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  1. In November 2019, it was announced that a so-called sports passport would allow Dutch professional footballers from the Surinamese diaspora to represent Suriname.
  2. Here is the link. Still nothing appearing yet though.
  3. We host 2 & 3 and are away to 4 & 5 https://www.concacaf.com/en/world-cup-qualifying-men/article/draw-procedures-confirmed-for-first-round-of-concacaf-qualifiers-for-the-fifa-world-cup-qatar-2022?fbclid=IwAR0SgWEOdPKS61A68INTSbjQFGe2O3NeVhzZOpfMTxoafjB67Iq4OolUtJc
  4. I also was wondering about the source of his extra graph that doesn't appear on the Concacaf website. I don't see how the #1 seed hosting both the #2 and #3 is fair. Under that format, the #1 seed is going to come out of the group every-time. I would assume they are going to do it like Nations League qualifying: #1 Seed at home vs #2, #4. #1 Seed away vs #3, #5
  5. Heavily pushed is pretty harsh. We dropped 8 ranking points with our loss to the US, whereas we gained 17 with our win against them. El Salvador lost 20 points with their defeat to Dominican Republic and only gained 5 with a win in the return leg. To the larger picture. I think their supporters have a right to be upset, however, I can take off my Canadian tinted glasses and clearly see the change in format was justified and they have no real argument that they should be part of the bye nations.
  6. From Reddit about hosting: Guessing it will be similar to Nations League. Which is basically seed 1 hosts 2/4, seed 2 hosts 3/5, seed 3 hosts 1/4, seed 4 hosts 2/5, seed 5 hosts 1/3
  7. @TGAA_Star you need to stop posting 25 times a day. I'm sick of scrolling through threads littered with your posts that just re-phrase in a confused tone what other people have already said. Only comment when you can add value. Remember quality > quantity.
  8. You can't get from 35 to 16 though. So it would need to be: 1st Round: A total of 6 teams, teams ranked 29–35 in the CONCACAF entrant list, play home-and-away over two legs. The three winners advanced to the second round. (2 match days) 2nd Round: The remaining 32 teams play home-and-away over two legs. The 16 winners advanced to the third round. (2 match days) 3rd Round: The remaining 16 teams play home-and-away over two legs. The 8 winners advanced to the fourth round. (2 match days) 4th Round: The remaining 8 teams are divided into two groups of four teams each. In each
  9. @admin Again this is Robert's new account. It's actually impressive how you and TGAA can singlehandedly ruin intelligent discussion from hundreds of people and turn this forum into a frustrating place to visit.
  10. Hi Robert, It's a good suggestion. Unfortunately, moving forward with the current format is unfair for the nations just outside the Hex, such as Canada, who did not have the March and June windows as well as potential out of window matches in April and May to gain points and overtake the current sixth seeded nation.
  11. This comment adds nothing to the discussion. You don't need to comment on every single post. Only comment when you can add value.
  12. Nothing has been confirmed. The three groups idea seems to be a leading candidate but it hasn't been finalized yet.
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