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  1. The sweet spot for potential March friendlies, where a win is manageable and the amount of points gained would be impactful.
  2. Cuba would have been a friendly not a Nations League match. So we would have gained 2 points with a win not 5. If we want to gain 5 points for a friendly win it needs to be against a nation around our ranking.
  3. Also, El Salvador coach wants to cancel Iceland and USA friendlies https://www.elsalvador.com/deportes/selecciones/de-los-cobos-nunca-habia-habido-una-sequia-tan-grande-de-centros-delanteros-de-jugadores-numeros-nueves/662049/2019/?fbclid=IwAR2Vv-ZjobiOrmmX_35wUSXU6Q8Pbhu3GMvcxL4e0cOVloHPj8n0jYmjKXU#utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=deportes&utm_campaign=organico
  4. Official Top 10 after November
  5. Final rankings after November window.
  6. I'm actually pretty confused about why it's so negative around here. Yes, we're not in a great position but why is everyone acting like its over? El Salvador are planning on having friendlies with "higher-level European squads" in March. Why is this not getting talked about more? They looked very poor in their last two games. I can pretty easily see them losing to these European nations and losing valuable (10ish depending who they play) FIFA points in the process. Yes, they could win these matches and we would be too far back to catch them, but all is not lost just yet.
  7. They gained 4 with the win over Montserrat. He is correct though, they'll lose 6.5 with a draw.
  8. Depends on who they play in March. They would lose 1.8 for a loss to Iceland and 1.5 for a loss to USA, since they are outside the window. The March window games would likely be 5 points lost each.
  9. Wow thanks for all this. This actually gives me some hope. They could easily lose the two March window games which I'm guessing would be around 10 points. Even if they beat Iceland and US we would have a chance if we pick the right opponents.
  10. Ok yeah that makes sense. Weird that they wouldn't put it as upcoming though
  11. Oh nevermind. They're streaming it on their YouTube channel
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