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    hamiltonfan reacted to BrennanFan in The Importance of Jr. Hoilett   
    Our current starting wingers play in 2nd Division Turkey and in Malaysia.  Let that sink in.
    Hoilett won't be the first or last CMNT player who can't get a sniff at club level.  It's the Canadian way.  
    But he is an upgrade for us, clearly and in every way.  It doesn't take much.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to baulderdash77 in Your XI for November   
    Aird or someone else may eventually take the RB position; but for now it really is Ledgerwood's
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Keegan in Olympic Qualifier: Canada - Panama Oct. 3rd 2015   
    Grant is useless, come on man have some confidence in yourself every ball is useless.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to admin in Building a Fan Base and a Brand   
    Well for us....
    We are incorporating as a non profit.
    We will have three interesting things to create a branded and unique look to being a V in 2016.
    Our focus will be developing the very culture you are speaking of.
    I'm back working on this full time and more full of determination than before.
    It's about to get a lot better for us.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Ruffian in Julian De Guzman   
    Then we could really show him some appreciation at that game.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Ruffian in The Importance of Jr. Hoilett   
    Best team now?
    ---------------------------- Larin ---------------------------------
    -- Hoilett ------------- Hutchinson ------------ Akindele --
    ------------- De Guzman -------------Johnson ---------------
    -- De Jong -------- Edgar -------- Henry ---------- Aird --
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    hamiltonfan reacted to admin in The Importance of Jr. Hoilett   
    Can you imagine if the set up is just for Vitoria?
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    hamiltonfan reacted to brucey in Wild Speculation Thread: Canadian soccer history book to who gets it right   
    Had a feeling it was just a matter of time since the DeRo testimonial. 

    In DeRo's Periscope chat the day before someone said "Convince Junior to play for Canada" and DeRo replied with "Why do you think he is here this weekend?"

    Time to take Junior off of my hate list. 
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    hamiltonfan got a reaction from Brethers8 in Olivier Occean   
    OO = Mr. Steal Your Girl... amazing banner idea
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    hamiltonfan got a reaction from Hamilton City FC in Hamilton NASL Supporters Meet-up   
    @too early to talk about supports group comment above.
    I don't think it is, the early we can get the start-up task done the better. Look at the numerous (if not all) recent MLS expansion sides all had their support groups set-up prior to the official announcement.  
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    hamiltonfan got a reaction from Edwin in Gold Cup 2015 Details - Canada to host a game!   
    Agreed - something similar to what they've done in settle or Portland. Massive banner coming down for the second level right before the national anthem.
    I am really looking forward to this,,,I think a few things factored in this decision. Toronto been a great soccer market, sponsorship with Scotia, the CSA getting their shit together etc.
    EDIT: The quote function seems to be bust. the first sentence of this post relates to a post on page to calling for a banner and the works on the second level.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to 1zzurri in Gold Cup 2015 Details - Canada to host a game!   
    I am already picturing a big confetti shower from the newly finished second deck as the players walk out of the tunnel with a big banner to pump them up. Thinking too far ahead?  Definitely!! 
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    hamiltonfan got a reaction from BrennanFan in Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé   
    Its quite simple to prove; watch a few series b matches then switch to MLS. Across the board Serie B is superior football.
    Note - my love for Canadian football and willingness to support the growth of local football is real, and I make it a personal priortiy. Having said that, I will not ignore the truth.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to VPjr in Proposed Voyageurs Shield   
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    hamiltonfan reacted to king1010 in Friendly - Colombia vs. Canada - October 14, 2014 - POST-match [R]   
    You're the most negative person i have met. We were tied till the 74th minute. Floro alrdy started making subs. We only had 6. Younger guys got a run out.

    How the hell are u finding negatives. Give your head a shake
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    hamiltonfan got a reaction from IceCreamMan in Friendly - Colombia vs. Canada - October 14, 2014 - IN-match [R]   
    Don't be surprised to see JDG find a club after this game.
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    hamiltonfan got a reaction from shamrock in Saputo just helped purchase Bologna, more opportunities for Impact youngsters?   
    I'll give Suputo the befit of the doubt, and further congratulate. He's a loyal support of the game in Canada and dedicated to the sport. The Suputo family has put their money one the line buying a bankrupt Impact team, building a privately funding SSS, setting the club up for MLS and academy expansion, and recently a large scale training facility.
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    hamiltonfan reacted to Lord Bob in Joseph DiChiara   
    I would agree with that. And I'm not playing professional soccer. So that's 100% of Canadians thinking MLS is amateur who aren't playing professionally. Maybe it is attitude.
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    hamiltonfan got a reaction from ironcub14 in 2014 Ottawa Fury FC Season   
    Congrats to Ottawa and its supporters on breaking the NASL record for most attend match, 14,600. great way to open up the new stadium....
    Another 8,600 turned up for the Rangers friendly...keep it rolling! 
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