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  1. I like seeing KJ on Onesoccer
  2. Hopefully we’ll be beating Haiti three times in a row to make up for the Gold Cup loss. (I’ll gladly take the first two wins and a loss in the Gold Cup though)
  3. I think he played really well today
  4. Side note: its weird that David and Davies are both facing the same opponent within the same week. Wonder when the last time that’s happened in Europe
  5. the goal was down the left flank too
  6. he isn’t starting... Anyone know why?
  7. I really enjoyed him as an analyst too
  8. We would need to play two extra games in June (most likely Haiti) so I think some players will be rested and not attend the Gold Cup
  9. Maybe because he’s getting older and Besiktas wants to ensure he isn’t playing two games
  10. I would be fine with some roster rotation but maybe not a complete switch up. A mix would be good.
  11. Sportscentre did a somewhat lengthy piece on the squad announcement because from what I can recall this is the first time I have seen this kind of piece on the show. They dedicated Matthew Scianetti to cover our World Cup Qualifying campaign.
  12. I feel like If we did call up someone like Teibert, he wouldn’t be used anyways. Similar to Nelson in this situation, so it would be more beneficial in the long-term for Nelson to develop good chemistry with the team
  13. I feel like Cornelius is being better utilized at the olympics (although if we drop some points in these matches I might deeply regret this statement)
  14. Davies gets a red from a relatively bad challenge... The commentators said he hasn’t been as good as last season.
  15. I’m really happy we had a relatively comfortable win against an opponent we’d usually struggle with
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