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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to archer21 in Dominik Yankov   
    @Free kick, Ludogorets is not your average Bulgarian team. They are miles ahead of everyone else in their league. Yes the league is terrible, and if he was on any other team in Bulgaria I would agree with you. But Ludogorets is a very good team and he is starting for them at 20 which is impressive. On top of that, he has played for Bulgaria at multiple age levels so they obviously rate him as well. We have not had any matches in ages and have no matches in the near future. What else are we supposed to talk about if we aren’t allowed to discuss prospects like this?
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to PopePouri in Stephen Eustaquio   
    The Belgian league had a doozy this morning:
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to jordan in Theo Corbeanu   
    Goal this morning
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Kent in Mo Farsi   
    I disagree with you on this one. First off "it's really hard to judge the players". I think having our own league greatly improves our ability to judge the players. In the past we had guys like Babouli playing in Syria, Aleman playing in Costa Rica, Bustos playing in USL, Fisk playing in Ireland, Boakai playing in Finland, and Chung playing in lower levels in Germany. With CPL we put all those guys in one league and we can see how they play in a single league (and how unproven guys like Farsi do against these pros as well), instead of doing the mental gymnastics of trying to figure out what is better, a mid-table Costa Rican team or a bottom table Finnish team, etc.
    As for the U21 minutes, I think the rule prevents things like what we see with TFC for example. In any given year, TFC will have a few guys they signed from the academy that are destined to get 0 minutes in the season. I don't think the minutes restrictions are very onerous for the managers. I don't have the numbers in front of me but I think all the teams save for Forge easily surpassed the quota this year in some cases more than doubling the minutes requirements. And besides, doesn't Liga MX have youth player requirements? Even the EPL has domestic player rules, which is similar in that it mandates a quota of a specific type of player, and therefor limits a team from building the squad in certain ways. I would argue Liga MX and the EPL don't have identity crises and are in fact top tier leagues. 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Gian-Luca in Richmond "Richie" Laryea   
    You can pretty much throw out MLS assists stats as being meaningless since they deprived Laryea of one on that play. If you can't get an assist when you take the ball, run 50 yards with it, being about 3 guys and setting it up perfectly for your teammate on a tap in because the pass is deflected then you might as well not award assists at all. Ridiculous.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN got a reaction from SirBobsaget in Richmond "Richie" Laryea   
    It may not be too far-fetched in fact!!!.. One mate of mine, who is a great source for all things Canadian fútbol and has contacts with people connected with the players, said once to me something along the lines that another couple or so good seasons for TFC and he can see him moving to a league abroad of a decent quality... U also gotta value his versatility, how multi-functional he is, lol.  Speak which, which abroad leagues you think he  would be a good fit in?
    In a podcast I was invited, one guy describe him as a poor-man's Alphonso Davies! 😉
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Reign in Mo Farsi   
    “ A native of Montréal, Quebec, Farsi first began to be noticed as a “player to watch” at 14 years old while playing Notre-Dame-de-Grâce AAA. He started playing in Quebec’s Semi-Pro La Première ligue de soccer du Québec (PLSQ) league at 17 years of age prior to switching to A.S. Blainville. In 2019, Farsi as part of A.S. Blainville took part in the first round of the Canadian Championships facing off against newly formed Canadian Premier League team York 9 FC, where he caught the attention of the Cavalry coaching staff.
    Prior to committing to Cavalry FC of the CPL, Farsi had also had an offer to play professionally in Algeria.
    Farsi has represented Canada at Futsal – and in 2019 he was named Ballon d’Or (for best futsal player) of the province by Soccer Québec. “ canpl.ca 
    This kid needs his own thread. He has been an electric player for Cavalry FC this season. He can play as a wingback or winger. I heard he also has played some CM in PLSQ. He has explosive speed, great dribbling, and an incredible work ethic. In my opinion this guy has been not only one the best u21 in the cpl this season, but one of the best players in the league. At 20 he could definitely end up moving to a higher level one day. 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to fil in Island Games - Best Canadians?   
