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  1. All MLS teams fielding U23 must join the new MLS U23 League. If Whitecaps fields a team in this league or BCL1 it will be U19
  2. Dunno what this means but there is two teams, one is called BC Tigers and one is called FC Tigers. FC Tigers are the one entering the CNL
  3. TSS, Highlanders and Whitecaps u19 pulled out due to the lax vetting process for some of the teams from what I know FC Manitoba had also launched a women's team
  4. Div2 status has already been applied for by the group
  5. AFIK Chill will not be part of any showcase, and will not be doing anything this year.
  6. FC manitoba announced their new gaffer but also in the press release "Though FC Manitoba will not participate in the 2021 USL League Two season, the club is participating in a joint interprovincial initiative with Calgary Foothills Soccer Club to provide a Canadian solution for the 2021 season." https://www.footballclubmanitoba.ca/news_article/show/1155446
  7. Bundesliga rumour was for BC team, OL was rumoured to be looking at QC market.
  8. Land is near Ottawa, so not likely to do with FC Barrie.
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