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  1. Absolutely!!!!!.... Technically, there is still a chance he can choose to play for Chile, albeit fair (however you wanna look at it), so I also wouldn't rule down that possibility at this point!!!!!... Some strong performances, even as a sub or as you said, if he can be accommodated as a starter in another area of the field or provide serious competition to Adnan, I do not see why !!!! The fact he is signed to a team based here + will be/is expected to play there permanently for the next couple of seasons should bode well for our chances in him leaning to us + being far more visible/acces
  2. As I was walking by a mall, in one cell phone booth, they had a small screen which was airing the game, albeit for a bit in TSN as part of bonus coverage I guess and managed to saw a play from him, where he put in a good run & cross that Lewandowski either mishandled or missed... Can't recall 100 %...... Was a good play whatsoever by our lad !!!!!
  3. Sad to see him leave TFC after all those years and being Mr. TFC by default(the way I saw him, anyways) in terms of being the longest-serve player on the team, lol... Will admit, that this does come as a little bit of a shocker to me, as to everything seemed to be pointing that he would make it back with TFC (referring to the latest CANMNT camp that was & how multiple sources listed him as still being involved with TFC, rather than the famous unattached)... Thought, there was something behind that plus the fact that when TFC gave their first list of returning players, they mentioned they w
  4. My count is 12 Canadians including their latest addition in Cristián Gutiérrez!!!!... If we exclude him, there are 11 Canadians as per my count & counting!!!!! 😉. My count is based on these numbers from the MLS site: 2020 Vancouver Whitecaps Roster as of January 17, 2020: HEAD COACH: Marc Dos Santos FORWARDS (5): Bair, Theo Cavallini, Lucas Montero, Fredy Reyna, Yordy Ricketts, Tosaint MIDFIELDERS (7): Baldisimo, Michael Colyn, Simon Dajome, Cristian Hwang, Inbox
  5. Also, just bloody shoot once you have an opening or a good opportunity for a shot on goal for christ sake!!!... Not pass the ball around & around in the penalty box, until it gets intercepted by the opposing team's CBs!!!
  6. Much better 2nd half as everyone in here says, but man, frustrating as well in a lot of levels.... No finishing, hesitation to shoot and the scarce chances we had were just god damn awful ffs!!!!.... However, I still see a lot of promise/upside on this squad, particularly with our U-23 eligible players and continued strong play from the few vets that were present today (referencing OSO & Piette, that is). Crépeau really looked like the Crépeau we've grown used to seeing with the Caps in that fantastic save that saved our bloody butts!!!!... Unlike Milan, looks far more comfortable wi
  7. Not sure if you can disclose this, but you think there is a chance Liam gets a to play in the FA Cup on Jan. 26????.. Keeping an aye, lol!!!!... Again, I personally wanna thank you for all your continued updates/news on Liam's development as a professional footballer as he makes his way through Liverpool's system!!!! Best wishes from my side to both of you and let Liam know, lol!!! 👍🏿
  8. Job done!!!!... Some good plays in between, lots of potential in some of our young players, but some areas that need to be cleaned up as well!!!!.... Hopefully with experience & development, some of these players can polish up their skills in these areas!!! Impressed with Đidić , good ball moving CB, 1st time I'll admit I have a real look at him, like to get up on the air for set-pieces and good positioning to put in the tackle/clearance Again, I am very pleased to have Bassong with us atm, just like Herdman does (lmfao), really impressed me and now understand why he was high on
  9. Great ball movement, passes ,one-twos, even in their penalty box area, but like a couple of you have mentioned, seems like their is a reluctance to shoot/ go at goal!!!!... Otherwise, for technically this being pretty much our B/Olympic squad, I am fairly pleased all in all!!!!... But, they bloody gotta take that hesitation out of their head & bloody go for goal when in front of goal... Enough with the spins, back passes or any other fancy stuff that might be up their heads, lmfao!!! Very pleased with Bassong (now I see why Herdman was so high on him and was one of his biggest targets
