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    ted reacted to m-g-williams in BC Soccer aiming to launch "Regional Tier 3 League"   
    Has there been any news on this? I've been hearing for years that a semi-pro league in BC is just around the corner, but it always seems like it's never quite there. 
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    ted reacted to CDNFootballer in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    A "Western Amateur League (Canadian National League)" is not Div II.
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    ted reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    It was a lame attempt at a joke from a BCer like myself.
    If FC is Football Club, BC would be B....... Club. So I was asking what the....forget it....
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    ted reacted to Aird25 in Matthew Baldisimo   
    He was excellent last season for Pacific, along with Kadin Chung. They were both good in year 1, but I thought they took massive strides last season. I wonder if Kadin was called too?
    It’s a shame we haven’t played more games recently and I hope that doesn’t stagnate any of their careers 
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    ted reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in Matthew Baldisimo   
    Has filed his one-time-switch for the Philippines.
    Doesn't speak the language and has never been to the country!
    Now that his U23/U24 chances are over, it would have been very difficult for him to break into the senior #CanMNT side. Best of luck to him.
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    ted reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL Stadium Thread   
    The whole story of Port City/Fraser Valley has yet to be told. 
    They would never have even come out with this name without something being there. We heard, I don't know officially or not, that the Port facilities on the Fraser were going to sponsor, it was their land, of Surrey wanted to promote it, something like that (suggesting a North Surrey site). There must have been something when it came to municipal interest. Here I assume the investors were already there, but they were lacking a venue, and rightly thought they'd succeed on the other side of the Fraser and probably Surrey, just to reach a growing demographic, not be too far from New West and Burnaby or the Coquitlam's up river, and not step on Whitecaps toes. Made sense. I think political will must have failed.
    And then the Mayor of Langford, who already had Rugby Canada installed at then Westhills, came along, with the political will to move quickly and a facility he wanted another tenant for, and with experience holding events, Women's 7 World Tour held there annually. So Pacific meaning Friend went for it. But in the midst, even while shaking Mayor Stu's hand, he was openly saying it was not his first choice. He was never worried about having to look 100% loyal.
    Now the case of Saskatoon, where they still do not have municipal approval or funding, suggests you could do things otherwise. There it is a deep pocket and a private purchase of an existing land, do that first, then go look for the political support.  Prairieland has the advantage of already being a facility, being a large site, and basically not representing any problem (of the NIMBY sort for example) for nearby population, parking, road access.
    As I see it, Friend is on his third project. 
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    ted reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL Stadium Thread   
    Sorry, but I don't agree with those spinning this for what it is said to be face value. 
    It is a major slap in the face to Langford. All this business about it being a growth area, the stadium, the youth teams--this ignores what the club is about.
    Rob Friend, even when signing with Langford, was clear he was really interested in Greater Vancouver and that the deal was put together quickly to get a foot in to CPL. We forget how quickly the deal was forged, it was almost last minute. But he has never denied it was not his first choice.
    Langford is on the extreme end of the population of Greater Victoria. There is virtually no immediate population north and very little west and south. It is not easy to get to, nor does it have amenities to offer game day (though they do an okay job with services on site). Royal Athletic, in contrast, brings you half an hour close to the biggest municipalities in Greater Victoria (Victoria does not, in fact, have the most population, Saanich just to the north does, and by a lot), and walking-biking distance to most of Victoria. And near restaurants, pubs, with various parking options nearby (though probably not enough).
    If Friend and the owners are doing this, under the guise of a friendly deal with an amateur club, it is because either -1-there are things they are not happy about with Langford; -2- they have heard something from City Hall, -3- they are working on longer term plans and see Victoria downtown as a better option. Or a combination of all three. 
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    ted got a reaction from johnyb in CPL Stadium Thread   
    Well, given that many of us were saying RAP was the better choice since before Wanderers even existed I'm not sure that phrasing is warranted. 

    This reorientation of the pitch proposal is something I first heard from Mark de Frias of the Highlanders several years ago. It is the only way to ground share with the Harbourcats and would make a great venue IMO.
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    ted got a reaction from Unnamed Trialist in CPL Stadium Thread   
    The size of the field would be regulation and yes the outfield would overlap the pitch somewhat which cannot be avoided when groundsharing with baseball. At least the infield would be totally separate. I remember horror stories of pitchers mounds being smoothed out turfed over temporarily (and badly) for games in US stadia.

    The layout would allow for a decent number of seats along Cook St (but if I was designing it, the trees would come down and the top row of seats would hang over the sidewalk to maximize seating.) The North End (what is currently the North side) is far larger than it looks and would have room for a stand there. As for the west side, that is the weakness of the proposal IMO. At best I would think that temporary stands would be wheeled out for each game.

    It's not the perfect plan but it's worth exploring if it brings things back to RAP.
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    ted reacted to CDNFootballer in CPL Stadium Thread   
    From what I've heard re the hydro pole, until the existing stands are consistently filled (Pacific FC averaged roughly 3k per game in 2019 in the 6K capacity Westhills Stadium) and there's a need for the new grandstand on the pole side, it won't be moved.
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    ted reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL Stadium Thread   
    Royal Athletic Park is far more accessible to their target audience, unless you are referring to trees or watershed being their target.
    It is close to downtown Victoria, and much closer to the largest municipalities in Greater Victoria. 
    I doubt any more than 5-10% of their spectators come from the other side of the Malahat, even at Langford. 
    The only reason they had not chance to broker this quickly in Victoria is because Lisa Helps is a space cadet and you'd need a few years for her to get into orbit--which seems is starting to happen.
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    ted got a reaction from NVsoccer in CPL Stadium Thread   
    Well, given that many of us were saying RAP was the better choice since before Wanderers even existed I'm not sure that phrasing is warranted. 

