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  1. Actually they wil be playing on April 2, mere days after starting their pre-season training. See: http://www.victoriasoccer.net/. BTW, I was at the press conference making the announcement and I got a chance to ask Bob a couple of questions. See the next WFP for what came of it. And no, nothing big but I figure if I am going to write for WFP I shouldn't spill it all before it's published. See I can learn to keep my yap shut.
  2. Sorry but all I can is that the schedule is still being negotiated and will be released as soon as possible. As for the T-birds, I see no reason why Victoria cannot repeat as triple winners. []
  3. Hah! We have a fine record against the 86ers/Whitecaps teams, bring 'em on. [8D] ** Inappropriate content deleted by author **
  4. You misunderstand what the KPMG report said about venues (the source of the quote.) Currently what we have are usually high school or University facilities without adequate seating, concessions and gate control to allow between 5-10,000 paying spectators to watch a game on a decent field. "Commensurate with a professional league" means having real washroom facilities, not port-a-potties. It means having staff selling beer and pizza that is cold and hot respectivly instead of vice versa. It means having a seat to sit in for every paying spectator. The point was NOT to have "cadillac" parks like Home Depot Centre or Hunt Park but simply to have something better than the current "high school" facilities available in most cities in Canada.
  5. I would like to order one XL size red shirt with white printing right now! What's the Voyageurs PayPal account? BTW I prefer the first design. The sunglasses just obscure his face too much.
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