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  1. What I understand from my friends in AB is that the teams in this league will need to meet certain finance and facility criteria so that they can survive CPL pro/rel in 5+ years. The teams involved are all established with youth programs to also provide a pathway from grassroots to semi-pro/professional.
  2. So apparently it was discussed at the Edmonton Scottish AGM today that a new, sanctioned Division 2 league will begin play next year with 8 teams in the West and 8 teams in the East. Scottish and Foothills are among the teams playing, but interesting to note is that this new league will also have a women's division as well with 6 teams in the West and 6 teams in the East. Sounds like the Scottish Angels and the Foothills UWS teams will be participating in this league as well. Scottish apparently plans on building a "microstadium" as well to support this project with shovels in the ground
  3. I'm not an economist by any means, but with this discussion of $500K spend against a $750K cap, part of me wonders if there are CanPL owners who aren't holding out until 2026 and are gambling for some shorter term stability/additional cash flow by attracting value investment on an undervalued team (à la DC United in 2017). Not to be a pessimist, but a tenured owner like Fath who has seen little to no ROI on FCE over a decade may be looking to sell sooner rather than later; I recall there being discussion of them cutting their academy entirely. Unless Katz decides to get involved, there won'
  4. From what I understand, practices for some of the CanPL teams are held early (6:30 or 7am) in the morning so that they still fall before the "traditional" 9-5 workday. This allows players to have part-time jobs during the day; I know for a fact that during my time in AB, there was a certain Spanish International for FCE who was doing some academy coaching for cash on the side. I believe that the CFL is similar in that some players also keep part-time jobs, even if they're just for the offseason. If I'm not mistaken, a redeeming quality of the CFL is that the contracts are year-round so play
  5. Based on the date of the union document (Aug. 31/07), that $12,900 USD was equal to $13,600 CAD at the time (1 USD = 1.0541 CAD). With CPI inflation, that puts it at about $16,667 CAD today.
  6. Exactly. While we all want a league that attracts/develops talent, raises the profile of our national team, has pro/rel, and pays every player well, we are still very early in the league's lifespan. Too many teams and leagues have been established in Canada and failed, so there is nothing wrong with the league and its clubs applying the lessons that have been learned from the past, being financially conservative, and doing what they can to remain viable until the 2026 investment pays off. Criticism is a sign of a healthy fanbase and I'm not saying the CPL has been perfect thus far. Should t
  7. If they're unaffiliated with our Club de Foot friends, then maybe. I imagine a "CF Trois-Rivières" could find itself in PLSQ and a Laval team would be more likely to end up in CPL or CPL2. Speaking of Laval, weren't CS Fabrose merging with some clubs this year to become CS Laval-Ouest?
  8. Does Impact CF Montreal still have a reserve squad? Would be nice to have them resurrect a team in Trois Rivieres.
  9. With today's news of Royal Sélect Beauport entering both men's and women's teams into PLSQ for 2021, I figured I'd start a thread. Both divisions now have 10 teams as follows: Men's Division A.S. Blainville Celtix du Haut-Richelieu CS Fabrose CS Longueuil CS Mont-Royal Outremont CS Monteuil CS St-Hubert FC Lanaudière Ottawa South United Royal Sélect Beauport Women's Division A.S. Blainville AS Pierrefonds Celtix du Haut-Richelieu CS Fabrose CS Longueuil CS Mont-Royal Outremont CS M
  10. It's been rumoured to be Edmonton Scottish a couple of times now, and Paulus is on record saying they're building a stadium there on his podcast.
  11. Dino Rossi said "it is important to note that we continue to have ongoing discussions with some other applicants and may have more good news to announce in the coming weeks," so we may still see the Barrie group(s) join.
  12. Looking at the Young Africans team staff, their head coach is Cedric Kaze which I believe was involved with FCE Academy at some point ... Edmonton connection there I assume
  13. Only way I can see FC London ever becoming a CPL team is if we were to win promotion out of a CPL2 and drop the partnership with TFC.
  14. Edem Mortotsi signs with Young Africans SC in Tanzania
  15. Looks as though Edem Mortotsi has signed with Young Africans SC in Tanzania
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