    Just wonder how many other guys are playing in obscure semi pro or amateur level that are CPL starter quality, are young and have the potential to become much more...
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Strait Red in Stephen Eustaquio   
    Done Deal, back with Pacos.

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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN got a reaction from Corazon in Marcelo Flores called 'Canadian prodigy'   
    Great videos & highlights, kid does look amazing, tough I agree with Shway assessment not Phonzy level, as all these plays/skills are done at the youth level, something Phonzy was already starting to show glimpses of it at the pro level when he was the same age, particularly during 2017 Concacaf GC!!!!... Very right to keep that in mind!
    Nevertheless, he would be an awesome addition into our program, wasn't all that aware of him to be honest, but certainly a player worth following for sure... Very interesting to see what his next step would be once, they feel he has outgrown youth fútbol!!!
    As other posters have mentioned, with Phonzy doing so well in the global stage & getting worldwide recognition in the fútbol world, plus already being a UCL champion, let alone a treble winner with one of Europe's biggest club and the fact he can now tune in easily & followed/watched all of this, should be a big boost for him to want to join such an exciting attack we already r  developing in a not too distant future!!!!🙏🏿... Also, being aware of Jonathan David's big transfer move to another top 5 league (now just remains he brings in that top form into Ligue 1) to further convince him I guess our way!!!... As I saw by an article yesterday from another user who posted in the Phonzy thread, he(Phonzy + David) are considered to be 2 of the top U-20 prospects in world fútbol and this came from a British source where he is based now!!!!... All of this really should bode well our chances to getting him, particularly seeing no Mexcican in that list or accomplishing what Phonzy has done... Again, there is still the risk of losing out to him to the U.K. (England), which is a whole other juggernaut, but a lot of it is gonna depend how he translates his game into professional environment plus pretty certain that there are already a lot of top British (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿) young footballers ahead of him in the pecking order and already getting far more professional minutes than he is, albeit some are a few years older!... I'm sure he is thinking of that too!!!... As I see it, our chances stand really well, but again feel free to disagree , just giving my perspctive
    Getting back to him specifically & his game, very impressed with his first touch, ball control, dominance with the ball, great dribbler, fearless, not afraid to take guys on, great vision for passing, particularly short passes and really seems to like to engage in the give and go!
    He would be an ideal dead ball specialist for us in our youth teams and hopefully later on into our senior squads, as I think we've never have had good dead ball specialist if my memory serves me right (or at least since I started following CANMNT), over the years haven't been all too impressed in that area, looks better now, but still could get better
    Peace out and enjoy this little scouting assessment on him, hahahaha!
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Corazon in Canadians Abroad September 4th to September 10th   
    Juan Cordova starts at right back for Huachipato against Chilean leaders Universidad Catolica.  He's gonna have his hands full playing up against former Chilean international Edson Puch.
    I don't think it was mentioned but he also played the full 90 on Saturday in a 1-0 loss to Deportes Iquique.
    Update: Lose 3-1 to leaders Catolica.
    Since the restart, Cordova has played the full 90 minutes at RB for Huachipato in all 3 games.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to El Hombre in The Road to Qatar.   
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in The Road to Qatar.   
    That's why I like this thread. It seems appropriate for the moment. The day before we actually play a WCQ game (in March perhaps) I'll ask @jordan or another mod to lock it.
    Let the nonsense and chaos reign for now  
    Robert ( @_Roberto_), since this thread is about everything besides actual matches played, I'll tell you about a dream I had:
    We were finally playing WCQs. It was our first match against Bermuda. We were winning 3-1 but in the 77th minute Herdman subbed on Cavallini! It had been so many months that Herdman and all those around him had forgotten that Cavallini was suspended due to yellow card accumulation (see: https://www.canadiansoccernews.com/forums/topic/72834-lucas-cavallini/page/82/ )
    so we had to forfeit the match 0-3. Bermuda drew Suriname 1-1 and advanced. The country was in  disbelief.  Cavallini went into self-exile in Uruguay and you wrote a long ranting post in the forum in all-caps.