    This reorientation of the pitch proposal is something I first heard from Mark de Frias of the Highlanders several years ago. It is the only way to ground share with the Harbourcats and would make a great venue IMO.
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    ted reacted to Blackjack15 in 2021 CPL Season General News   
    Nef said in his podcast near in the end that if CPL isn't allowed a season where clubs play in their own venues, the league is looking at hosting a bubble tournament in Victoria or Halifax 
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    ted reacted to SpursFlu in CPL Stadium Thread   
    I think ultimately once Victoria sorts out its transportation issues and deals with its continued growth they would want a stadium dt. Pacific also needs to prove to the City that they're a product people are interested in and its worth the investment. This is an interesting way to establish a footprint in dt work with the city and build towards a proper stadium. I can see like 1/3 or less of the games being played at RAP
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    ted reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL Stadium Thread   
    It could well be a pressure tactic, and a smart one too. 
    When they were getting going on Pacific in 2018, there was no interest from Victoria City Hall. In contrast, Mayor Stu in Langford was very proactive.
    It was a period of elections, in the fall of 2018, and the current Victoria mayor's candidacy was totally uninterested in the question, the only sports issue that came up was the redoing of nearby Crystal Pool (I know this up close as I worked for a friend who was a mayoralty candidate, and who happens to live 2 blocks from RAP). They were too busy taking down the JA MacDonald statue. Lisa Helps is still relatively unconcerned about sports and her constituency is another.
    I would like to know if things have changed at City Hall, if the lobby of Vic West has been active, or if something else is going on--like maybe they are interested in revenue streams. Or if it is tied to a residential development scheme that will take place nearby, Helps being very pro-developer and keen about raising density, despite her alternative posturing. If apartment blocks begin to go up along Cook, which would be the place for it to happen, having nearby pro sports could be part of how you sell that new community.
    BTW, also very close is Victoria Secondary, which has a track with a field in the middle, and frankly that site would be very good for a stadium as well.
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    ted reacted to SpursFlu in CPL Stadium Thread   
    I went over for a game and really enjoyed. Met up with family from up Island and Victoria. I see what they're doing here. Victoria downtown is growing with a typical "urban" crowd and lifestyle Langford is booming with a typical suburban crowd. To me it seems they're setting up a 2nd home field to capture both markets. The diehards will go to both and the RAP location get the car less downtown crowd in the door.
    I think its smart if they can pull it off
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    ted reacted to Aird25 in CPL Stadium Thread   
    As someone who attended every Pacific game, as well as countless games at Clarke in Edmonton and other smaller venues before then, I can assure you that Westhills numbers did not feel greatly inflated. No matter how many times you bring this up
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    ted reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in CPL Stadium Thread   
    Some of the actual as opposed to announced crowds at Langford in 2019 were dismal. Downtown Victoria is where they need to be to try to emulate the Wanderers.
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    ted reacted to NVsoccer in CPL Stadium Thread   
    PDF for people who missed it:
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    ted reacted to Bison44 in CPL Stadium Thread   
    Brandon is getting a team??  😉
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    ted reacted to Stryker911 in Pacific FC - 2021 Season Thread   
    I am probably in the minority, but I dont mind signings like this. I dont think the league loses anything by having some lower level Europeans in the league. Take Forge for example. They have Achinioti-Jönsson who they signed from the Swedish 3rd division. He has been really good player for them for 2 years now. I dont think there he necessarily took a spot directly away from a Canadian.
    Also, take a look at the MOACA list. We have players playing at low levels all over the world. Are they taking spots from a young player in that country? Maybe, but they are traveling the world playing a sport they love. It is what it is. 
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    ted reacted to Aird25 in Pacific FC - 2021 Season Thread   
    I really can’t stand this take. Pacific weren’t even able to sign their draft picks due to the league’s new international player requirements. The only roster spots they have left are designated for internationals because the team is already full of young players from BC.
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    ted reacted to CDNFootballer in CPL Stadium Thread   
    Living Sky Sports second concept stadium drawing for CPL Saskatchewan :

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    ted reacted to rydermike in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    It's FC Tigers Vancouver that are the rumoured team for D2. https://www.fctigers.ca/
    Not BC Tigers. https://www.bctigers.com/
    Similar names. Different clubs
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    ted got a reaction from Trois Reds in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    And here I am, twenty-plus years later, trying once again to help you to understand why that is wrong. <sigh>

    The example of the Tigers is great because it is exactly what I (and others) have been arguing should happen all along. Rather than restrict their "target audience" to a specific national group, they have decided to be inclusive of all and play under the name BC Tigers. This honours the club's origins without falling into the "Canadians don't like soccer" trope which is reinforced when using objectively national names. If you name your team after a foreign nation, you are saying that the team is not for Canadians. 

    So no, there can be no complaint about BC Tigers, well not about ethnic identity. I would be happy to slam them for claiming to represent all of BC.
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