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  1. โ€œQuillan Roberts, the Canada goalkeeper at the 2011 U-17 World Cup, scored a late equaliser against England, having had possession for at least 15 seconds before scoring (it took another four seconds for the ball to hit the net).โ€ We count 19.51 seconds before it bobbles in. Unlikely to be beaten." https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/sep/22/which-football-teams-could-cut-travel-by-joining-other-nations-leagues-the-knowledge Still a famous goal! ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. Wouldn't it be ironic if I got banned? ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. When did he do good work? As far as I can tell, he's been a self-important knobhead since he used to post his nonsense on this board more than a decade ago.
  4. I think it's been allowed in past rounds when travel restrictions have prevented teams from entering certain countries for matches. However, if a federation wants to move qualifying games purely for economic reasons, like selling more tickets, you can expect FIFA and/or CONCACAF to deny the request.
  5. If Lille are out of contention in the league and out of the Champions League in December, both of which are pretty much certainties, their well-documented financial issues might see them looking to cash in one or more of David, Botman, and Sanches. Liverpool will always look at whether the player is right before making a move, no matter what the price. So, if David is really on their radar, and I hope he is, then that might be the perfect convergence of player, price, and circumstance to see them pounce. Also, on one of your above points, Naby Keita cost north of 50m, as well.
  6. I've read this now, and Rafa Honigstein's summary is like a brilliant symphony to the ears of this long-suffering Canadian supporter. Anybody who's not a subscriber who's desperate to read the article, hit me up in a manner that won't get some people's knickers in a twist.
  7. I watched the match and think that rating is exceedingly harsh.
  8. https://theathletic.com/2821187/2021/09/15/alphonso-davies-bayerns-cheat-code-looks-back-to-his-astonishing-best/ I'll be reading this at some point today. The headline looks like it's definitely pro-Phonzie, though.
  9. Besiktas were probably the better team before the Dortmund goal, which certainly came against the run of play, and probably for a few minutes afterwards, as well. As the half has wore on, Dortmund are increasingly more likely to score the next goal, though. They're absorbing pressure and look very dangerous on the counter. Larin was looking really good through the first 20 minutes, and has been okay in the next 25. Atiba has been one of Besiktas' worst performers. He's been loose in possession through midfield at times, with one giveaway nearly leading to a Dortmund second, and as you mentioned, he was slow closing Bellingham down on the goal. The English commentators are giving both Canadians plenty of mentions, talking about Larin's international strike rate and twice mentioning his recent goal against the Yanks. Atiba's age, in comparison to Belingham, at one point, has gotten a couple of mentions, as well as a reference to his having scored a UCL goal for Copenhagen against Celtic 15 years ago. Weirdly, Radz got a shout as Canada's record UCL goal scorer. Edit: 2-nil to Dortmund on the stroke of half-time. Both Canadians in the screen when Haaland finished from in close, but neither looked to be greatly at fault. Larin buying a L1O club got a late mention, as well, just before the 2nd Dortmund goal. Hutch apparently ran the most of any Besiktas player in the half, 3rd overall in the game, according to stats posted at half-time.
  10. There's merit in some of the rumoured proposals for the new international calendar. There's no reason that they can't concentrate international football into fewer windows, but longer each time, rather than them popping up every month or so throughout the season. However, doing that doesn't make a World Cup every 2 years and a major tournament every, single summer, anything other than a stupid idea.
  11. You believe it even though there is no evidence to back up that belief? I guess we do truly live in the post-truth world, don't we?
  12. Tell me again, when did we last compete with Bolivia or Mars for a spot in the World Cup?
  13. Yeah. We're all wilfully misinterpreting what you wrote and your real intent.
  14. The players were born in France. They learned to play football in France. If you think it's illegitimate that they represented France at the World Cup, I shudder to think what your true feelings are about the players that represent Canada in international football. By your logic, every player on the team has been stolen from some other country, since I don't think any have First Nations heritage.
  15. I don't see any circumstance, barring injury to the players in question, where Osorio and Kaye don't start in Mexico. Osorio has shown with TFC how well he travels throughout the regions, and Kaye's going to be our only midfielder who's not going to be negatively affected by altitude.
  16. It'd be interesting to see where they actually do rank amongst all MLS clubs when it comes to minutes played by American players.
  17. My experience, growing up in Vancouver in the '80s, was that this attitude only popped up in the very late-'80s and survived until about the mid-noughties. In the early-'80s, the Whitecaps were never behind the Canucks or Lions in coverage or prestige. Every kid, regardless of their ethnic or cultural background, who was into sports, engaged in the mass lunch-time soccer games at my school up until around Grade 5 for me. That was '85/86. When the original NASL died, the media landscape shifted against world football in Canada.
  18. I reckon we're getting Jebbison, Dias, and Flores, but none of them will be ready for '22 in Qatar. Kadioglu will end up playing for Turkey. So, Tomori is the only choice. I'm not sure that any of the others are worth putting the frame at this point.
  19. Three out of the four 'keepers in this match are 'Caps academy products, plus about a half dozen of the outfield players from team's XVIIIs.
  20. The real reason why the Octopus chose to sit out the run of fixtures played outside Canada, without fans? Can anyone begrudge him becoming the all-time caps leader in front of his whole family and dozens of friends in front of a hometown crowd? ๐Ÿ™‚
  21. https://theathletic.com/2814727/2021/09/08/stephen-eustaquio-canada/ 'Stache getting some love from the Athletic.
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