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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to bwilly11 in Dominik Yankov   
    Confirmed, repping the red and white
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Strait Red in Manjrekar James   
    Midtjylland played terrible for the first hour and then destroyed Slavia Prague in the last 30 to qualify for the Champions League. 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Ansem in Canadian Dual Nationals 2.0 Edition, Chase for the 5 stars   
    Important update from Herdman coming up soon!!!
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to dyslexic nam in Liam Millar   
    So another loan move and not a permanent sale.  I am not an industry insider but that seems encouraging.  I assume Pool would just try to sell him if they knew he wasn’t part of their long term plans.   Not saying he will necessarily make the first team, but he isn’t being offloaded so that seems like a positive.  
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    He won’t be at the u23s... it’s been a tough window Covid has effected the market teams don’t have as much money and most clubs need to shift players before bringing in players.
    loans are the last to get done...
    hope to have news soon... 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to toontownman in Dominik Yankov   
    Given Herdmans comments about having one squad for WCQ, one for Gold Cup and then there is U23 for Olympics too. We should see ALOT of new faces and at worst a huge chance of cap tying a few newbies. 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to apbsmith in Liam Millar   
    No harm in sharing a link, thx for sharing it for the CMNT supporters.
    Football Insider is usually fairly reliable. Something to be said to have that many clubs having registered interest. Nice to see Liverpool wanting to hold onto him also.  Agree with article, has impressed in his recent outings ( yes I know just U23, but still looked hungry and ready to ball). 
    Hoping he lands somewhere where he can slot right into consistent minutes. Liverpool is a class organization, so I'm sure that is being evaluated and important. 
    Exciting days ahead.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Bison44 in Cristián Gutiérrez   
    Very fickle, 2 good games=cap him he can make the squad, then 2 bad games=move on he is no good.  Damn near get whiplash..maybe since there arent going to be any camps soon, just let him finish the season and go from there.  
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to baulderdash77 in Richmond "Richie" Laryea   
    I don’t think there’s a battle.  Richie was the best RB we had at the beginning of the season and he’s still the best RB we have.
    Richie is a good RB period.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to king1010 in USA National Team Watch   
    Those games in Toromto and Orlando were our best opportunity to surpass them. Unfortunately now their talent in the pipeline looks better than ours. However talent doesnt always equal results. 
    World Cup is expanding to 48 teams and theres no reason why we cant be the third best team in Concacaf. 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to dyslexic nam in USA National Team Watch   
    Fuck em.  
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to top cheese in Richmond "Richie" Laryea   
    With him and Davies on the wings it only makes sense for Canada to play a 3-5-2. Especially with the Cb situation. 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Kadenge in Canadians Abroad September 25th to October 1st   
    Vitoria starts for Moreirense vs Benfica 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Strait Red in Canadians Abroad September 25th to October 1st   
    Dominik Yankov starts for Ludogorets vs. Beroe.
    Yankov assists the second goal for Ludogorets.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to shamrock in Canadians Abroad September 25th to October 1st   
    James with the start in central defense for Midtjylland vs Randers.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to spitfire in Canadians Abroad September 25th to October 1st   
    Finished 5-3 Liverpool. I don’t say this much (say he played well)but that was Liams best game in a Liverpool shirt unplayable in the first half. The rb pulled at half time ... only thing missing was a goal. If u can grab the hilights worth a look... sorry... proud and against United too!!!
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Ansem in Cyle Larin   
    Great goal by Larin, give the man some love 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Cheeta in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    ^ I'm in the really couldn't care less camp but there is some media attention attached to the award.  Anything that brings positive attention to Canadian football the better as far as I'm concerned.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to gator in Match Thread: Island Games - Final - September 19, 2020 - Forge v HFX Wanderers   
    It just seems wrong to play in the US for the Voyageurs Cup!
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Ansem in Charles-Andres Brym   
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Stryker911 in Dayne St. Clair   
    Minnesota traded for another goalie since Miiler and Ranjitsign will be out for a while. A 25 year old who has played 1 MLS game. Article indicates that they are happy with St. Clair as a starter and it is his position going for the time being.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Northvansteve in Dominik Yankov   
    Sorry I'm jumping in late to this thread, but one of the things we do on this site - and this section in particular - is talk about future national team prospects.
    As we have seen over and over, they can come from anywhere (a 15-year-old from Edmonton? a veteran of the Scottish League? a Canadian university player?). That's one of the reasons I and many others come here. How do we know what significance these players have until we identify them and discuss them?
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to El Hombre in Dominik Yankov   
    Mark-Anthony Kaye was playing USL at 23 years old.
    Richie Laryea didn't play a professional match until he was 21.
    Derek Cornelius was playing in Serbia at 20 years old.
    Samuel Piette was playing third division Spain at 20 years old.
    Jonathan Osorio turned 21 during his first professional season.
    Tosaint Ricketts made his professional debut at 21 years old in the Finnish league.  He has since played in Romania, Norway, Turkey, Israel, and Lithuania.  He is also the active leading scorer for the national team.
    Atiba Hutchinson was playing with the Toronto Lynx at 20 years old.
    Dom Yankov turned 20 a month and a half ago.  He has been playing in the Bulgarian league since the age of 17.
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