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  1. Also forgot to mention Aviv Solomon, although he technically did agree to a call-up back in Mar. Any updates on him?
  2. Doesn't matter Jordan , turning 17 this year in fact, closer to Corbeanu's age, about a year younger only + would u know anything on Cristian Gutiérrez?
  3. No Word in Cristian Gutiérrez interestingly!!!... Is he simply not Interested????... Surprise he was not un this list!!!... Anyone knows??.. please share!
  4. Did you manage to talk/meet any of the players/coaches by any chance @dyslexic nam???... Take a photo with them if you do, lol... Wait to see that post!
  5. It may not be too far-fetched in fact!!!.. One mate of mine, who is a great source for all things Canadian fútbol and has contacts with people connected with the players, said once to me something along the lines that another couple or so good seasons for TFC and he can see him moving to a league abroad of a decent quality... U also gotta value his versatility, how multi-functional he is, lol. Speak which, which abroad leagues you think he would be a good fit in? In a podcast I was invited, one guy describe him as a poor-man's Alphonso Davies! 😉
  6. particularly Morrow I guess, certainly not impressed with him tonight! Never been a fan of him, lmfao
  7. Great videos & highlights, kid does look amazing, tough I agree with Shway assessment not Phonzy level, as all these plays/skills are done at the youth level, something Phonzy was already starting to show glimpses of it at the pro level when he was the same age, particularly during 2017 Concacaf GC!!!!... Very right to keep that in mind! Nevertheless, he would be an awesome addition into our program, wasn't all that aware of him to be honest, but certainly a player worth following for sure... Very interesting to see what his next step would be once, they feel he has outgrown youth fútbol!!! As other posters have mentioned, with Phonzy doing so well in the global stage & getting worldwide recognition in the fútbol world, plus already being a UCL champion, let alone a treble winner with one of Europe's biggest club and the fact he can now tune in easily & followed/watched all of this, should be a big boost for him to want to join such an exciting attack we already r developing in a not too distant future!!!!🙏🏿... Also, being aware of Jonathan David's big transfer move to another top 5 league (now just remains he brings in that top form into Ligue 1) to further convince him I guess our way!!!... As I saw by an article yesterday from another user who posted in the Phonzy thread, he(Phonzy + David) are considered to be 2 of the top U-20 prospects in world fútbol and this came from a British source where he is based now!!!!... All of this really should bode well our chances to getting him, particularly seeing no Mexcican in that list or accomplishing what Phonzy has done... Again, there is still the risk of losing out to him to the U.K. (England), which is a whole other juggernaut, but a lot of it is gonna depend how he translates his game into professional environment plus pretty certain that there are already a lot of top British (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿) young footballers ahead of him in the pecking order and already getting far more professional minutes than he is, albeit some are a few years older!... I'm sure he is thinking of that too!!!... As I see it, our chances stand really well, but again feel free to disagree , just giving my perspctive Getting back to him specifically & his game, very impressed with his first touch, ball control, dominance with the ball, great dribbler, fearless, not afraid to take guys on, great vision for passing, particularly short passes and really seems to like to engage in the give and go! He would be an ideal dead ball specialist for us in our youth teams and hopefully later on into our senior squads, as I think we've never have had good dead ball specialist if my memory serves me right (or at least since I started following CANMNT), over the years haven't been all too impressed in that area, looks better now, but still could get better Peace out and enjoy this little scouting assessment on him, hahahaha!
  8. Has it really slowed down his play???... I think he looked great in the MLS IS BACK TOURNAMENT, in all honesty... I think Ur refering to his play post-tourney, correct?
  9. Check out My latest coomment on his Ig Page, lmfao... Doing My part!
  10. Massive congrats to our guy Phonzie, US here the Voyageurs couldn't me more proud for Ur efforts in the name of US & all ⚽ supporters in this great Country! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿💪🏿💪🏿🔥🔥⚽-🇨🇦🏆
  11. Regarding Liam's possibility of going to Swansea!!!! 😕😢
  12. He will, just what I was thinking after watching the most recent game buddy @Ansem, hahahaha!!!.. Particularly, to those kids who have heavy ties to Canada but have been involved with other national teams at the youth level! 😉.... Definitely helped myself (as a supporter of the CANMNT that is) and this was before he even broke out to the big scene!!!!.. Certainly, if I was under the shoes of a lot of these players, it would impact me to jump ship to CANMNT as likely I would've played youth fútbol with another nation!!!.. Davies + David, are just gonna make this impact to help recruit a lot of these players, trust me!!!.. if David leaves off where he has for Gent, forget it 2 bona fide players in national team , should no longer be excuse/barrier to join in, particularly for all those Canadian-born/raised & developed as I said! In terms of Odunze, I'm pretty certain (99 %) he is eligible for us, one of my mates who is a great source and have heavy contacts connected with these players mentioned that among our young GKs, he prolly has more potential than Breza, but acknowledge that Breza is a good one to watch out for! At the same time, it may be trickier for Odunze to make the switch compared to Akinola, given his eligibility for 4 different countries!!!... That is what I was informed, hope this info helps guys!
  13. Holy s***t!!!... Class!!! 💪🏿💪🏿🔥🔥🇨🇦-⚽
  14. Can u provide TSN link @SpursFlu?... Wanna have a listen!
  15. So do I @longlugan (blessed to have grown up here, lol) ... Like you , also was born overseas!!!!!.... And indeed, an amazing & gorgeous country, which I couldn't be prouder to call home, hahahaha... Similarly to how some of our lads feel (namely the double Ds) In terms of answering your question @Unnamed Trialist, does going from Toronto to Van City count for you as a coast to coast by land journey? U have the privilege to also live in a beautiful gorgeous city like Barcelona btw, manage to visit it nearly 2 years ago & was enamoured with it in fact!!!!... Love everything about it, how is it now btw after this whole corona madness? Never been to Atlantic Canada, would've had love to go to PEI for the Island games, but very pointless if they don't allow fans into the games, too bad I'm not a CANPL/ONE Soccer staff, boo!!!😢😢 If I was down now in PEI, I would've been collaborating with @dyslexic nam by now !
  16. In terms of Gutiérrez @Obinna & all, based on my group chat where we talk all things Canadian footy and some very reliable source therein, one of the members who seems to do a lot of following and communicate with people connected to players from our player pool, he mentioned to me a few weeks back, when Whitecaps played round of 16 game, that he is, indeed, interested in joining the CANMNT!!!!!... We just need to patiently await I guess for an announcement or a squad selection, I suppose... I can always follow up with my contacts to clarify if need be!!!!... Just wanted to break this to all of you! Secondly, this has already been posted here, but will like to post it again: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1072288/4733924 Come have a listen to this podcast, any comments + additional info is appreciated for those of you who take the time to listen, lol. It is me that special guest there for all of those who are wondering! 😉
  17. Top 3 Hutch(tbd), Vitória & David 4 me!
  18. Did My part yesterday in My IG story, LMFAO!
  19. Thanks, You echo My stance 100% , LMFAO!!!... Certainly condone this USMNT aspect like a pro Canada ⚽ supporter!
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