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  1. Nah, I'm not worried about Piette starting. Eustaquio and Kaye, I think, are pretty indisputably ahead of him. I just thought that Laryea-Davies and Atiba-Hoilett on the wings would be pretty hard to deal with.
  2. Got a yellow card, and subbed off in the 87th minute today, in a 2-0 loss to Sporting. Still finished with the highest rating on his team.
  3. That seems to be the controversial part. Is this really that bad of a team? Sometimes, their worst attributes just get blown up to 100. When they're doing their whole longball thing well, though, it works because they're actually kinda speedy up front.
  4. Is he really anywhere near good enough for their non-domestic squad? I get that they've regressed but that's pretty shocking.
  5. Played the full 90 today in a 1-1 draw. Finished with the 2nd highest rating on his team via WhoScored. Anyone see him play today?
  6. The statement you made previously, as someone already pointed out, was not a fact. No one playing was known to have tested positive for covid. Neymar did not play the game on the 6th of August against Sochaux. Where spectators have been present, distancing has generally been maintained. I don't think a highlight clip with a camera no where near the fans gets to contradict the social distancing guidelines that are still in place. I don't think you're describing a reality that exists, and the one you are describing seems to be what you would prefer to see. I think when you say that restrictions are lax to the point that we're letting players on the field with covid, and that social distancing in the stands has been abandoned, you're making a pretty political statement when you look at how that stacks up against... actual reality. And you wrote: "Things don’t add up with all this stuff. Why do I have the feeling we are not getting all the information?" " "Global pandemic serious enough to shut down World Cup qualifiers, but not serious enough to keep players out for more than a few days when they get it 🤔" Come on. These are political statements. I'm not as opposed to mixing sports and politics as others, but I'm not the one who made previous accusations.
  7. Boooo. This is not the attitude. That's the reason we're talking about it in the first place; because we're surprised. Unless you don't believe what is being reported, a quarantine period that certainly lasts longer than a minor lower body injury is necessary, because we still don't want to spread what you should know by now, is a pretty dangerous virus. Can we stop the thing where we pretend we don't want to talk about politics, and then proceed to talk about politics?
  8. Haven't been keeping track... how likely is he to pick us?
  9. Should be more hype for Hasal imo. Small sample size, but statistically, he's been a league-average to good GK in the MLS at age 20-21, on the Vancovuer Whitecaps. Nothing I've seen of him suggests he doesn't belong.
  10. Think we're a bitter deeper. I'd go: 1. Borjan 2. Crepeau 3. Carducci 4. Hasal 5. St. Clair 6. Breza 7.Desjardins 8. Leutwiler (I'm unsure about adding any other CPLers to the list after such a short season.)
  11. Maybe controversial, but I would still go with Vitoria, because he should be our PK taker. Don't think anyone else has proven themselves to warrant using a sub just go get Vitoria on. Kennedy shouldn't be more than a sub until he cracks the 18 at Jahn Regensburg. He hasn't appeared in a game outside the 2nd Austrian tier.
  12. Guess I'll do it.. Impact vs Whitecaps: Whitecaps: Hasal, Cornelius, Teibert, Bair starting, Raposo, Baldisimo, Ricketts on bench, Cavallini out with red card Impact: ZBG, Shome, Piette starting, Waterman, Yao, Bayiha on bench John Herdman apparently in attendance. Edit: 1-0 Vancouver on an odd penalty 2-0 Vancouver 2-1 Whitecaps win 3-1 so it'll be TFC in the finals Thoughts: Vancouver's a lot more entertaining when they concede that there's no way in hell that they're short-passing up the field successfully. Instead, longballing it up and praying has led to 8 goals in the last 3 games. Cornelius looked very solid, and Hasal looked quite good, albeit with limited chances against. The Impact were shockingly horrible up front, which is unacceptable against a team that's basically conceded you the midfield. For the Impact, Piette was pretty meh. Didn't create anything, but his passing was decent. ZBG flew pretty under the radar, but he definitely had a few giveaways. Shome got taken out early after the red card, and I didn't notice him at all. John Herdman was in attendance, so this could change how our next squad is gonna look. I think Cornelius has gotta be a lock at CB for the time being, and Hasal is making a good case to be our 3rd GK.
