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  1. There was a time when I found JO to be very underwhelming. However, in the last couple of years, he's won me over. He has the right attitude and swagger for his role in this team. He deserves to play in the World Cup for Canada.
  2. I don't think he even contemplates offers during while the Ocho is ongoing. If, at the end of the Ocho, we've booked our tickets to Qatar, no chance he jumps before he can put World Cup manager on his CV. After Qatar, it would have to be some pretty sweet offers to tempt him away from leading his adopted country to a home World Cup. So, in a nutshell, I'm not worried.
  3. --------------------------------Crepeau----------------------------------- -------Johnston-----------------Vitoria----------------Miller-------------- Laryea--------------------------------------------------------------Davies -----------------------Eustaquio-----------Kaye-------------------------- --------------------------------Osorio------------------------------------- --------------------Tajon---------------------David------------------------
  4. I didn't watch the game, but I still don't think this current Socceroos team is very good. They've just had a very favourable run of opponents (Kuwait, Jordan, Nepal, and Taiwan in the last round and Oman, China, and Vietnam, so far, in the final round) to get to 11 wins on the bounce. Japan and Saudi Arabia in their next 2 matches will be a whole different animal.
  5. Not a bad honour for the kid..... https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/oct/07/next-generation-2021-60-of-the-best-young-talents-in-world-football Most young players emerging from Canada are likely to be likened to a certain Alphonso Davies, especially if they beat the Bayern Munich player’s record as the youngest player to have been called up for the national team (even though it was only by 10 days). A fast right winger, his crosses are exceptionally accurate and he can also turn inside and set up the forwards. Toronto FC’s general manager, Alis Curtis, has called him one of “the top young players in all North America”, adding that “he is an incredibly talented young man. While he’s only 15 years old, he plays the game in very mature way.”
  6. An almost 2 in 3 chance of a direct World Cup birth, and better than 4 in 5 chance of at least a playoff spot? I'm starting to feel a firming up in my nethers. 😄
  7. Honestly, this is a pretty weird thing to get fired up over. They gave the #1 guy, who's been a huge leader within this group, every chance to make it during this window. They almost certainly knew it was a long-shot, so they had another guy on standby. Milan ultimately couldn't make it, so DSC steps in. No sweat.
  8. If we accept that David is currently at a mid-tier club (Top 5 league, playing Champions League, but not elite), and that his next move should be to a club that's a significant step up from that, then we're looking an increasingly narrow band of clubs to where he can move. The usual status quo is currently in a major state of flux with the 2 clubs (Barca, Real Madrid) that have been undisputedly in the top 2 positions on the food chain being in various stages of fucked and others (Juventus) that have been at, or near, the top of that food chain also suffering major dips. For those, and other reasons, I suspect that his next move is to either a 'Big 6' English club or Bayern. They're the clubs right now who can afford his transfer fee, give him better wages, and can offer him more than he's currently getting at Lille from a competitive football perspective. However, unless he carries on his current goal scoring form through the bulk of this season, he might not necessarily get a look at one of those clubs. If he's competitive for the Golden Boot this season in a league that features Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe, though, he'll definitely get his move. What a time to be a Canadian football supporter! Who could have imagined having these kinds of conversations back when we had Ali Gerba, Iain Hume, and an out-of-position Kevin McKenna leading our attack.
  9. I think that MDS is a nice enough man, and he's a good manager at the USL/NASL level. I just don't think he's quite good enough at MLS level. I'm sure he'll get a big role at a CanPL club in the next year, or two, and he'll be successful there. That's probably the limit of his level, though.
  10. The two teams are not on a level at the minute. As somebody else has already pointed out, Liverpool are currently a Top 5 team in the world with one of the elite managers in charge. Arsenal have been trending downwards for years. No matter how much JD loved Thierry Henry, the player, I very much doubt that that becomes a real factor in deciding his next move.
  11. Arsenal is a basket case with possibly the worst, weirdest supporter base in the world. I wouldn't want JD going there.
  12. Junior with a good finish to put Reading up 1-nil against his former club.
  13. 6'3" is plenty tall enough for a CB, particularly if you have better-than-average athleticism. However, I doubt he's still growing taller at 21.
  14. JH: "Phonsie, we're thinking of playing 2 matches in Edmon..." AD19: "Fuck, yes!" JH: "What about the weath..." AD19: "Fuck, yes!" JH: "How about the artific..." AD19: "Bitch, did I stutter the first 2 times?"
  15. I know they're mates, and all, but it sounds like Alphonso Davies might be the greatest impediment to Liam's accumulating a big number of Canada caps over the next several years. The role that you're describing him thriving in sounds exactly like the role that the Phonz plays for us, no?
  16. That was a lovely goal for a CB to score. A bit Luiz-esque, the way he strolled out of the backline into attack. Maybe he needs to ditch the pony-tail and go for a Sideshow Bob-style mop. 🙂
  17. First they have to acknowledge the relationship. Until then, they're just some weird shills for a relatively unknown prospect.
  18. Liverpool almost always play 4-3-3, with the 9 (Bobby Firmino) often dropping deep to orchestrate play, while one of the two non-Fabinho midfielders running beyond him. Just sayin'.....
  19. If he'd gone to Liverpool, he'd have spent the first few months training and learning the system before being introduced slowly into the first team. Robertson hardly kicked a ball before Christmas in his first season at Liverpool. By the end of that season, he was being touted as one of the world's best LBs. Even a world-class signing like Fabinho hardly played for 2-3 months before stepping in, making the position his own, and playing a massive part in a 98-point season and a European Cup triumph. Lille bought him and threw him straight in despite him having next to no pre-season to acclimatise to the new system. And this was only a few months after he'd lost his mother at a very young age. I want him to leave Lille for a number of reasons....playing style, frustration with seeing some of the players with whom he has to play, etc. However, a big part of it is also that I don't think they seem to have actually done all that much to help him last season. A better club would have protected him in those early months rather than just throwing him to the wolves.
  20. If you're leaving a team that has shat the bed with its title defense and has crashed out of the Champions League at the group stage, and you're moving to a team that has it all to play for, domestically and in Europe, that move would feel like the easiest thing in the world.
  21. I saw on the match report that Jebbie got a yellow card in the game. Somebody please tell me that he got an assist on the first goal to complete the Gordie! 😄
  22. Some ridiculous refereeing in that highlight package. How is the blatant push in the back while the opponent is in the act of shooting not a penalty? The second yellow for something that probably wasn't even a foul was just as bad.
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