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  1. I thought admins couldn't track IP addresses? Why hasn't neuker been banned yet if it's confirmed to be Robert?
  2. Big assumption that Netherlands makes it to Qatar
  3. The lower seeded nations shouldn't have a chance. No other confederation does a lower-seed tournament. Concacaf only came up with it so they could retain the Hex.
  4. That's not the argument. It's that the 17th seed shouldn't be one tie away from the intercontinental playoffs, which is why this format will never be implemented.
  5. Pretty easy if you compare what they would have had to go through to make the 2018 World Cup
  6. Imagine insulting Vic everyday for a week straight and then thinking this pile of garbage is a good format.
  7. Many here? So we're just making stuff up now huh. People discussed our chances of us making it through the 7-35 gauntlet. Many preferred that though? We both know thats not true Robert.
  8. Yeah he's only started the last 17 league games in a row, I guess we'll have to wait and see. Robert and Peggy in a competition for who can make the hottest take of 2020.
  9. Are you using a burner account on a Canada soccer forum? Really? Kevin Durant would be proud.
  10. @admin I know you've been dealing with the PayPal refunds but can you ban him again
  11. This was actually an interesting post Robert. But come on @admin, what is the point of a ban if he can just make a new account the next day.
  12. Sigh. I feel like we've done this before. You post an essay, which essentially boils down to a question that usually has already been answered on this board or is easily googleable. Next, someone obliges and answers your question. In this case, Japan is going to postpone the games and are currently playing chicken with the IOC to see who will have to pay for the expenses. As to your other point, you want CONCACAF to announce a new format when all of its members are currently quarantined from each other with no timeline on when that will be lifted, but is best case scenario months away, sure makes sense. Then, you respond to everyone that responds to you, thus making it so that every other post in this thread is you. Finally, 2 weeks later, @admin bans you for your past verbal abuses.
  13. Ok so this is definitely Robert right? @admin are IP bans possible on this site?
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