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  1. I thought the membership packages were being mailed out? Is that still the case? Or are we supposed to pick them up now?
  2. So is there still a real possibility that he can play at the Panama game? He was huge in pumping up the team and the crowd for both home games. At least him getting back into training's a good thing. He needs to be 100% negative before he can enter Canada anyways.
  3. From the official Red Star website today, it says that Borjan tested positive. http://www.crvenazvezdafk.com/news/details/index/12066 My wife's Serbian and her family are big Red Star fans, so I'll ask them to look into this. But I'll be devastated if he's not able to play
  4. I think the casual crowd will only start buying tickets ~ the 7th. Alot also depends on our games against Mexico and Jamaica.
  5. I know it's great. All my friends thought I was crazy for asking them if they wanted tickets 3 weeks in advance. Managed to snag 6 in 114 row 9. I've only been there for TFC games and that's where the Inebriatti are. Is that where the most hardcore Voyageurs supporters are? Or is it more evenly distributed between 112,113 and 114? Pumped!
  6. Makes sense. Lots more Salvadorian Canadians than Honduran or Panamian Canadians. Just look at the last census.
  7. I can't buy tickets through the Voyageurs link. Tried using Link and code
  8. Agree, I'm just saying that there's no social distancing at Jays game. They just cram most of the people into the seats behind home plate (the most expensive), then leave the outfield, and all of the 500-level seats empty.
  9. Was just going to post this. I imagine it's a coordinated push that Rogers and the MLSE are making to increase capacity limits. With vaccine passports, there's no reason to have the 15K capacity limit anymore. At Jays games it was a pure joke anyways. They just shoved everyone into the most expensive seats without social distancing. I know they were doing it to maximize revenue while adhering to govt restrictions, but everyone knows it wasn't any safer with or without the limits if it was being implemented like that...
  10. Ditto. I never went to a CMNT game because I never had anyone to go with. I was finally able to convince a friend to go to the Honduras game (Just say seeing Alphonso Davies live ), and we both had a blast! Mentioned Davies' name again and was able to convince 3 other friends who went with me and enjoyed themselves. Now I'm a paid Voyageurs member and have like 7-8 people who want to go to the Panama game!
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