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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Jay striker in Belal Halbouni   
    The kid got his first start in a big game and played very well at the CB position. Was able to play the full 90. 
    To reply to snowcrash, Bremen playing a 4 man back line. Hopefully he will get more playing time moving forward
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Stryker911 in Jonathan David   
    Along with Davies made the Top 20 Golden Boy list.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to spitfire in November friendlies   
    Sorry if there is a topic already. Never started one before!! 
    So rumours of a Nov camp in Europe( not from me Seriously lol) waiting to hear opposition rumblings of Korea!?!  but this just came across my desk... be a tough one but worth a go!?! England looking for a game...
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Shway in Stephen Eustaquio   
    I would love to have two Davies.😉
    Switch Cavallini for Larin, and Miller for Cornelius and I like it.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Strait Red in Canadians Abroad Oct 2 to Oct 8   
    Manjrekar James starts for Midtjylland vs. Horsens.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Ansem in Kristopher Twardek   
    That would be a good upgrade. Tier 1 Poland
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Aird25 in Jonathan David   
    Guys, he’s the starting striker on the undefeated, top of the table team. It’s not all bad
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to dyslexic nam in Jonathan David   
    He isn’t seeing a ton of the ball by any stretch, but he seems to be increasingly involved.   He still seems too passive some times - jogging behind the play and watching others making things happen (versus being involved in it).  But that seems less often now.  On the second goal he showed that cool little fake and delay that made the defender bite to free up the space.  The manager is sticking with him and they keep winning.  Things could be far worse.  
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to saladroit in Dayne St. Clair   
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to BuzzAndSting in Dominik Yankov   
    This is just pathetic. If you can’t take mild criticism of your posts perhaps you should take a time out.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Strait Red in Canadians in UEFA Competitions 2020/2021   
    Lille (Jonathan David)
    Rangers (Scott Arfield)
    Ludogorets (Dominik Yankov)
    Red Star Belgrade (Milan Borjan)
    all times Eastern - all games on DAZN 
    22 October 
    12:55 Rangers-Standard Liege
    15:00 Ludogorets-Royal Antwerp
    15:00 Hoffenheim-Red Star Belgrade
    15:00 Sparta Prague-Lille
    29 October 
    13:55 Lask-Ludogorets 
    13:55 Red Star Belgrade-Liberec 
    13:55 Lille-Celtic
    16:00 Rangers-Lech Poznan 
    05 November 
    12:55 Benfica-Rangers
    12:55 Ludogorets-Tottenham Hotspur
    15:00 Milan-Lille
    15:00 Red Star Belgrade-KAA Gent
    26 November 
    12:55 KAA Gent-Red Star Belgrade
    12:55 Lille-Milan
    15:00 Tottenham Hotspur-Ludogorets 
    15:00 Rangers-Benfica
    3 December
    12:55 Red Star Belgrade-Hoffenheim
    12:55 Lille-Sparta Prague
    12:55 Royal Antwerp-Ludogorets 
    15:00 Rangers-Standard Liege
    10 December
    12:55 Lech Poznań-Rangers
    15:00 Ludogorets-Lask
    15:00 Celtic-Lille
    15:00 Liberec-Red Star Belgrade
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Snowcrash in Stephen Eustaquio   
    I was posting in the Canadians Abroad thread after watching the Pacos 1-0 loss but Eustaquio is a lock for a starting mid position and you fill in the others around him.  He's such a smart, efficient player.  Always makes the right pass and always puts himself in a good spot both defensively and offensively.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Snowcrash in Canadians Abroad Oct 2 to Oct 8   
    Watched the first half and was focusing on Eustaquio. He's such an efficient player.  Very comfortable on the ball and great distributor.  In the starting lineup, he'st t listed as the right mid but he basically plays the Michael Bradley role when the other team is attacking, sitting in front of the back four.  Since I bought up Bradley, Eustaquio's passing is night and day better than MB and his defensive positioning is also better.  
    When his team regains position, he'll sometimes drift back between tihe CB's to receive the ball and start the attack out from the back.  He doesn't look physically imposing or even solid like a Piette but he isn't afraid to get stuck in.  He sees the field extremely well and he knows where he's going to pass the ball as it's coming to him.
    He'll be a fantastic addition to the national team. Canada's probably a decent back four away from a seriously competitive CONCACAF qualifier.
    Also, I don't speak Portuguese but the announcer and colour guy was talking up Eustaquio a lot during the half 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Corazon in Canadians Abroad Oct 2 to Oct 8   
    Steven Vitoria starts at Center Back for Moreirense vs Boavista
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to shamrock in Easton Ongaro   
    Actually think he's one of the bigger talents in CPL. I'm happy to see him move to Koge or similar and play a series of games. 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Obinna in Cristián Gutiérrez   
    The hype would be cut in half if Chile wasn't reportedly sniffing around.
    When Canada is the only realistic option for a dual national, the hype is genuine and not coming from a place of urgency/anxiety.
    I would personally like to see him called to a senior camp. He's got something about him. In my eyes he's not a can't miss call-up, but for all his flaws I see his potential. I'll admit, I would like to cap him before Chile does. 
    Same goes for Yankov.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to gator in Scott Arfield   
    I know quite a few Scots over here who can't believe he never got the call, my one mate believes he would have been potentially captain of Scotland now had things unfolded differently, as @jordan says, it's their loss and our gain!
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to jordan in Canadians Abroad September 25th to October 1st   
    What a run and goal by Arfield. Starts the play continues his run, receives in the box on the right, tidy finish to the far post with outside of the right 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to dyslexic nam in Canadian Dual Nationals 2.0 Edition, Chase for the 5 stars   
    With Borjan and Crepeau along with a bunch of young prospects, I have no desire to recruit Bush.  
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to N1ckbr0wn in Gold Cup 2021   
    This. Could be our strongest u23 ever 

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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to Acid-Tone in Manjrekar James   
    Great news.
    Considering they'll be playing in the CL, the extra games to be played all but assures that Manjrekar will see more playing time this season!
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to baulderdash77 in Dominik Yankov   
    Yankov looks like the breakout player this year for our program.  I’m glad he’s going with Canada and he really could develop into a big piece for us.
     There’s not a lot of 20 year olds in our program playing at a Champions League/ Europa League level and it’s always great to get talent like that in our program.
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to SpecialK in Gold Cup 2021   
    I hope we see great mix of some fringe guys like Caniggia Elva , David Wotherspoon, Juan Córdova, Charlie Trafford. Some new young guys like Harry Paton, Theo Corbeanu, Dominik Yankov, Scott Kennedy. Also maybe Ricardo Ferreira. And have some regular guys. This Gold Cup could be super useful and important for the program to see what kind of Depth we really have. 
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    CANMNT_SUPERFAN reacted to bwilly11 in MARTÍN AMUZ   
    Confirmed, committed to Canada
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