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  1. I almost fell off my chair when I saw that. First time for everything.
  2. Please explain how this affects parity, and why the CPL needs it. To quote you, this should be good.
  3. Yes, the CPL will survive. Each team's owners are guaranteed to stay for at least 5 years and can't join the league without A) a 5000 capacity stadium, and B) a feasibility study which shows they can survive losing money for the first 5 years. Both points have been mentioned by the CPL before the league even began. To your second question, losing less money by playing and getting some sponsorship money this year is worse than not playing and not making any money. Basic economics. They also give Canadian players a chance to play this year, 'cause there's this World Cup thing happening here in 6 years and we kind of need to develop players for it, which is one of the CPL's aims.
  4. Hasal looked a lot more confident. On Saturday he looked extremely nervous on the ball for some reason. He had a much better game last night.
  5. Look at the team, not the league. Ludogorets has won the Bulgarian league ever since it was promoted. 9 years now. It has played in the Champion's League twice, and only once didn't make it out of the group stage in Europa League. Bigger European teams notice their players. Yankov started and scored for Ludogorets last game. He's 20 years old and can play for Canada. I'd be excited.
  6. You have to remember with the Fifa games, they almost automatically drop anyone who isn't playing in a European league (and isn't a DP in MLS) by 3 to 5 points just because, you know, Europe. So Suriname's rankings are automatically inflated.
  7. To quote my late uncle, what's that have to do with the price of fish? Good night Roberto. My posting on this thread is done.
  8. This. Please read. If no-one cares about Europe except for three teams who always win, they won't support a local team who has no chance because Hamilton and Calgary win all the time. Blue Jays fans left because they knew they would make the playoffs once every 20 years, since the Yankees and Red Sox outspend the rest of MLB by miles and Toronto both won't, and can't just leave the division.
  9. Four years. And what part of Europe do you consider to be Europe? I think on this forum we've talked about someone who has gone to Belgium, someone else who went to Israel... so at least two in one year have already gone there, maybe I'm missing some. Or does it have to be a first-class team or a first-class league? Does Pacos de Ferreira count as Europe, or are they too small? Slovan Bratislava? Anyone in the Dutch league, or only Ajax and PSV? If they're scoring for Cork City, does it count? Or do they need to be a club that spends more than 30 million in transfers a year to be a "real" European club??
  10. Yes it has. We may have been lucky with Davies and David, but we maybe would never have known about Osorio, Hasal, ZBG, et cetera without MLS and its refusal to use the European model, because we'd be spending money on foreign talent instead of growing players locally. Also, how has the European model worked for Canada with fans? Since you love to quote other leagues and not actually look at the history of the country you supposedly live in, look up NASL 1968-84 or NASL II 2011-2018. Maybe even check that old all-Canadian league, the CSL, 1986-92, or see how the A-League (which became USL) worked for Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto from the 90's to 2010. Maybe, if you actually talk to them, you will notice that no casual soccer fan in Canada watches the big leagues any more. I lived in a multicultural area for decades. Anyone who follows La Liga only watches Barca and Madrid. The Bundesliga? Outside of Bayern, no-one cares. This was before Alphonso. In a major Italian area of Toronto, I have known fans of 6 Italian teams have kids who only follow Juventus, because no-one else wins. I don't mind dynasties, but I would stop watching a league that has two teams winning 31 championships in 36 years, like in La Liga, or like Bayern and Dortmund having 23 of the last 27 Bundesligas. Pretty boring, especially if I'm a fan of Valencia, or Schalke, or anyone else for that matter. England isn't much better. Four teams have won all but three Premierships in 28 years, and one of those, Arsenal, hasn't won in 16. If Cavalry and Forge are winning everything over the next 10 years because they can spend, you will have a two team Canadian league by 2030. Full stop. Wait, there's more! Look at the Australian A-League, and see how a league that isn't American uses a salary cap to keep their league competitive while growing young, talented players in a country where soccer is the fourth sport. Of course, since you have a point to prove by continuously being contrarian, I'm certain you'll ignore everything I say and go on your own tangent.
  11. Especially when your "home" game is against the team who's home field it is.
  12. I would love to see Herdman coaching a friendly here with North American players and then watching a European CMNT game with him having to coach on Zoom... 😁
  13. UEFA made the Welsh clubs give up their chance of playing the Welsh FA Cup. They have to play in England's. There would be more probability of the 3 Canadian MLS teams being forced to play in the U.S. Open Cup and not be allowed in the Canadian Championship, rather than them going to CPL.
  14. If anyone had told me before this tourney HFX would be second after the first round and have the best goal differential, I would have laughed at them (behind a mask, of course). The competitiveness of all the teams this year not named Edmonton has been wonderful to see.
