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  1. weird maybe it was a 30 min episode. The one at 6:30 AM had it and some review from JDG and kilbane
  2. Canada vs USA in 2019 was the best atmosphere I witnessed at one of our games.
  3. From the last 15 mins I watched he’s been really accurate with his passes
  4. he missed a great chance in front of the net with his left
  5. Phonsie got an assist on the first goal after a pass across the box to Mueller
  6. If I had to tank one, it would be against the states. Get your 3 points at home
  7. One of the easier groups they could get
  8. One of the easiest groups on paper for Jo David
  9. I like him playing for Brugge for a couple of seasons
  10. alot of my general soccer friends that usually just focus on Europe are talking about this game a lot. I could see us pulling 25k to the first game if there were no restrictions
  11. Honestly after this Gold Cup, i'm not afraid of any team. We proved we can compete with everyone else, I think we can get a win against any team at home and snag at least a point away.
  12. Really proud of that effort. I hope none of our players get suspended. Honestly after this game i’d be a little disappointed if we didn’t come out with a draw at the Azteca. That’s how impressive we played…
  13. What a huge statement game by this team. Whatever happens against Mexico, this has been a successful tournament
  14. I’d be pretty disappointed if we can’t snag a draw against the USA B- team away if we are being optimistic about qualifying for the World Cup
  15. Interesting fact that blew my mind was that that was Panama’s first loss to Honduras in a competitive game since 2005
  16. I really want a draw against this team, but I don’t just want us to sit back
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