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  1. Ok many thanks for your replies on the MLS Below another link on “your kid”, it is from Sky Italy after Lyon-Bayern, there was Capello (who won as a coach several Serie A, Liga and Champions league) and Costacurta (who played in the defense of AC Milan and Italy in the 90s with Maldini and Baresi and wan several CL, serie A and was runnner up at 94 wc) and another pundit. https://video.sky.it/sport/calcio/champions-league/video/condo-capello-alphonso-davies-610241 From second 22 basically they say this: Pundit: Is it possible with all the Italians who live in Canada that nobody signalled him, and Bayern bought the kid? Capello: I called in November Sabatini (a famous Director of football who has worked in many serie A teams) and told him “there are very few people around who understand anything of football, how cannot they have notices this guy?” (they show a video) Here it is, look what a recover! Pundit: this one is a guy who can redifine the term of the LB role Capello: he is of another level, he also made two pass-through balls, he put Perisic in front of the keeper Technycal, physical qualities....really extraordinary Joirnalist (with Costacurta confirming almost loghing): no difficulties on the 1 vs 1, he accepts the duel
  2. Just a curiosity: how do you rate MLS compared to Mexican League? I know that Mexican teams win almost every year the Concacaf champions league and this looks quite weird to me since usually we have aging champions (but still great players) moving from big European leagues to MLS (Pirlo, Matuidi, etc..) and hopeless lemons like Iturbe going to the Mexican league. I would therefore expect MLS to be much more competitive than Mexican league so this puzzles me....
  3. Hi everyone, I write from Italy and I found this forum searching for Davies on google. Below you will find an article on Davies on a very well regarded soccer website here in Italy. It is in Italian but with google translate you should be able to understand it https://www.rivistaundici.com/2020/08/19/alphonso-davies-bayern/ Btw, do you want Cristante back in exchange for Davies?
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