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  1. I dunno, but we should make a meme out of it https://imgur.com/a/Pt87uBd
  2. No, let's pull a concacaf and make Mexico play at Spruce Meadows!
  3. Some American fans have been saying we have the worst schedule, with 3 double away windows.
  4. I dunno... Kaye really struggled in the first leg. Steph was just consistently very good in every game.
  5. Not every match, of course. But I think we're underestimating his stamina a bit. He regularly plays 75-80 minutes twice a week with Besiktas. If he's willing, I would start him for the first and third game every match window.
  6. I still think Atiba-Steph would work better than any other combination. I'm all for prepping for the future, but Atiba can't just be a complimentary piece, even if he's 38. He's still our best midfielder.
  7. Well the Whitecaps blew it, but Baldi was terrific. His switches were back to normal and effective, and he seems to be really improving defensively. I think his size leads to midfielders underestimating him, and he made some great tackles on the press. He needs to be given a shot at the Gold Cup. Led the team on sofascore
  8. Off topic, but Jahn made a nice signing a week ago with Aygun Yildrim who's one of the top scorers in 3. Liga. Kinda surprising since they usually can't attract the top performers from the third tier. Goalscoring was their major problem last season, and Yildrim should help a lot. They're gonna need it with 2. Bundesliga looking very competitive next year.
  9. If Corbeanu can't get out of youth level, he can't be starting games for us. I haven't heard any indication that he'll be loaned out, and he hasn't shown enough to get a championship loan regardless.
  10. Is this really what we took away from this match? What stuck out to me way more, is that we have no holders up front. We should be playing a front 4 with Cava, Larin and David all starting. Larin can score goals, but he lost so so many possessions today. It doesn't have to be Larin vs Cava... we can have both.
  11. 2 balls on the pitch, Curacao blatantly shoving guys over, final whistle 30 seconds early... that was a real Concacaf ending.
  12. Way better move than Ferencvaros imo. Hatysapor are a better team (especially if they keep Boupendza) and Hungary just doesn't have the likes of Besiktas, Galatasaray or Fenerbahce. As far as I can tell, he should be their starting lb.
  13. We almost played Japan last year too. I'd be totally fine with that level of opponent, providing we don't get their b team every single time.
  14. Wheeler whining about the very mean Suriname fans on twitter did it for me... you don't do that on a broadcast. Felt real unprofessional. Also, that's our job.
  15. You should've heard the guy on Paramount. Called everyone in the backline Johnston, called Eustaquio 'Stev-awn Yoo-sta-koo' and called Haiti's coach 'Gene-Jack,' could barely complete a sentence. I genuinely don't know where they find these people.
  16. Didn't mean we should be afraid of them, just saying they're better than they were in 2018... it's incredible that they got out of the hex. Andrade is now a starter for LASK in the Austrian Bundesliga btw, who are only behind Salzburg. Kennedy never got out of the second tier before joining Regensburg.
  17. Still think we're underestimating Panama. They're better on paper than they were in 2018, with more guys in Europe and higher end talent (Murillo, Andrade) + Mejia playing very well in Uruguay, guys in the Spanish second division etc. They didn't have any of that in their World Cup run.
  18. I think he's the type of player to try a lot of things, even if he winds up giving the ball away some of the time. He wouldn't get as much hate as he does if he were a little more conservative, but he creates a lot too.
  19. No lengthy discussion about this yet, but I think it's worth mentioning: Haiti completely shut Davies down in the first leg. Part of it was the unpredictable pitch, but he wasn't winning any of his 1on1's, and it was difficult to watch. They just pinned 3 guys to him at all times, and there wasn't much he could do. I think we need a better response when a team fully commits to stopping Davies.
  20. On one hand, Haiti definitely didn't deserve a draw. We had the 3 best chances of the game. On the other hand though, I don't think the conditions will be much better in Honduras or El Salvador, and we're not gonna get away with being as sloppy as we were.
  21. I don't think Herdman told them to play down to Haiti... I think we couldn't make a forward pass.
  22. What I mean is, no one will treat Larin like he's just a mediocre striker rather than a good goalscoring winger if he makes that move. People are selling him short because they haven't watched him dominate at Besiktas. I think it's sad that we want to sit him after 1 bad game in a position that doesn't suit him.
  23. We're arguing about the wrong thing... if you have a formation where a goalscorer as good as Larin isn't being deployed right, then that's a problem with the formation. David-Larin isn't gonna work up front, because neither are capable of making space for each other. It should be fine against Haiti, but a 4-2-3-1 that gets Cava, Larin and David on the field is the only way we're gonna generate enough chances against bigger teams. Cavallini is the better pure 9, but if deployed correctly, Larin will score at a higher level. If Larin makes that move to EPL, this just isn't up for discussion.
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