  13. Clearly, he should've stuck with the MetroStars!
  14. I'm being careful not to get too down on him after just a few games, or even just this season. Clearly a lot of retooling to be done in Vancouver (hopefully), and if they get that, we should see him getting more chances to do what he's actually good at. He has consistently outperformed his expected goals elsewhere, because he's always been a lethal striker in the box. I don't think that just magically disappears because you're in Vancouver.
  15. This is exactly what I'm thinking. I don't think they're a spooky juggernaut or something, but this is a good CONCACAF squad, and there's no use in underestimating them.
  16. Just gonna update this. I guess it's gonna be a while now, but this is why I maintain there's very good reason to be nervous about Suriname. Again, I don't think you can make a real argument that they're better than Canada, because Davies and David are leagues ahead of anyone they have, but I think it's a bit unfair to say that any team that might struggle against them have no place in the World Cup. This group is probably as close to a Dutch B team as you're gonna get, and I think it's safe to say they're quite a bit better than the Panama squad that made the World Cup 2 years ago. Attached here is a squad of confirmed Suriname players constructed on a Fifa 20 team builder, next to Canada's team. Obviously Fifa ratings aren't definitive whatsoever, but that of course applies to Canada as well. I'd be interested to hear who we think is under/overrrated, or if we think players can be put on a scale like this at all. With Atiba in our lineup, mind you, the game gives Suriname the same team rating as Canada. The caveats being that I added Zeegelaar, who is not confirmed, to fill out their 11, and that several of them are playing out of position. These means that they'll be forced to add 2-3 players from their domestic league, which is where we have a huge advantage. However, like us, Suriname has a decent amount of players in European leagues. There are a lot of factors, of course. For one, this group has spent no time together, and half of them haven't registered a single cap yet. That being the case adds the additional possibility that any one of them might not even show up. So, I think there are 3 tiers of Concacaf that have a realistic shot at the World Cup. There's Mexico in their own tier, then the USA in their tier, and then the giant tier of bubbles teams any of whom could take the 3rd or 4th spot. In this tier, I think, are Jamaica, Costa Rica, us, Curacao, Panama, Honduras and yes, Suriname. Point being, I think when we play any of these teams, there's a decent chance that we don't win. You might say that we HAVE to be better than all of these teams if we want to be taken seriously at an international level, which is sort of true, but there is undeniably an element of luck in the process, and we're gonna need that, combined with the talent we do have, to get far.
  17. No, he's not too old by any means. It'd still be like a 5 hour flight though, and since he passed on Nations League, I wouldn't expect him to come all the way over just for a few friendlies. I don't expect to seem him until the Oct, really. If he wants to, though, by all means. He's probably our third best player.
  18. Got bored, so here's our all-European team. Subs: Breza, Hoilett, Millar, Kennedy, Borges, Trafford, Bassong, Extras: Leutwiler, Brym, Twardek, Sekunda, Hemati So yeah, would it be possible to have a nice camp in like, Germany, for all of our Euro based players for some friendlies? Only glaring difference here is our fullback depth, which gets pretty ugly without Laryea, Johnson and ZBG.
  19. So what're our thoughts on him at this point? He seemed like one of the best players on Pacos from what I saw, but it's strange that Cruz seems so disinterested. Do we think he still has a chance at playing in a top league eventually?
  20. The tweet right before says that the Dutch team also reached out to him, as this article points out https://www.diyagonal.net/hem-hollanda-hem-kanada-ferdiyi-milli-takima-istiyor/ . I think it's just saying that all three teams are vying for him...
  21. Yeah, pretty unfortunate that anyone would say that. That kind of idea, that one ancestry consistently produces better athletes, is silly. A lot of people, too, haven't really noticed the progress Canada has made over these past few years. Like, I'm in high school, and even soccer kids don't seem to know about the rise of Davies, or David. It's unfortunate, cause there're some really good stories there. Kinda reminds me of Milos Raonic, when he was finally seeing some success in the majors. Tennis fans, even Canadians, just kinda shrugged and kept cheering on the ongoing domination of Federer and friends. I'm sort of mixed about Qatar, with their labour abuses, but qualifying would really bring light to Canada... you know... actually having a men's soccer team, which a ton of people don't even seem to realize.
  22. Fair enough, sounds like you know more about them. Anyone else have a different opinion?
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