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  1. TFC, perhaps??? .. Take on Drew Moor's vacated spot! 🤔
  2. Thanks for the latest update on Liam!!!!!.... Great to have someone to gives us up-to-the-minute information on his play and his development and we are all happy to have Liam on board and committed to the national program so early (despite some confirmed interests from English youth national teams in the past). In his first game at senior level, couldn't have been more impressed with his play and a lot of it has to do with the training environment he has developed over the years (both at Fulham & Liverpool). Has that classic English-style of play, you seen in young English forwards imo, wh
  3. Like a lot of you in here, my preference (one side of me) would have like for him to stay in Liga MX and made a move to a bigger Liga Mx club, such as when it was highly rumoured he would be moving on to Atlas (CSA erroneously posted on their IG the signing, later denied by Cav himself) as the deal was ultimately nixed for whatever reason unknown to me. I still see a fair bit of benefits of him coming to a CANMLS club, particularly as a DP as it is rumoured to be and be the highest paid Canadian in MLS circles by my count once he officially joins and the face of the CAPS (one thereof anyways)
  4. Or CANPL..... Heck, I would venture to say TFC and overtake bloody Justin's Morrow spot at lb... Of course, this is very unlikely to happen, at least when he first arrives, let alone being signed by TFC and it's bloody American focused bias as nobody really knows what this kid can offer and quality he brings... I've seen very little of him (mostly Youtube clips), but he does seem to carry a little bit of that South American style/flair you would see from your average South American/Conmebol player.... Whether its Valour joining his identical twin brother or any other CANPL side, would be
  5. Plus the fact his identical twin brother is already in the CANPL and seemed to have had a solid season, should bolster the case for him to come over!!!... In fact, Valour originally tried brining both of the twins together, or so went the rumour!!!!... Will give us a chance to see what he is all about too!!!!
  6. We should never, ever see Unattached FC again, lmfao!!!!!
  7. I guess he should be our next top target since losing Tomori together with Amuz (the latter filling in a much needed area of weakness ) as it seems that after Amuz he is the one that is gradually getting more primed to regular playing time in a professional environment. Last year, it was highly rumoured that Herdman has him in mind as one of his next biggest recruit (published by Sportsnet after Tabla's commitment). Not to mention he could be a good successor to Arfield once age starts to catch up to him!!!! 😉
  8. Well, that is some optimism there, now let's all hope the CSA does not eff up this opportunity and goes all in!!!!!!!
  9. R u bloody serious????????? .... Really hope this rumour is incorrect!!!!.... What type of camp is the CANWNT having in France?????
  10. After giving it some more thought last night as I struggled to fall asleep and nearing the 1 week of that disastrous performance, I echo the thoughts of many in here of what on earth Herdman was thinking when it came to changing formation & tactics for last week's game !!!! Here is what I came up with: Goalie plus the back 4 unchanged from the game in Toronto (Cornelius & Vitória as the CB pairing & Kamal Miller as our LB, tbf he played well in Toronto in that role), Davies in attacking role on the left wing and Hoilett on the opposite wing, David in that number #10 role
  11. I would agree!!!!... Especially after losing Tomori and in dire need of a CB with good potential (never seen him, but must have some as he is starting to get regular playing time in a decent-quality South American league, where many players go on to make successful careers in big-name clubs) certainly worth pursuing!!!!... Not to mention he happens to be the same age as Tomori, lol!!!!!..... Someone else already reported that Biello is already tracking him!!!! Might be the closest thing to getting a promising CB involved in our program!!!!!... Def, the Olympic qualifier should be the star
  12. You absolutely echo me there (regarding the lack of friendlies) and the pressure/hole the bloody CSA has now put themselves into!!!!!!😡 They have to be delusional if they sit on their laurels and provide no solution to the situation!!!!... Look where this stance has gotten them, to look no further!!! CSA gotta leave all bloody frugality aside and right the ship on this!!!!.... We should all send in a petition, lmfao!!!! 😉
  13. Bloody pathetic, but in all honesty we got nothing but ourselves to blame for not getting the s***t done the oner night, let alone the scheduling of semi-competitive friendlies for the entirety of last year (save for the lone game in Mar.) and not adding friendlies with our CNLQ, arghhhhh!!!! 😡😡...... Would have been sooo helpful to schedule a friendly with quite a stronger FA than any we have played during the CNLQ in all those windows for christ sake!!!!.... Stupid CSA so complacent, namely the man in charge of our national team for dismissing friendlies as games with no meaning/purpose
  14. How about playing some Conmebol FAs, save for the top 4, obviously as I would not be comfortable myself at all, especially with everything that is at stakes between now and next June!!!.... The top 4 I consider to be the Brazils, Argentinas, Uruguruays & Colombias of the world, lol... This is just based on current form/performance plus gut feeling as well, lol... Being a descendant from two Conmebol nations, I am pretty familiar with their national teams and generally follow the Copa Américas + WCQ in the region!!!! I think Bolivia is a perfect opponent of the Conmebol crop and hate t
  15. On the note of friendlies, as it most likely (99 % certainty) will be mandatory come the new year (CSA would be bloody stupid/lunatic to not schedule any given the stakes of somehow cracking the Hexagonal round) and likely against solid competition, I am wondering if everything needs to be done by Mar. or will we have a chance to schedule games in Mar. + the Fifa date in June, which at times is at the very end of May to garner up Fifa Points for the Fifa World Rankings release date in June , as that will determine our odds of whether we made the Hex or not!!!!.... Like all of us, bites me to s
  16. I guess that is the only good thing from an otherwise disastrous/forgetful performance from Fri. night!!!!!..... Needless to remember!!!!... It's too bad I left at the time he came on and missed all of his good plays that everyone in here is describing!!!!... I'll check out his plays later and like everyone else, so pumped to have him in our program and commit quite early, particularly with the events from last night!!!! 😢 Hopefully his time at Cruz Azúl could be a springboard for him to bigger & better things in the not too distant future, another positive is that it looks like he ha
  17. Disastrous performance all -together!!!.... I don't know what the f happened tonight!!!!... We welted once more under pressure and there didn't seem to be any flow/rhythm in this game!!!! .... Our attack, the most dangerous guys were pretty non-existent, passing and touches were pretty sub-standard for the most part and I guess we were lacking that grit/determination from the 1st go at them!!!!.... First goal(lucky bounce my all accounts) and David i guess we can make him responsible, pretty much set up the disaster, though, wouldn't have guessed it would be that awful at the end!!!!...
  18. Absolutely agree!!!!.. Perfect opportunity to get the job done on the road and move on to bigger & better things going forward!!! Pretty confident with this group of players!!!... Let's get it guys, Allez Les Rouges!!!!💪🏿🇨🇦
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