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  1. Stupid people naturally see stupid things. 🙄
  2. I like this. Let our horses get their rest on their clubs' time so they're good to go for 2-3 full matches in the international windows! For the record, this feeling for international football only applies to Canada. Brazil can fuck right off selecting Liverpool players for their qualifiers! 😄
  3. "Game well and truly over...." said Sky Sports' Andy Grey as the ball rolled in for Hernan Crespo's 2nd goal to put Milan up 3-nil just before half-time during the 2005 Champions League final in Istanbul. How'd that final turn out?
  4. I think Thomas Muller loves the Phonz nearly as much as we do! 😁
  5. There's no reason for him to move from a footballing perspective. There's no club that's going to be significantly higher on the food chain. If Bayern keep renewing him on decent terms every 2-3 years, he could stay there until he's into his 30s.
  6. The intangible benefits of getting a point at the Azteca and finishing the second three-match window still undefeated will outweigh that one extra point in the standings in the long run, I think. Then again, we might REALLY want that extra point come March.
  7. I watched the game on a stream on my laptop sitting behind my desktop monitor while I was trying to get some actual work done. I didn't see who it was who egregiously gave the ball away while we were looking to break on them. That giveaway directly lead to the shot that Max had to save, and, thus, to the last-second corner that we had to defend. Who was that player?
  8. With my Whitecaps shirt on, I'd like Max to stay because I believe that, if he does, he'll be recognized as an elite MLS 'keeper as he enters his prime years. However, with my Canada scarf draped over my shoulders, I'd love to see Max move on to bigger and better while Hasal gets a few years as a regular starter in MLS to see how well he grows into it.
  9. Please refer to @maccaliam's and @dyslexic nam's posts above. The Whitecaps and Impact aren't getting criticised this season, or even last, because they're regularly starting or subbing in Canadian players at numbers which more or less mesh with most of our expectations when MLS came to Canada. However, historically, VWFC has gotten the worst of the criticism in that regard, and by some distance.
  10. Don't tell them. If he plays, we can use the game as a warm-up for Panama while banking the 3-nil forfeit win. 😉
  11. If that's what you've seen over the years, you seriously need to open the other eye, mate.
  12. Beat Jamaica in Kingston tomorrow and I think the tickets will sell.
  13. Isn't this the guy we were all slaughtering over his beyond-ignorant takes before and after the Nations League win over the USA a couple of years ago?
  14. This should go to Christine Sinclair as a Lifetime Achievement Award.
  15. I think the only games where we've really started poorly have been the Honduras match last month, the USA game at the Gold Cup, and the Suriname game in June. Falling behind against the USA last month and Mexico yesterday weren't the result of poor starts, but due to facing strong opposition who will test us even when we're actually playing well. Sure, 3 games with poor starts out of the last 13 matches is something that needs working on, but let's not convince ourselves that it's an endemic issue.
  16. Three points in Edmonton next month against Mexico won't hurt, either, eh?
  17. In Indian culture, that makes you his uncle. In European culture, I think that makes you his second cousin.
  18. The relevance of what happened in the '60s and '70s is nearly nil today. Two of my closest mates, two guys with whom I speak every day and to whom I'd trust my life, are lifelong Bhoys from Glasgow. Not even they would argue that Celtic or Scotland are significant entities on today's football stage. My brother's brother-in-law, a buddy of mine for the last quarter century, is a sports-mad Swede from about an hour outside Malmo. He doesn't get his nose out of joint when somebody points out the obvious fact that Sweden is a 2nd-tier football nation and it's clubs are about 2 or 3 rungs lower on the food chain. Knowing and acknowledging history doesn't mean you have to carry delusion into the present.
  19. As much as he made a six-course buffet out of it, he was fouled, and Phonz deserved a yellow for SPA. The Laws of the Game do apply to our players, too.
  20. In Canada, a minute before the new NHL season starts, while the MLB playoffs are ongoing....look what's the lead story on the Sportsnet website!
  21. If you did a 'Strength of Schedule' modifier on the table thus far, Canada would definitely have the hardest fixtures, along with Jamaica. We're still on 6 points from 4 games, while they're on 1. We definitely are looking like the real deal. We need to now make hay against the lower half teams while we can. Six more points in this window and four in Edmonton and we'll all be on tables helicoptering our junk while we research the words to the Qatari national anthem.
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