    Also, Octavio Zambrano tweeted about how much smarter he was than Herdman.
    What do you think?
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Strait Red in The Road to Qatar.   
    Could add in a few of the younger guys as well like Mitrovic, Yankov and even Corbeanu. 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to cronaldo7 in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Obinna in Stephen Eustaquio   
    I am not sure he can top out at a top team in a top league, but I can eventually see him at a mid-table team in Spain or France, maybe even Germany or England perhaps. Either that or a top team in a smaller league, like Porto, Sporting or Benfica. I have always imagined that Braga would be the next step for him, but maybe he could move directly to one of those Portuguese giants with another good season at Pacos. I think he'll be out of contract at the end of 2020-21, so any of those teams could scoop him up on a free perhaps. Continuing in the Portuguese league would continue his on-going audition, so I think it is a good call.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Bison44 in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Drake and Beiber etc are out there flying the CDN colors and reaching millions.  I dont care for the v-log expecially either, but it is cool to see 2 young CDN sports stars out there getting a millions views in a day.  Stuff like this raises the "cool" profile of soccer for CDN kids.  Whether us old fogies like it or not, the young generation like Tomori, Akinola, etc etc probably would pay attention to this.  
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to jordan in Theo Corbeanu   
    Training with the first team for pre season
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Obinna in Cyle Larin   
    It seems that Larin started his career as a pure goal scorer. A true natural finisher who couldn't miss, albeit at the MLS level. He won rookie of the year, was picked for the MLS allstar team the following year, and dealt with off the field issues in his final year, but still scored 12 goals. Working hard for the team was not his strength, neither was his hold up play, but his god-like ability to finish every chance in his path was. That led to a move to Besiktas, where he started hot, but eventually lost his spot and seemingly his confidence. 
    What followed was a loan where Larin seemed to reinvent himself. His identity shifted from goal scorer to hard working forward and with that came the improvement in hold up play. It is still not perfect, but much improved. It was a part of his game he needed to improve and he has done that. Now he is a more well rounded player, and the stats point to that, as he scored 9 and assisting 10 on loan in Belgium. I don't think he ever had more than 5 assists in an MLS season.
    Larin is now back at Besiktas, and the hard work for the team (and all that comes with it) seems to be part of him. It is very nice to see. It is what needed to happen for him to see the field regularly for a bigger club.
    A re-discovery of that Orlando goal scoring confidence would turn him into a monster. He is scoring again, but he is not quite there yet.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Strait Red in Cyle Larin   
    Larin’s nice assist on the 2nd Besiktas goal today (2 different angles)
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to KRM in Axel Desjardins   
    Hey guys, Axel's brother here. I thought I would update his situation.
    First of all, the promotion was something else. He said the night of the game til the next morning was the best time of his life. He said it gave him a taste of what it's like to win something for a team, for the fans, and for a city. Especially in Spezia, where the fans are fanatics.
    Secondly, with a promotion in a first division, there comes a lot of changes. They have a new director, and everyone at the club is getting re-evaluated this week, including Axel. Spezia will decide if they want to keep Axel, send him on loan or transfer him in the next days. 
    He is doing the best he can and still working very hard. They had physical tests a few days ago and he absolutely annihilated his teammates in the strength department scoring the highest by far.
    Axel and his agent are doing the best they can to get some minutes next season.
    I'll try to keep you guys updated, but we'll get some more official news soon.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to N1ckbr0wn in Canadians Abroad August 27th- September 3rd   
    Both Miller and Johnston go the distance. Gotta love it
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Strait Red in Cyle Larin   
    Larin with a nice play today, but his teammate couldn’t find the net. Most on Besiktas twitter are saying positive things about his performance.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    Thought I’d share  the new kit pic ...  Has 1 goal and 4 assists in 4 games preseason ((225mins...3 x 45 1x90) fit and ready for the next challenge.. sorry no updates yet...

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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to jordan in Canadians Abroad August 27th- September 3rd   
    Juan Cordova went 90 in a 2-1 win over Coquimbo Unido
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