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  1. Kane starting for Tottenham vs Steph and Pacos still mostly a reserve squad + kane and lo celso. Son on the bench.
  2. Government set to reject Fifa plea for Premier League quarantine exemptions and put public health first
  3. Kinda crazy that this could be the end of the road for Jamaica... especially if it extends to Championship. Mexico's gonna be a lot worse off too.
  4. I know we want to blame our fifth string striker on that loss, which is fair to an extent, but come on. There were so many plays in that game where Tesho worked his way between the Mexican defense and made difficult headers/passes back to the midfield. He lost the ball a lot too, but that's inevitable when everything's going through you centrally. I don't even disagree with you though. I think Akindele is very limited, which is why it wouldn't be crazy to give Ennin the nod instead.
  5. I would normally agree, but our striker depth just isn't that great. Daivd and Larin are David and Larin, but there's reason to think they don't go well together. They lost a combined 30 possessions against Haiti's CPL backline at WCQ. Cava's out, Ayo's out, Pasher's probably out... where does that leave us? Hoilett will be there, but he's not really a true striker. Millar has never been a great finisher. Corbeanu is a winger who isn't getting any playing time. Tesho is Tesho - I thought he was a lot better vs Mexico than we give him credit for, but yeah, he's very limited. And then we have Ennin who's had consistently good ball progression metrics at lower levels and looked decent enough in his first game in Russia's top tier. Unlike Larin or David, he knows he wouldn't be the go-to guy upfront, and I could see him setting either of them up. He provides something none of our other attacking options do. I still might stick with Akindele personally, because his hold-up play was perfectly good against Mexico. I don't think it'd be that crazy though.
  6. Gotta go now, but I'll say Ennin's been a mixed bag so far. @bfque8described him as a cross between Akindele and Millar and I think that's a pretty good description. He's a playmaker who also happens to be very good at pressuring the opposition's backline. That being said, his passing has been a little wayward today, and he was arguably at fault for a goal against, coughing up the ball in front of the box. He isn't quite as physically sound as Tesho or quite as creative as Millar, but still, he offers something different by combining those skills. I don't buy that Akindele has much chemistry with this squad, and Ennin is likely to offer more.
  7. Centrally, in a strike partnership. Edit: Seems to have shifted to the wing in the second half.
  8. Sorta plays like one. He's a pass-first type of attacker, good at moving the ball forward and winning the ball upfield.
  9. He's starting! Kerzhakov must have a lot of faith in him. Edit: Great pass! Hockey assist in the third minute!
  10. Pacos' president actually made a comment after the game, saying "Portuguese football is sleeping" on Steph. That's the first time I've heard him speak in terms of selling Eustaquio, but it also makes me wonder whether there was ever any real interest in him to begin with. I'm starting to think Pacos invested more than they could afford, thinking they would be able to flip him quickly. There haven't been any offers and they're getting worried. It sounds insane considering how good he's been, but maybe the interest just isn't there for whatever reason? I guess he wasn't great for the second half of last season but his quality is so obvious. I dunno.
  11. No, they've never come close. They finished 5th in 2 bundesliga once, but that looks like a weird year. They had a neutral goal differentual.
  12. Regensburg are 4-0 with a win over Schalke, Kennedy playing the full 90 again! I'm gonna get my hopes up if they don't stop winning real soon. The games are too early for me, but Regensburg seem to be a really tough team to play against this season, rock solid at the back and throwing waves of creativity at the opposition, where basically everyone on the field can and will score. This could be one of the biggest surprises of the season... like anywhere in Europe. Even their fans have a song about how mediocre they've been historically: (earworm alert!) Even if/when they fall back to Earth, Kennedy's in a great situation. They're a capable team at the very least.
  13. I think this is injury relief more than anything with Guti out and Nerwinski currently having to slotting in at lb. Godinho's contract will only go to the end of the year with an option to extend. Good luck to him - hope he can find a place in the team.
  14. A team that finished 6th and had the league's leading scorer. Absolutely a step up from Valerenga, even with Boupendza gone now.
  15. Wow... Steph really showed his versatility today. That might be the best I've ever seen him play defensively. He can really stay behind and turn into a brick wall when he wants to. Must've had near 100% pass completion too. He wasn't flashy or anything, so I don't think he'll get any new suitors, but definitely a sign that he can play a very specific role when he needs to.
  16. He was on the bench the first game. I don't think he'll be a lock to start when he's back.
  17. My hot take is gonna be Corbeanu... I don't think he should be there. Disregarding the playing time he hasn't had, he doesn't fit well into this formation. He's not a wing back, and his hold up play / finishing made him unconvincing as a striker at the youth level. He's a pretty pure winger whose upside could potentially combine his size with his technical abilities. I think his role in League One has come as a bit of a shock to some, but really, no one in England rates him as this wonderkid who should be tearing up the Championship. He's not there yet. If we really bring a 26 man squad like this one, he's probably there. But with only 23-24, Pasher is a more versatile option who can play wb and score, and ZBG is an actual wingback.
  18. Thanks to @Nate3322for pointing this out: Kennedy is one of the top 10 fastest players in 2. Bundesliga, and the 2nd fastest CB in the league. This'll be what gets him to Bundesliga if it ever happens.
  19. So Miller wins very few of his aerial duels? 41% in fact... with only 0.87 per game, it seems he's very selective with the duels he chooses to go into, which makes that number especially concerning. This kinda cements for me that Kennedy is the better choice on the left. Even if he isn't as great in the air as his height would indicate, he's much more aggressive with almost 3 aerial wins per game and very good on the ground.
  20. Man... how was Adekugbe stuck in Norway for so long? Terrific first half for Hatayspor, could've had 2 assists in the first 20 minutes. He's so good at timing his runs down the left and tracking back to defend. He's always struck me as one of the smartest players on the pitch. Edit: Looks like he might've hurt his back Still, 7.7 + MOTM according to Sofascore
  21. I think if you choose the music right, you can pick a beat that sort of matches the player's rhythm. In most cases though, yeah, they'll pick something loud and distracting.
  22. Yeah, objectively, I'm not sure if we can really know if a player gets any better just by going to a bigger club. Emotionally though... it just sucks to see an American going to Roma every week while Steph has been passed over time and time again. I'm repeating myself at this point, but I think it's a mix of Steph being pretty okay with his current situation (he's said repeatedly that this club has treated him very well) and Pacos demanding a very high price, since they'll only get half his transfer fee. A good showing vs Tottenham could help, but I really think Pacos want to stay competitive even with a bunch of their best players gone. And tbf, there's good reason to be impatient. He'll be 25 in a few months. One more bad injury and he could be back to square one again. It's frustrating, but not every team will be willing to sell off such a talent until they absolutely have to.
  23. How would Red Star compare to MLS at this stage, having just lost to that team from Moldova? I sorta bought that Borjan was playing at a higher level but like... would some GK playing for Dundalk or Qarabag be a lock in our 11 since they just played in Europa League?
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