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  1. Never really seen him play before but wow has has he been dangerous early.
  2. Caught a few minutes of his stream on Twitch. When someone asked about his injury his response was something along the lines of, "It's not a big deal, it wasn't even my decision, I wanted to play tomorrow" Obviously that isn't a direct quote but as he was saying he wanted to play and it wasn't even my decision he stopped himself through visible anger and frustration. He then went on a seemingly PR-prepared statement about injuries and the importance of recovering and how rehab is really difficult but Bayern have the best staff. Not exactly sure what the overall takeaways should be here. To me it sounds like he wanted to play but Bayern are treating him like a delicate wonderkid still. I mean this in more of the 'kid' sense, as to say they are babying him and he feels he is being held back. He also mentioned how he was "actually having fun playing in the game against Panama." In that more advanced role as well as on the wings, there could also be a frustration positionally with Bayern and desire to play further up where he 'actually had fun.' Although that could also be true, it mostly sounds like fuel for the Davies LW or LB debate. However, one thing for certain is that Phonzie's frustration in more ways than one, but specifically with Bayern's decision, speaks volumes to his current relationship with the club; touchy.
  3. Nah Im not tryna be woke 😂 . That’s just how I read it. Might have misunderstood it but that was my interpretation. I can kinda see what you mean, that he was trying to compliment Herdman, but it just didn’t sound too compliment-like. Idk you’re probably right, I just read that and was like if someone said that about me I would feel slightly disrespected. All you gotta say is he’s a good coach, no a good coach…DESPITE this that and the other. You get what I’m sayin?
  4. Fair, I digress for the time being. Don't want to seem like a USMNT fan after one loss and burn the place to a crisp 😳
  5. Fair, didn't know the had CL this week. But I stand by the get out of Lille in January part. Not sure what you meant by till they sell him but I feel like we are saying the same thing
  6. Where are people getting all this new Herdman stuff? Did he do an interview somewhere? Also I don't know who that Marcotti guy is but I LOVE the fact that he looks EXACTLY like a little bitch. Seriously though, I can't be the only one that found that tweet distasteful. I mean what kind of comment (from a journalist mind you) is that supposed to be? Goes from saying I don't known the guy, seemingly trying to absolve himself of any wrongdoings, to trying to belittle the manager of men's national team program. While at the same time, also throws a little shade towards the women's game. Not explicitly, but in the context of everything else he said, it makes you think, "Well what do you mean by that??" Overall, it's completely disrespectful from him, regardless of his intentions to be funny. I get it was supposed to be banter but I still think he's way off in a few respects.
  7. EMBARRASSING DEFEAT. David has got to get out of Lille, honestly. Should've brought him on sooner I might add.
  8. Funny how one of his greatest goals scored to date was the one game when he was playing RS/RW🤣 I think the message there is that no matter where he plays, no matter what position it won't matter, because he'll be unstoppable. To really answer that though, wouldn't expect him to move any time before his contact in 2025, unless Bayern get an incredible deal but even then, he's not the kind of talent you just let go especially when has yet to really begin his prime. I would expect him to continue to be pushed up the field by Naggelsmann this season. Too much attacking talent to be wasted sitting back and Julien know it.
  9. Also got spit on tonight, horrible stuff. Wish CONCACAF would actually do something about it. Out of all our players you hate to see it happen to such a great guy, but he's also the guy that I would not want to mess with, especially when it comes to stupid shit like spitting. I think Panama learned that the hard way tonight, and ended up weeping off the pitch like I bunch of babies.
  10. I take back what I said, with Hoillet out now you might have to start Davies and bite the bullet at home against Panama if Bayern make him sit it out, tough one for sure, we will see how Herdman gambles
  11. I really hope he doesn't, bring him on in the 60' if you must but I'd rather he rests this game then shows up rest and in full force for Panama. Not worth it to run him out in Kingston.
  12. It's actually mentally how good David has become
  13. If FC Edmonton matches are any indication, I think half capacity would be a miracle.
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