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  1. First goal is so big in this one. We get it and they're probably done for the entire qualification round
  2. Awesome to see the CPL doing great things for development and exposure. Imo this might be one of the best things the CSA has done. A perfect bridge for our young guys and grows the fan base throughout the country.
  3. Panama blowing it late to Mexico was pretty big for us. Even a point is good though. Any team that can beat Mexico anywhere or get a draw in Azteca is basically getting free points that were unexpected previously
  4. I would not really mess with it IMHO. There's going to be very few Canada fans to protect yourself with and these people are psychos Considering one of them attacked one of our players at a game in CANADA I don't know if I would feel safe in the stadium. By looking at it the Honduras stadium isn't in their capital but some random City as well so make sure you're aware of that. If I had to choose I would have obviously gone with Jamaica but that's obviously impossible. Maybe costa Rica is your best bet idk?
  5. They also tied ES though and we absolutely torched them
  6. I don't know if they pay to come to the games but I'm assuming they do cheer for Canada. It's like the Italians, Portuguese etc in Toronto. They'll cheer for the Azuri but you know most will ride for Canada when we play. The biggest difference is that we obviously do not play Italy ever. I'm sure that would be a very blue stadium. The obvious solution if we really cared is putting the games in Regina, Winnipeg, out east etc but that obviously causes other issues
  7. I just think it's a must because it'll be hard to beat an on fire Panama team after 2 Ls. If we get 6 we might qualify with like 2/3 games left
  8. If H gets rid of their coach as well it's a fantastic result for us
  9. Yeah 4 we're on the right track 3 is worrying a bit we get 6 we're scouting training pitches for the camp in Qatar. At least a point off Jamaica is a must
  10. Well that's an impressive comeback. On the US feed they said a Honduras loss their coach might go which would be very very good for Canada A mid cycle coaching and system switch would be very welcome since it seems like they have only one way of playing and that might make things though
  11. Probably will end up saying this every 3 games but the next 3 are probably our most difficult/ important. If we can get 4 were doing pretty well 6 I think we're looking very very good to qualify. 3 and we're going to be in a dog fight
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