  15. He didn't look good last year, and basically got benched for Benezet. I can't remember any games where I thought he was impressive.
  16. TSN's acknowledgement of soccer, sadly, is pathetic. They barely promote it. TSN's website doesn't even have an article on last night's game unless you scroll to "Soccer" on their sports ribbon. I usually stream the MLS games in the background while watching the CPL when there's a time conflict. Yesterday, their "What's On TSN" on the front page was NBA and US Open "early round coverage", without a mention of TFC and Impact. Today, it's US Open, NBA, and AEW wrestling, which shows their priorities. I find it a bit ridiculous that I know more about TSN's soccer schedule (including which channels, like TSN 1, 4 or 5) through the MLS website than through TSN itself.
  17. I have a feeling Concacaf's contingency plans for something like this has always been "neutral site tournaments in Florida" with Plan C being "neutral site tournaments somewhere else in the U.S." Right now they probably have no idea what to do if the Covid issue doesn't get fixed there.
  18. Oskee wee wee! I was more talking about places immediately surrounding Toronto. Hamilton is 905, but I consider it as having its own entity as a city. It has the history, distance from Toronto, and a large enough population to have it's own culture. My sister lives in Hamilton; it's a beautiful city and I have met some amazing people there. None of them are Argo fans either, but for different reasons. 🙂
  19. I'd say change it to BC, Alberta, Prairies (with Thunder Bay), West Ontario, Quebec/East Ontario (with Ottawa, maybe Kingston) and Atlantic. But I like your idea.
  20. CPL vs. A-League in Australia. After watching the A-League for years on Youtube I'm convinced these two leagues are pretty close. Their top teams, like Sydney FC, are probably better than, say Forge or Cavalry, but our bottom table teams (even FC Edmonton) are definitely better than Central Coast, Newcastle or Western Sydney Wanderers.
  21. A few things, please excuse the long post: The Argos would disappear if they moved to the 905. No-one in the 905 area acknowledges the CFL exists and haven't for the last 20 years I lived there (which includes living and working in Brampton, Vaughan, Oshawa, and Richmond Hill). The Impact aren't going anywhere. If I was Joey Saputo and I own both a Serie A team and my hometown team in MLS, I'm not losing the chance to bring good players to MLS on loan to give them time to grow, make my team better, and either be sold to Europe or to play for my Serie A team later. Also, players like Didier Drogba wouldn't join the CPL, and Montreal fans wouldn't turn out 15,000 strong to watch Choiniere play Carducci. They will watch Piette vs. Bradley, or Josef Martinez, or Carlos Vela. Most importantly, TFC. Impact fans will never agree to watch the Impact play second-fiddle to Toronto because they went to CPL. From a former Torontonian who has talked to Montrealers, trust me on this. Toronto-Montreal is the biggest rivalry between cities in North America, bar none. Finally, how many fans in Vancouver are going to go watch a Whitecaps team that goes from "not that good in MLS" to "not that good in CPL? " Remember, if Vancouver goes to CPL, they'll have to start from scratch, with 8, 10, maybe even up to 16 CPL teams ahead of them. Does anyone really believe Cavallini, Adnan, Tiebert, or Crepeau will play for 40 grand a year? You'll have a team that's years behind Pacific to start, never mind the rest of the league. I have a hard time believing 20,000 Vancouver fans are going to watch a team that might take anywhere from 5 to 10 years to be competitive in the CPL. Also, why would the Whitecaps choose to go from a big dog in the Voyageur's Cup with 10 times the budget of the CPL (what happened last year with Cavalry wouldn't happen 9 out of 10 years) to a team that may, once every 5 or 10 years, have a chance at a CONCACAF league spot? It makes no sense. I don't understand the "Whitecaps to CPL" talk. You would potentially set soccer in BC back years. Vancouver Whitecaps going from big dog in Canada to a minnow compared to even Pacific for a while would kill soccer interest in Vancouver for a generation.
  22. As a Torontonian who moved to Calgary a couple years ago, this would be my dream final.
  23. I actually like it. It is a dig at the CPL, but it also, in a way, legitimizes the league. They might be smaller, but you can't ignore them. Whoever created this made sure to get every individual CPL team's colours, too. It's free recognition by, to be honest, an MLS giant.
  24. Saint Pierre and Miquelon applied to be a CONCACAF member last year, and they're on track be approved by late 2021, which is still a little late to play there. Guadeloupe and Martinique are French Overseas Territories, but they aren't part of the Schengen Area. So they might have a different policy towards letting people enter compared to the EU. I don't actually know, but if so, maybe CONCACAF can negotiate having neutral games there.
  25. He usually doesn't miss the net, which is invaluable. When Laryea's about to shoot, I don't automatically think "goal kick".
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