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  1. I’m in. Flights booked, let’s go!!
  2. https://www.concacaf.com/en/rankings/men-s-national-team/ Rankings just updated, Panama passed us for 3rd. Still ahead of Costa Rica, so should be playing Jamaica
  3. So as of now it’s Jamaica, right? Ah, too much thinking, I’ll just wait till they tell me where I gotta go to watch the Canada boys
  4. Says we’re sitting 3rd, and we’d play worst ranked group winner. I assumed that’s CONCACAF rankings, not by points, but it’s not clear
  5. Greased out a 0-0 draw against Honduras. That’s good, makes the chances of having to go see Canada in Honduras less likely
  6. I’m staying at the OYO down the road, maybe I’ll swing by there
  7. CMNT 2021 1-0 vs Costa Rica WCQ 2-1 vs Mexico WCQ 2022 2-0 @ Honduras WCQ 2-0 @ El Salvador WCQ 0-1 @ Costa Rica WCQ 0-1 @ Panama WCQ 4-0 vs Curacao CNL 2-2 @ Bahrain Intl Friendly 2-1 vs Japan (in Dubai) Intl Friendly 0-1 vs Belgium WC 1-4 vs Croatia WC 1-2 vs Morocco WC 12 total so far, got tickets to curacao game Saturday and Honduras game Tuesday
  8. Less than 2 months now, let's go! Can't wait to be there
  9. I’ll see you down there. Probably gunna be in curaçao for a week. Should be a decent number of Canadians coming down
  10. Ya I emailed Bahrain FA, they told me same thing. Just need to figure out Canada v japan and I’m all good. Also, if anyone else is gunna be in UAE, on Nov 16, UAE plays Argentina in Abu Dhabi
  11. Ok I’ll keep an eye out, nothing came up through google search, nor either federation websites
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