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  1. Personally, I've always attached greater credence to empirical research than suppositions. Will 2021 deliver a regular CPL season, or are we headed towards an Island Games 2? In all likelihood, we shall know the answer to that within the next 6 months or so. Based on the past 6 months, the last month of the following graph gives a glimmer of hope for soccer in Canada: Covid 19 deaths as of April 13, 2020 CONCACAF COUNTRIES Deaths - April 13th Deaths - May 13th Deaths - June 13th UNITED STATES 23,604 85,197 117,527 CANADA 780 5,302 8,107 MEXICO 296 4,220 16,872 PANAMA 94 256 429 HONDURAS 25 123 310 EL SALVADOR 6 20 72 JAMAICA 4 9 10 COSTA RICA 3 8 12 CURACAO 1 1 1 CONCACAF COUNTRIES Deaths - July 13th Deaths - Aug 13th Deaths - Sept 13th UNITED STATES 138,247 170,415 198,520 CANADA 8,790 9,015 9,171 MEXICO 35,491 55,293 70,821 PANAMA 932 1,722 2,166 HONDURAS 789 1,542 2,079 EL SALVADOR 267 584 788 JAMAICA 10 14 42 COSTA RICA 34 272 590 CURACAO 1 1 1
  2. CBC has to stick to a television deal when the season gets revised, but the CPL doesn't have to stick to the players' contracts when the season gets revised? Please explain why what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander? This should be good.
  3. There are no guarantees in the real world. A tenant signs a 5-year lease on a store. He goes broke after 2 years because of the pandemic. Good luck to the landlord trying to collect the remaining three years rent. Sadly, we are going to see a lot more of these cases in the next year or two, unless someone comes up with a vaccine in the near future. There will be sports clubs and leagues that go under. Undoubtedly, these will be the clubs and leagues with the least amount of money. I would like to see the feasibility study that made allowances for a season where there was zero $$$ of revenue from gate receipts. Would the CPL really have lost that many fans if it had cancelled the season? I mean the league average was somewhere around 4,000 per game last year. I would guess that the majority of those would return if the CPL had taken a year off.
  4. What came first: the Island Games, or the CBC deal? As far as paying the players' salaries is concerned, based on the following: https://calgarysun.com/sports/soccer/cpl-cuts-wages-for-players-coaches-staff I would suspect players and staff were given an ultimatum: "Either you take a cut in pay, or there will be no pay at all." All I'm saying is that if you are operating on a shoestring budget, which the CPL obvious is, and it is clear that you're not going to make any revenue, why proceed and ask your players to play for next to nothing?
  5. The current pandemic has create the worst possible scenario for the CPL. Will the CPL survive the pandemic? Time will tell. The question that needs to be truthfully answered right now is: Why did the CPL proceed with organizing a season this year, with the Island Games format, knowing that it wouldn't generate any revenue? With the lock-down and all the restrictions that have been put in place, everybody in Canada knew that fans would not be allowed to attend any sporting events. It is one thing for established leagues with financially secure clubs to proceed and retain their visibility, however, it is quite something else for a fledgling league with fledgling clubs that don't have a significant fan-base to do likewise. As PopePouri pointed out above, the CPL postponed it inaugural season to get its business model just right. Again, why didn't the CPL decide to take this year off, knowing that it wouldn't make money if it did proceed?
  6. However, we do have a soccer history here in Canada. And what does that history tell us? Does it tell us that the CSL (1987-1992) failed because it did not have a salary cap? If so, what were the big money signings that caused clubs and the league to go under? Does it tell us that the CSL (1987-1992) failed because Canadian soccer fans got so fed up with the Vancouver 86ers winning the league year, after year, after year, after year? If so, will the same thing not happen to the CPL if Forge win a second consecutive championship at the Island Games this Saturday? Both of those assumptions, that the CPL will fail without a salary cap, and/or parity, are completely BOGUS and lack any kind of factual evidence to support those claims. Like really! What is the most money ever splashed out by a Canadian soccer club, or owner, on a player? Has any soccer player ever been paid a multi million dollar contract to play a season in Canada? These two concepts are based entirely on America sports leagues, and many fools north of the 49th parallel buy into the Yankee crap that "if it works in the United States, it must work in Canada as well." I call B.S. - WE ARE NOT THE UNITED STATE, NOR ARE WE EUROPE! Sadly, no one has ever come up with a Canadian model that works. Or if they have, they are ridiculed.
  7. Since you are the unofficial Voyageurs photographer, and the fact that you and the "Commish" are buddies, would it be possible to ask him if you could take some pre-match team photographs?
  8. Canadian Dwight Lodeweges is the first immigrant manager to be at the helm of the Dutch national team in a long, long time: Rinus Michels 1974 George Knobel 1974–1976 Jan Zwartkruis 1976–1977 Ernst Happel 1977–1978 Jan Zwartkruis 1978–1981 Kees Rijvers 1981–1984 Rinus Michels 1984–1985 Leo Beenhakker 1985–1986 Rinus Michels 1986–1988 Thijs Libregts 1988–1990 Leo Beenhakker 1990 Rinus Michels 1990–1992 Dick Advocaat 1992–1994 Guus Hiddink 1994–1998 Frank Rijkaard 1998–2000 Louis van Gaal 2000–2002 Dick Advocaat 2002–2004 Marco van Basten 2004–2008 Bert van Marwijk 2008–2012 Louis van Gaal 2012–2014 Guus Hiddink 2014–2015 Danny Blind 2015–2017 Dick Advocaat 2017 Ronald Koeman 2018– 2020
  9. Congratulations HFX Wanderers on reaching the 2020 CPL Final. Good luck in the CPL championship match against Forge, and then proudly representing Halifax in the CONCACAF Champions League.
  10. That is equally completely wrong. Go ahead. Name one league that has folded because one club won too many championships? If anything, leagues with dynasties are the most successful leagues in the world. It's the league that strive for parity that are always struggling to survive. And that my friend, is an indisputable fact!
  11. Obviously the structure of a competition has a significant impact on parity. Those who prefer parity when it comes to the CPL, wouldn't mind at all if the CMNT won the FIFA World Cup 10 times in a row. That's my entire argument. Only losers care about parity. Take the NHL for instance, in my opinion the biggest rip-off league in professional sports. What other sport has clubs "tanking" at the end of the season in order to get a better draft pick? Is that fair to the fans who buy season tickets? Imagine, shelling out big bucks to watch your club intentionally throwing matches. The whole "draft" system is geared to losers. Forcing a promising prospect to go work for the worst club. Is that fair?
  12. It's from an old Eagles tune ... "Robby come lately, the New Firm in town. Everybody loves you, so don't let them down."
  13. What about the Voyageurs Cup where only one team outside of the New Firm (Montreal Impact and Toronto FC) has won the title in 18 years and counting?
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