  10. Feel, like Godinho hasn't fully move past youth fútbol just yet!!!... I don't see him ready for the full international game just yet, hence why he dropped down a couple levels and why he is likely being considered for the Olympic team... I think the Olympic team & consequently that level of competition is what suits him best now!!! Again, like many in here, I would like to see him grow & develop as player, correct and minimize those mental gaffes he has shown and move up a notch, once his play demonstrates it at his current level! Good thing, we unearth a RB out of nowhere as
  11. Any idea, who committed the pk?????... Not sure if it was posted, but curious to ask if anyone knows, Cheer pals!!! 👍🏿
  12. Very interesting roster to say the least, for a mostly domestic(North America) based roster comprised mostly of CANMLS plus 2 guys with the reserve team of one of them, 3 CANPLers and 3 guys from MLS (American teams) and 5 from Europe, including 2 that seemed to getting a kick in the reserve teams of Liga NOS & Jupiler League, respectively. Didn't know Charles Andreas-Brym was born outside Canada as a matter of fact, lol. Very happy to see Bassong get involved with the program, given that he was one of Herdamn's main targets s as I mentioned in other thread a week or so ago. Nvm, he is not
  13. Had it done b4 David's emergence, LMFAO 😀
  14. Sure, we can all agree of how awesome/surreal would be to have our 2nd mosty dynamic player suit up in Bundesliga (be it Dortmund, Bayern or any other Big club there) 😉 Cheers!
  15. Impact & Toronto FC????? ..... that is like 543 km, not too far off from 600 km in that respect!!!!... And yet, if you go to the MLS site any time they are about to play, everyone in there defines it AS A DERBY!!!!! So my guessing is that you define as derby a match involving 2 teams that are from within the same city or city circles!!!! Calm down!
  16. Really hopes that come one of these transfer windows or next year, he makes the next move in his career as a professional footballer!!!!!.... Great to see, he is starting to get some recognition by world fútbol experts!!!! Would cherish to have him move to the Bundesliga, particularly over to Dortmund and be involved in the Der Klassiker in the future and have Davies on the other side (2 Canadians in one of the biggest fútbol derbies in the world is something to fantasize about ,lol) Better yet, from my own personal preference would love it if Bayern came into the fold and snatches
  17. Julian De Guzman, just recalled right now!!!... Totally forgot about that and if it weren't for you, would have completely been out of my mind ,lmfao!!.... Christ, just goes on to show how long it has been and how quickly time goes by!!!... At that time, though, I did not followed Canadian fútbol , let alone the CAN MLS sides as closely and in detail as I do now, lmfao!!!!.... Still, at this point in time and with the salary increases in MLS and introduction of TAM , would still like TFC third DP to be a Canadian one at one point in time (I'm aware many in here echo my feelings) and based on
  18. The complete antithesis to Toronto FC their 2 fellow Canadian MLS cousins, lmfao!!!!!!..... Still keeping my hopes high one day TFC has a Canadian DP.... Junior Hoilett would fit the bill perfectly , in that department! 😉
  19. Certainly, I am aware that Herdman has him in mind as one of his potential targets for the national team!!!!.... He mentioned it on an interview in Sportsnet last year, shortly after the men's Fifa WC!!!!..... He did not specifically named him, but he was talking about some of the young players and the environments they were in and mentioned the club system he was involved in at the time (Lille) along with Olympic Lyonnais & Auxerre!!!!.... Good to see that he is finally making the 18 for his club, albeit not playing yet for the senior squad!!!! Where were you able to find that he has
  20. Davies David Cavallini/Laryea/Crépeau Laryea should be given consideration given his background/experience before coming to his hometown club, plus his performance for both club & country. Pretty outstanding to say the least, considering he had to learn a new position he had not previously played before. Really took the opportunity to showcase his skills that many (myself no exception) where truly unaware of!!!... And like many in here, was pleasantly surprised!... Regardless a very tough decision to make... Honourable mention also to my guy the Bulldog a.k.a Samuel Piett
  21. That's true!!!.... Particularly viven TFC'S bloody bias toward American players, which i forgot about, LMFAO!!!
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