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  1. Is there someone on this board who still owns the rights to the CSF?
  2. 26 March 2020 - Curaçao vs. Panama (Friendly) Why no Curaçao vs. Canada (North American-based players) friendly in January or February?
  3. Hey I'll do you a favour Vuckface. You can have your loser forum. I'll leave of my own volition.
  4. What I'm looking for from the countless CSA defense attorneys on this board is some factual evidence, such as links to creditable source, that substantiate the excuses that are being offered for the CSA's inability to do their job. "I can almost guarantee" is not factual evidence. A "strong rumour" is not factual evidence. Saying "that the CSA doesn't have the money" is not factual evidence. Falling 10% and 15% short of a mark is not exactly hitting the mark consistently. England coming to play, but the United States ending up being the opponent instead, is not exactly England playing here, now is it? All these are is lots of unsubstantiated and lame excuses. This has been going on for years. Why are you and others saying these things that aren't true? Better yet, how has defending the CSA like you and others really been working out for us? Apparently, we can't even seem to interest any other countries to play a friendly with us. Is the CSA so broke that they have to wave the white flag six months before qualify for the HEX ends. I am sick and tired of hearing that the CSA don't have money. I am sick and tired of hearing that nobody wants to play us. I call B.S.
  5. How many friendlies in the last 25 years, since the June 12th, 1994 match at Varsity Stadium, in Toronto, against the Netherlands (Oh God, why did it have to be against the Dutch), which attracted 20,104 fans, has the CSA arranged for the MNT against an opponent that would attract a casual Canadian sports fan to buy a ticket? The answer is a big fat ZERO! The only interesting opponents that have played in Canada during the past QUARTER OF A CENTURY are Mexico and the United States whenever we are drawn against them in World Cup or Nations League qualifying. Why in all of those years have teams like England, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil or Argentina never been invited to come and play in Canada? Why hasn't the CSA ever promoted the MNT the same way it promotes the WNT?
  6. Really? An El Salvador vs Iceland friendly is going to attract 20,000 in the United States? So if then why don't we play more friendlies against El Salvador? Aren't there approximately 30,000 Salvadoreno Canadians living in Toronto and Mississauge? Surely such an attractive team as El Salvador you would draw more bums in seats than the 17126 that turned up for the unattractive United States team in a meaningless CONCACAF Nations League match? Aren't there any promotors in TO who like to make $$$$?
  7. How is it that a "terrible team" like El Salvador is able to arrange friendlies against Iceland and the United States? And why is it that after this "terrible team" decides to cancel these two matches that the CSA is not immediately jumping on the opportunity to contact both the Iceland and United States associations/federations to pick up both of these matches? Has the CSA already made the decision to try and qualify for Qatar via the minnows route? And if so, why hasn't the CSA publicly announced that they have opted for this route? Is the CSA just planning to quietly lay low as it usually does when the optics don't look that good? Of course, it much easier to deflect from answering these question by simply saying F U to me, right?
  8. All quiet on the western front: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/international-friendlies/scores-fixtures/2020-03 https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/international-friendlies/scores-fixtures/2020-06
  9. If El Salvador adopts a "catch-us-if-you-can" approach and plays no more friendlies between now and June, then how many friendlies do you think Canada would have to play to earn 16 points? Even though we're all praying that the CSA is going to announce any day now that we're going to play a handful of friendlies over the next six months, it seems very unlikely considering they've only organized one over the course of the last two years. The CSA only has enough money to invest in the WNT, and that's the reality of soccer in Canada today.
  10. The loss to the USA in Orlando was the greatest illustration of Herdman's incompetence as a coach of a men's national team. Here's why. After the victory of the USA in Toronto the TED-speaker's head was in the clouds. Mr. Rah, Rah, Rah only needed a draw in the final away match against the USA to advance to the final 4 of the CONCACAF Nations League. A tough match, no doubt, but definitely doable. So we fall behind in the second minute to the Morris. Not a good start, but also not the end of the world, cause we only need a tie, right? Just keep parking the bus John, and keep the game close as long as possible. Then Zardis makes 2 nil in the 23rd minute. Now this is the point where you separate the boys from the men in the coaching world. You cannot not afford to fall three goals down because then its game over. So your number one priority is not to panic and continue parking the bus and wait for you chance to come to pull a goal back and bring yourself back in the game. Oh no, not dear John. His flawed game strategy now really goes astray with the revised all out attack plan and Long settles the match after 34 minutes. Like how quick can you screw up? By comparison, one year earlier the Dutch found themselves in an exactly similar position, needing only a draw going into their final UEFA Nations League group match, away in Germany. Same thing as in Orlando happened to the Dutch, they fall behind to an early Werner goal and after 20 minutes Sane does the same thing that happened against Canada by putting the home team in front by two goals. However, Koeman and Dwight Lodeweges, that good old boy from Turner Valley, Alberta, keep their cool and prevent that killer blow, the third goal, and here's what happened next (note how centre-back Virgil Van Dijk reads a note with instructions from that good old boy from Turner Valley telling him to stay up front):
  11. In 2020, will countries competing in the HEX receive more FIFA points for a win than those competing amongst the minnows? YEAR END FIFA RANKING CONCACAF RANKING 2019 73 7 2018 78 8 2017 94 10 2016 117 13 2015 88 9 2014 112 13 2013 112 11 2012 64 7 2011 72 8 2010 84 8 2009 56 5
  12. 7 years ago, the CSA named its all-time best Canadain XI. Have there been any changes since then? https://www.canadasoccer.com/association-announces-all-time-canada-xi-men-s-team-p150746&t=article_canadasoccer100
  13. I would say that he's got 2 strikes right now: Strike 1 was the 2-3 loss in the Gold Cup to Haiti. Strike 2 was the 1-4 loss in the Nations League to the United States. Therefore anything less then a World Cup showdown against the #4 of the HEX would constitute Strike 3 and he's out.* * The only exception, of course, would be if we suddenly started playing enough friendlies between now and June, and manage to overhaul El Salvador for a place in the HEX.
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