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  1. All it distills down to for me is the US has question marks at striker who are basically all about the same caliber of Akinola and in some cases probably worse, while Canada has the second and third best strikers in the region behind only Raul Jimenez and both are fairly young. We are simply better than the US at the position, not just now but perhaps a while longer too. While I would love for him to pick Canada, we should also be confident in our current players and it would not be surprising if he goes with the US because of this. It's also just not likely that a player with over 50 youth ca
  2. Exactly And those two are still young. Even Cavallini is better than nearly all of the US striker options. Hopefully Akinola picks CMNT but you can at least see his reasons, from a football perspective, to consider the USMNT. They seem to be good or very good almost everywhere *except* striker.
  3. I think Altidore is near-done with his age, injury history, and mediocre 2020. Zardes is serviceable but about to turn 30. Wood is all but done as a pro let alone internationally. He has almost no playing time in the 2nd Bundesliga over the last two years. Ebobisse is about to turn 24 and is not a regular starter in MLS. Morris is solid and we will see how he does at Swansea City but he is almost always a winger. Sargent isn't producing. It is possible Akinola would do better in the same circumstances. And other striker names have been playing in lower European leagues
  4. Thank you. Fair point, not a true automatic choice, but he would be a good inclusion. That may make him lean further to the US. Cavallini and Larin are more proven than most of the US options too, not just David. What has Sargent ever done in the Bundesliga? He's not producing there. The others are in lower European leagues or in MLS, some potential but unproven. Hoppe may be better than the other options but needs to keep it up, and he may be benched by Huntelaar who Schalke just brought back. No current US striker has done what Larin is doing at Besiktas or David at Gent. It is just unf
  5. Probably ahead of Akinola in the US U23 depth: Matthew Hoppe Josh Sargent About even with Akinola in the US U23 depth: Daryl Dike Sebastian Soto Nicholas Gioacchini Haji Wright Two European dual-nat strikers the US is trying to recruit; unclear if it will happen: Folarin Balogun (call-ups to England U20 and US U18) Malick Sanogo (call-ups to Germany U17 and US U17) As has been mentioned, none of these options are better than David. The closest may be Hoppe who per minute has clearly shown more in the Bundesliga than Sa
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