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  1. I saw a fair amount of Morrison at United. I think he is probably on par with Sterling skill wise, but probably won't pan out the same way because of his attitude.
  2. Also regardless of what you think of his comments, there is absolutely nothing constructive about this debate.
  3. Personally I think interviewing athletes during a game (or directly after one for that matter) is stupid and serves as a major distraction. Whatever he said during the Honduras game has no bearing on how I will remember his national team career, which is as the best centre back I've seen play for Canada (I didn't start watching until after DeVos). Plus as Lord Bob says a guy who had a surprisingly good goalscoring record. EDIT: Just remembered I did actually see DeVos cause I started following the team in 2004, but based on what I've seen I'd still call McKenna the best centre back in a Canadian jersey.
  4. Yeah I believe Keegan made that, and it is really good.
  5. I remember three years ago people saying that Attakora was the answer at centre back for TFC, he's really tailed off since then in terms of club form. I think the injury while at San Jose really hurt him, so it's good to see him back playing with the club regardless of the level.
  6. I've never seen DiChiara play outside of youtube videos. Yes, obviously I would have a better idea of what he brings if I'd seen him play. All I'm saying is that Hart's assessment is the only thing I have to go on right now so I'm not getting too excited about him. Doesn't mean Hart isn't wrong and doesn't mean DiChiara won't prove to be a fantastic player for the national team. It's just all I have to go off.
  7. I'm still lukewarm on DiChiara based on the fact Hart didn't think it was worthwhile to give him any minutes during the games against St. Lucia and Puerto Rico last round. Especially in the Puerto Rico game when everything seemed to be going against us at BMO and we didn't have any control in the midfield. Bringing on a solid, calming presence in the centre of midfield would have really helped the team that day, and that is exactly what we have been told DiChiara is, but Hart didn't bring him on. Was he not good enough for Puerto Rico? Or was Hart just anxious about throwing an untested guy in during a tight 0-0 World Cup Qualifier at home?
  8. Are you going to be at either the Panama or Cuba games? If so we can talk then...
  9. The thing about this World Cup is that it is almost guaranteed to be in the Americas. It is too soon for Europe or Asia after the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, I really can't see them giving it to Africa again just because there isn't really another country with the infrastructure to host it leaving North or South America. There are a few potential South American bids (Columbia, Argentina), but considering none of those countries bid for the 2014 World Cup I don't for-see a serious bid from either of those countries leaving only CONCACAF, the federation that's gone the longest without hosting a World Cup. Obviously there are only three countries that could possibly host it in 2026: ourselves, Mexico or the USA. With Mexico's crime troubles I really can't see FIFA awarding it to them leaving it up to either Canada or the USA. FIFA is all about this legacy thing right now and they'll see what 1994 did to the USA and hopefully take a real good look at Canada. Plus just from a general infrastructure sense of upgrading transportation, accessibility etc. I can see a lot of the big municipalities getting behind hosting an event like this (without having to build nearly as many later-to-be-useless facilities than the Olympics requires).
  10. The metro does run underneath it, not sure if that means they can't tear it down.
  11. You wouldn't actually need to tear down the Big O. It's pretty ****, but still good enough to hold a World Cup game with some pick me-ups. Also if we did get this I bet we'd see a 30,000 seater built in Halifax with for the CFL with the potential to expand to 40,000 for the World Cup.
  12. He plays on the left. He plays on the riiiiiiiiight. Tosaint Ricketts makes Messi look sh*ite. Regardless I think he is still in Romania, I haven't heard anything solid about him leaving other than just speculation on here. I think he's a player who could do well in MLS later in his future. He is a big physical guy, but also has a lot of pace and not a fantastic touch. I think he'd be a good pick up for any of the three Canadian MLS teams.
  13. I'm looking for highlights from the Canada-Belize WCQ series in Kingston back in 2004, anyone have these classics stored somewhere?
  14. I hate these posts.... because a little bit of it has me thinking - what if this is true? And I get my hopes again Please no unfounded rumours unless you have something to back it up with.
  15. I think any chance of DiChiara playing a role in this qualifying cycle is pretty much over now that he has been glazed over for both the national team game against Armenia and the entirety of the U-23 cycle.
  16. Hmm England poaching a Canadian born player playing in Germany with Bayern.... that could never happen.
  17. Really? If you have a choice between taking YOUR country to the World Cup for the first time in over 25 years, and potentially (in England's case, a very low potential) winning a World Cup with some country which you've lived in for a couple years you'd chose the latter. I think you'd find most people on here disagree.
  18. Just found this, I'm surprised it hasn't been posted on here yet - it's hilarious. http://canadiansoccermeme.wordpress.com/
  19. I know we had a few kids in trial in France a few years back, I think Sean Rosa and Taylor Lord, but they didn't really pan-out...
  20. Hainault's had a very good season in MLS, and despite some of the criticism he's got on here for skipping MNT games to stay with his club if this leads to a move to a club like Bordeaux then clearly his decision to stay with Houston is one that will help the Nats in the long run.
  21. Probably more to do with the OSA-Everton partnership than anything else.
  22. Good to hear Is this a potential for the next WCQs hint?
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