, serious knee injury, he wouldn't be squeezing himself into position to take a picture of his shoes on the car dash.
  10. Limiting tickets for away supporters is much easier when a)the away supporters in question are traveling, rather than attending a match in the city in which they live, and b)the home allocation of tickets is guaranteed to sell out. Unfortunately, the very nature of Canada, and the profile of the CMNT, both work against us in that regard. Ideally, you want to have a designated away supporters section available on TM and for the vast majority of the rest of the stadium to sell out before that section does. Then you also put a disclaimer on TM stating that, for security purposes, away supporters sitting outside of the designated section(s) will face relocation or removal, depending on circumstances.
  11. John Herdman gets paid to manage a football team. This has been the case for a very long time. He's a professional manager. He's more accomplished in his chosen field than the limp-dicked, knobheads trying to win cheap points at his expense on the internet. I've said this to you many times. I'm saying it again. You seem to have an irrational obsession with John Herdman. It's not healthy. You should certainly do something about it. It's never too late to seek the help needed to improve our lives.
  12. Has Pacific lost one, or more, of their current 'keepers to injury? Either way, I don't hate this move.
  13. So, is John Herdman banging @SpecialK's wife, @narduch's wife, or both?
  14. Current evidence seems to show that the US is not very good away from home. In their last 8 competitive away games, comprising the last Hex, Nations League, and the start of this Ocho, they have a single win, in Cuba, to go along with 3 losses and 4 draws. Based on that record, an American win doesn't look very likely tomorrow in San Pedro Sula. It sucks for them that they can't play all 14 games at home like they get for Gold Cup and Nations League finals.
  15. Ah, yes. Honduras. All Central American teams who play in blue and white are pretty much the same, though, aren't they? 😄
  16. I believe that I read somewhere further up the thread that at least one player is barred from entering the US, so couldn't fly with the main group on the flight that went via a US airport. They organised another flight via Panama.
  17. November in Edmonton and January in Vancouver.....making serious hay out of the 'Alphonso Davies comes home' angle to get some big home crowds in games where we need to get results. Ticks all the boxed, really. Helps the team by pulling large, partisan crowds and helps the CSA by putting some bucks in the bank.
  18. The best thing was that the Spanish commentators on the dodgy stream I was watching kept referring to him as Mark-Anthony Cage, which is a much cooler name, I think. 😄
  19. We need that guy against Honduras or Panama away, not the Americans. I think he was good, but chose to swallow his whistle on the obvious foul on Buchanan towards the end. That was an awful call.
  20. Adams has barged him over, shoulder to back. It's 100% a foul...in real-time, in slow-mo, doesn't matter. I suspect that the only reason that the ref didn't call it was because he realised that he'd have to give Adams a second yellow and send him off. Make no mistake, though, it was a blatant foul.
  21. That was one of the worst non-calls you're likely to ever see at this level. 😡
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