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  1. David Wotherspoon starts and goes 90 in St. Johnstone's Scottish Cup win over St. Mirren, collecting a yellow as well. Congratulations to Wotherspoon on making it to the Cup final!
  2. I disagree with Nef. It's only one team, Forge. It's Canada's champions beating Panama and Guatemala's number 3 teams and losing to a Haitian team. Without seeing more Canadian CPL teams playing in CONCACAF tournaments, I would say two runs by Forge doesn't suddenly make us the 5th best league.
  3. Australia. A couple teams use different stadiums in different cities. Wellington plays in Auckland sometimes. Western United plays in three or four stadiums in each suburb they represent.
  4. This one should be good. Lens is in the last European spot.
  5. Hey, no problem! I'm a stats person myself, so I'm always checking on weird odds and ends like that.
  6. This is only the second time two American MLS teams have ever played each other in CCL. Columbus/Real Salt Lake in the 2011 QFs is the other time.
  7. Atletico Pantoja's goal against Monterrey was scored by York United loanee Lisandro Cabrera.
  8. I agree. The team is missing 10 players through injury, played yesterday, and play Montreal in 2 days. Fraser's fresh for the weekend, and two games not starting the season in a CCL tie doesn't mean anything.
  9. I watched CA's first game against Arcahie. If Cruz Azul played like they did in that first leg the same against TFC, they"ll be down by four before they know what hit them. I have never seen a Mexican team play that badly.
  10. I'm worried less about the last ten of the 90 and more about the 8 minutes extra time...
  11. Wow. I guess Pozuelo was right when he said these kids were good. I am hugely impressed.
  12. They look like they're playing the same style as the men. Wasn't Priestman an assistant with Herdman? Anyway, their defensive shape has been great. As with the men, we have a good amount of skill and athleticism in mid and up front to press and harass, and it looks like we may have a few other scoring options outside of Sinclair. Those goals against England weren't flukes. We have a fast team, and Priestman's using it, which is great. Granted, I didn't see the SheBelieves Cup, but the CWNT looked, to me, much more dangerous this weekend than at any time during the last World Cup.
  13. Well, that's what they say, but I think it has more to do with the Belize WC team being held at gunpoint a couple weeks ago coupled with the fact that Haiti again seems to be sliding backwards into anarchy, sadly. The U.S. and Mexico are numbers 1 and 3 in the world in Covid deaths. Basically, North America has been the hardest hit continent, so I'm good with the restrictions right now, even if it sucks that we can't go to a game yet.
  14. Did they let up or were they not able to sustain the pressure in the second half? There is a difference.
  15. Okay, I'm not alone. Thought it was my internet. Saw the first goal, but now it's just a black screen.
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