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  1. It's too bad Fonzie won't be the best known Canadian athlete in Canada, thanks to hockey and it's oversize and overhyped media, but at least we will know here. 🙂 I think Davies should get the Lou Marsh, maybe outside of Andreescu there isn't anyone else who really should be looked at this year.
  2. The writer calls Davies "the best left back in the game." Don't know if he's talking German soccer or soccer, period, but high praise.
  3. Fifa regulations require a potential stadium to hold at least 40,000 for a World Cup. Unfortunately TD Place doesn't have anywhere to add temporary stands. Even BMO Field in Toronto plans on adding 15000 capacity to make it to FIFA specs for 2026, which is why it's in play (haha) for use.
  4. I think the domestic player quota is the main reason the CPL can continue. Even without the imports, each team has enough players (except Atletico Ottawa at the moment, but that can/will change). The CFL needs Americans to fill out their rosters, or they'll be missing half the squad for the season. I don't know if the situation down south will be any better later this year for them. It seems to be quite a mess, and I don't think the U.S. will be less chaotic by September.
  5. The way it's implemented right now, VAR sucks. The only leagues I've seen it done properly has been the German and Australian leagues, who come to a decision without replay sometimes (they actually talk to the VAR official), and when they do look at a screen, they're looking and making a decision within a minute. Seriously, if VAR has to be used, do it quickly and add the time at game's end. I've seen multiple sessions in different leagues where a goal that was scored is waved off after 4-5 minutes of staring at two angles and they then add two minutes of extra time. If it's not obvious in
  6. He definitely had some rust, but considering the layoff, he played well. Good game to watch.
  7. Aren't they already technically playing in a neutral location? Sorry, I couldn't resist. Maybe they can find a place to play actually within York region?
  8. Good luck to Atiba. To everyone, stay safe this long weekend.
  9. This could potentially be a perfect storm for Canadian soccer players over time. MLS castoffs who want to prove themselves by using CPL against non-MLS locals who want to prove they're at least as good as the castoffs. If they push each other enough, it'll bring better competition, better exposure, and overall better play for CPL and even the national team over time. A rising tide, as they say.
  10. I actually played in ROPSAA for a certain Brampton school that made OFSAA finals four years straight nearly 30 years ago for one year. I swear at least 5 or 6 players just from my school could have made the CPL easily if it was around. Two actually made the CMNT. I played right bench during most games, but I enjoyed watching how good everyone around me was. There were some good players throughout Peel even then.
  11. If this happens to one of the top 5 teams currently in the 1. Bundesliga, where they have to forfeit a couple games and lose their chance at a championship, I could see some issues happening. Especially if any of them forfeit against another team at the top.
  12. I can see it this way: There are 35 nations in CONCACAF. Round 1, Numbers 30-35 play head to head. Three are eliminated. 32 teams left. Round 2, 4 groups of 8. Teams ranked 1-8 put in Pot A, 9-16 in Pot B, etc. Head to head, 6 games for each team, top team goes through. 8 teams left. Round 3, 2 groups of 4, again, either random draw with all eight or two pots of 4. Head to head, 6 games for each team. Top team in each group qualifies, the two second place teams play for the final spot, loser plays intercontinental playoff. OR Round 3, random draw, head to head quarte
  13. Am I the only person in Canada who was NOT surprised about how good the level was on the pitch? Sometimes I feel like it. I've seen some impressive talent from my years spent living in the GTA, and was pretty surprised at the time by how good some of the players were when I visited Calgary and watched the local men's league in 2016. Maybe having watched the Australian league for the last ten years gave me a comparison, but I knew we had the talent to start at least on their level. My biggest on-field concern when CPL started was the coaching, and I'm not really worried about that any more.
  14. https://www.si.com/soccer/2020/05/08/usl-championship-concacaf-champions-league-qualifying-berth I know this would be a couple years away, but USL is talking to CONCACAF about getting a berth in the CONCACAF league in the future. No MLS2 sides. Opinions, ideas? Right now I'm on the fence. On one hand it can bring in more money (American $), and exposure for the league, especially if there is a US TV deal involved. It is a large league. On the other hand, the USL and other lower American leagues already get a shot through the US Open Cup, even if it's just the one slot and they have
  15. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that one of these substitution windows will probably be in the first half and two in the second? It would make sense if a player has to go off because of injury early, so a team isn't down to ten from, say, the 11th minute until the half.
  16. @Big_M: Thanks for this! I am a huge fan of the Premier Podcast. I just wish I knew French so I could listen to half of them, though I did listen to the Joe Belan interview. Quebec needs to have a team in CPL, preferably at least two in the next couple of years. This is easily the biggest untapped market for Canadian talent, though HFX, for one, at least seems to be figuring it out with some of their winter signings. AS Blainville have been fun to watch during the last two Voyageur's Cups, I hope they can find a way to make it to the CPL.
  17. I think the CPL should be on good financial footing, or at least decent; with Covid everything is a little skewed. I get articles related to the CPL sent to my email every day, and I read a few back in winter 2018 (I can try to look for them) where Paul Beirne, at the time, mentioned that any prospective owner that was coming into the league came in knowing that they would be losing money for the first five years. Basically, you're in for the long haul, you need to be financially viable for a while because there will be losses (at least to start), and the payout would be coming just in time
  18. Trois Reds


    Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been a soccer fan ever since '86, as soon as I saw Canada play France in the World Cup. Since then, I followed the old CSL (go North York Rockets) and continued following Canadian soccer through the old A-League until today. I was a referee for 10 years, played until my 30's, and have been rabidly following the CPL since 2016 when it was first announced in the news. I am originally from Toronto, and moved to Calgary two years ago. Because of this, my two favourite club teams are TFC and Cavalry FC, but I always cheer for and follow
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