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  1. Did they let up or were they not able to sustain the pressure in the second half? There is a difference.
  2. Okay, I'm not alone. Thought it was my internet. Saw the first goal, but now it's just a black screen.
  3. Considering the hoopla and the history, I'm going to take a not-so-serious guess at the team being named something like Thoroughbred FC or Racing Saskatoon.
  4. All good. I'm taking the wait-and-see approach, because of what he did with the WNT. So far, I'm not disappointed, we need to show our attacking style more, and it's nice to see a coach who won't look at a roster with Davies, David, Larin, Cavallini et al, and put out a 5-4-1 against someone like Suriname.😛
  5. I was wondering when this would happen. There are leagues all across the CONCACAF region. We really need our own. L1O and PLSQ champions, maybe? They probably couldn't afford to, but it's better than nothing.
  6. I wish her good luck with the surgery and hope she has a speedy recovery. She's one of my favourite players to watch at CWNT games.
  7. There could be many factors. No housing for a new team in a city that doesn't have much population movement, or facilities. You may have to put players up at university campuses for the season or rent whole houses. A smaller city like Langley or Halifax comes to mind, but there could be others.
  8. @dicdan I'm guessing you know something... Also, where can we see the announcement online?
  9. Forge won as well. CPL is also Canada's Division 1. What makes an MLS mini-tourney more important than Forge winning the CPL? No Voyageurs Cup has been played. The Canadian slot in CCL normally goes to the defending Voyageur's Cup champion. TFC isn't even that, which is my main point.
  10. I deleted an earlier post about this before, but shouldn't the CCL spot then go to CF Montreal? They are the last winners of the Voyageur's Cup, and this spot is supposed to be reserved for our last Cup winner. This has precedent all over the world, especially this year. Even the US is giving the 2019 Open Cup champion a spot in 2021. We also have a precedent (Whitecaps 2017). Giving the spot to TFC makes a lie of the fact that the CSA pretends that MLS and CPL are 1a and 1b in the Canadian pyramid. From an outsider's perspective, CPL would be Div 2. If neither team wins the Champi
  11. At the last World Cup, even the teams that were knocked out in the first round, like Panama, received something like $8 million USD. Some money goes to the players, but a lot of it goes back to the individual federations who can use it for development, costs for friendlies, domestic league, etc. Since we haven't been there since '86, Canada continuously misses out. I remember conversations years ago about how just one WC appearance could help jumpstart our program just because of the prize money for the CSA.
  12. Finally, some Cavalry news. Good news too, after the winter exodus.
  13. You all remember how for decades, when Canada had a qualifier for a tournament, we'd have a few players who would stay in Europe because they would lose their spot and maybe not regain it for that team for months at a time. Even five years ago this was happening. Now we have depth, so some players can stay in Europe/MLS and our talent level doesn't drop precipitously. Bermuda and Suriname are in the same boat we used to be in today. Losing two or three players this way would seriously impact them.
  14. Tough draw for the Canadian qualifier. Club Leon, likely Cruz Azul, then either Columbus or Monterrey if they get to the semis. The other side of the draw is Club America and the rest of the MLS teams.
  15. Hey Kent, I noticed the same thing. Just before the comments disappeared, I think one of the commenters was setting up a bunch of false accounts and downvoting everything everybody wrote. They're probably clearing this up. I say this because I believe it happened about five years ago as well. That time the MLS website closed comments for about three months and then restarted. I could be wrong here, but since it has happened before and I did notice all the -11 downvotes all over before they stopped showing them, I'm leaning toward this theory.
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