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    coppercanuck reacted to Rintaran in BC Soccer aiming to launch "Regional Tier 3 League"   
    2020 USL2:
    TSS FC Rovers (likely to depart for L1BC when ready)
    Calgary Foothills (no local league)
    WSA Winnipeg (no local league)
    Thunder Bay Chill (no local league)
    If TSS moves to L1BC, Calgary would be competing solely against West Coast teams in the US. One has to ask if there may not be a (temporary at least) opportunity for them to go L1BC as well. Would the finances be better or worse than crossing the border for all of your competition?
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    coppercanuck got a reaction from BarrieCityFC in Barrie's Grassroots Soccer Movement   
    Only available in Canada.  Need a VPN I guess.
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    coppercanuck reacted to Cheeta in CPL new teams speculation   
    Groovy.  The more teams there are closer to Halifax the better for them.  Places like Ottawa, or even better Quebec City would do.  OOP.  Might have that covered I see.
    Any-who, you'd expect Kitchener would have a large enough catchment to support CPL (if it can be sold to the locals that is).   Guess the same old issue of venue exists.  If true, very curious to hear the plans.
    Travel costs be damned the league is going to need to resist the temptation to schedule long road swings through Ontario.  Especially once London gets on board.  ☺️
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    coppercanuck reacted to baulderdash77 in CPL new teams speculation   
    I work in Kitchener and live in Hamilton.  Everyone in Kitchener-Waterloo that I work with follows the Rangers.  I think the centre is big enough and distinct enough to support a team IMO.  People in KW don’t feel GTA- they are their own city.  
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    coppercanuck reacted to BarrieCityFC in Barrie's Grassroots Soccer Movement   

    Weds dec 18th part 1 at 41.40
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    coppercanuck reacted to ThatOlCeePee in CSL (any and all info/memories)   
    It's crazy, I grew up when this was on TV, playing but never watched/found out about it til later. Shocked at how little info/images etc is around. Have been able to add a few kits to my collection. Hoping anyone else has any info/stories etc 
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    coppercanuck reacted to Big_M in 2020 Premiere Ligue de Soccer du Quebec   
    For 2021 looks like amateur powerhouse Royal Beauport will enter
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    coppercanuck reacted to Ansem in CPL new teams speculation   
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    coppercanuck reacted to Ansem in CPL new teams speculation   
    Don't shoot the messenger 
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    coppercanuck reacted to CDNFootballer in CPL new teams speculation   
    From Northern Starting 11, article including who's in and who's out as American USL teams in Canada continue an exodus from the US league's and the Canadian League's look to expand and build our pyramid :
    Expansion Tracker: Latest on 2020 & 2021
    Highlights :
    - Quebec, Fraser Valley, KW, Laval, Saskatoon, and Ottawa market info for D1 CPL.
    - Elimination of American USL pro team presence in Canada as D2 Ottawa Fury franchise rights sold to Miami FC.
    - USL amateur D4 Highlanders FC to move to new D3 League 1 BC for 2021.
    - New clubs for D3 League 1 Ontario.
    - Additions and subtractions for PLSQ.
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    coppercanuck reacted to deschamp86 in 2020 Voyageurs Cup Format   
    Previous Voyageurs Cup winner seeded number one, then in order of MLS Standings. Previous CPL winner highest seeded then in order of CPL standings plus PLSQ and L1O
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    coppercanuck reacted to SthMelbRed in 2020 Voyageurs Cup Format   
    Round 1: 8 teams (L1O, PLSQ, Pacific, FCE, Valour, Y9, Forge, HFX) - open draw
    QF: Impact, TFC, Whitecaps, Cavalry (seeded); 4 R1 winners (unseeded) - seeded draw
    SF: 4 QF winners - open draw
    VC Championship Final
    As simple a task as you could imagine, until some CSA fuckwit manages to balls it up.
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    coppercanuck reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in 2019 Canadian Premier League Attendance   
    4944 announced in Winnipeg:
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    coppercanuck reacted to m-g-williams in Cavalry FC launch/2019 off season thread   
    So . . . the nerd is me is actually more upset by the fact that they don't understand the actual hierarchy of the terms they're using. They should go with something more like Battalion, Company and Platoon (in descending order), or Corps, Division and Brigade if they really want.
    They should also rename the Officer's Club the Mess, both because it's the proper term for what they're trying to allude to . . . and as it will probably be a better descriptor of the state of the place after a good game.
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    coppercanuck reacted to KW519 in CPL General   
    @Macksam is right about MLS. And it's MLS' fault for creating an environment where going through the motions is all that's required. Of course there are clubs that go above and beyond and maintain a high level throughout the season, but then you have "Don't worry if you finish dead last San Jose, no pressure at all. You wont be relegated and can try again next year. You will probably earn yourself the rights to the most talented NCAA player in the country, your players will have nothing to worry about in terms of dropping a level or being sold, and you will probably be rewarded with an even higher budget next year. Just make sure you show up and go through those motions so we can get these ticket sales in."
    If you're at a temporary job and the manager walks in and says 19 of the 22 temps will be kept full time I guarantee you have people busting their ass, doing their best work to make sure they're 1 of those 19. If the manager walked in and said all 22 will be hired full time, I guaratee work rate doesn't improve, and you have people simply going through the motions because they have that security blanket. Similar to what we see in MLS and other North American leagues.
    I praise MLS for giving Canada a platform to grow the game here, but I absolutely hate how they run their league like it's the NBA, or NHL where mediocre performances are rewarded and ticket sales come before sport.
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    coppercanuck reacted to yellowsweatygorilla in HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread   
    Hammond from the open trials just tweeted this. I wonder if he's signed or invited to the training camp.
    Fellow trialist Aaron Hooper also posted this. 
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    coppercanuck got a reaction from nolando in CSL (any and all info/memories)   
    I watched on TV as much as I could.  I was living in PEI at the time.  When I got to University, I started watching live games at that level and quickly became a fan.  Of course by the time I got to Toronto, the league was shut down and I was stuck watching the Toronto Lynx.  I loved Vic Rauter's call of the games.  Still echos.  I miss Bunbury.  I miss Pesch.
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    coppercanuck reacted to Complete Homer in CPL General   
    The Darkest Timeline: CPL follows USL's example of not publishing salary or cap information, leaving us to bicker about this for years to come
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    coppercanuck reacted to baulderdash77 in CPL economics   
    A transatlantic flight from Toronto to London England is 5,700 km and a flight from Halifax to Victoria is 6,100 km.  That puts the distance into perspective.  
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    coppercanuck got a reaction from Poutinewithtapatio in St. John's CPL   
    It’s a bit much to ask ECHL teams to fly to Newfoundland. I live in a city with an ECHL team and the budgets do t appear to be that big.  Travel is always going to be an issue. I’m guessing sponsorship will come considering it’s  tier 1 soccer vs tier 3 hockey. 
    I think the CPL’s structure, single table quad round robin, makes the budgets easier. Makes the expenses more stable. 
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    coppercanuck reacted to Unnamed Trialist in How will the format look with CPL teams?   
    Folks should get a bit of perspective, there is a bit of cockiness here that flies in the face of the Voyageurs Cup. 
    We founded the Cup when our teams were playing in US based leagues, and that was good enough back then. In fact, we did not grant the trophy to the winner of an all Canadian league, shunning the others in USL. We took the USL schedule, make it good for us (including, if I recall correctly, seeking some scheduling adjustments to allow for a balanced V-Cup competition piggy-backing off it.)
    So there is no reason to start altering what our criteria is. We gave the Cup to the CSA when they finally got their act together to set up a Canadian Championship, and we accepted they would determine the formula, as all national associations/federations do. 
    As many Canadian based teams as possible should participate in the Voyageurs Cup, as I see it, from regional leagues up to MLS, and next year featuring the new CPL teams. The first year, you make a new set up, with seedings and byes. Then, on the basis of results, those seedings and byes could be altered. If an MLS team can-t hold their seed, they slip, if another club does well, they gain a seed. 
    Here is a formula:
    You have 13 teams, 3+8+2, the final 2 being from the Ontario and Quebec leagues. If other regional leagues get their acts together, they could do similar previous rounds. 
    You do the ONT-Quebec tie first, taking you to 12.
    Then you give the MLS teams and a CPL club a bye into quarter finals. (In following years, you could adjust byes, that is a different question).
    The other 8 teams play off to decide the other 4 quarter finalists. That CPL bye could be Ottawa on the basis of this past year. Or give it to the leader of the CPL come end of May, mid June. That way, leading the CPL after 7-8 games gives you an incentive, it becomes a sort of mini-league rewarding whoever is fastest out the gate. 
    Draw the byed teams with the other four winners, for quarter finals. There is a reason for this, being that at least 3 will get an MLS team in a home game, which will draw fans, the gate could be very positive for them. In the other tie two non MLS teams would face each other. Another option: try to do regional ties, to reduce travel costs.
    After that, for semis, pure draw.
    The calculation on games is this. Your "Blainevilles" would potentially have an 8 game road to the finals. A CPL team, a 6 game path. The teams with byes, a 4 game route. Plus the final. Any winner would have played at least 6 matches before winning the Voyageurs Cup. That would bring us close to what happens in Cup competitions around the world.
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    coppercanuck reacted to michaeltfc91 in How will the format look with CPL teams?   
    2019 format =
    Round 1 - 8 CPL teams, Quebec winner, Ontario winner enter
    Round 2 - 5 winners from round 1 join 3 MLS teams
    Semi Finals = 4 winners of round 2
    Finals = 2 winners from the semi final
    Fairest and easiest way to do 2019. After 2019's tournament, with more expansion and more teams, hopefully the CPL can enter the same time as MLS, but I don't see that being the case in 2019
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    coppercanuck reacted to Obinna in How will the format look with CPL teams?   
    I would love it if they extended it down to PDL, and even amateur teams. Like have the winner of each senior provincial league qualify. That is all long term stuff.
    In the near term, you could drop the facility requirements, but that doesn't solve the travel issue. The USOC is very regionalized in the early stages. How would that look in canada?
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    coppercanuck reacted to HfxCeltic in HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread   
    Next soccer related event at Wanderers Grounds is a university double header (womens then mens) between Dalhousie and Saint Mary's on September 7. Tickets go on sale for members on August 4 and the general public on August 7 - no idea what pricing will look like but 1 ticket will get access to both games. I really hope they don't overprice this event; would definitely be a bad look. Also, seems to be in line time wise with frosh week; hopefully that doesn't create issues. I don't think I'll be going to this one.  
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    coppercanuck reacted to Cblake in St. John's CPL   
    Is travel not going to be an issue for any team in the Atlantic region including Halifax?
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