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  1. Yep, they lost 1.13, down to 1303 now.
  2. Or an opportunity to drop 8 points πŸ˜‰
  3. Back on topic. Still nothing about about a potential second match for El Salvador yet right?
  4. Oh and now he's banned. Didn't know I had that much power.
  5. Can you try to add value to the discussion next time you make a post? Every other comment on the last two pages in this thread have been from you. They are either like this one, a wall of text with random data for no reason. Or they're wild statements like "Man I miss the good old days of Jack Warner and Sepp Blatter".
  6. It's not in the document but nations don't lose points for losing in the 3rd place game. England didn't drop any for their loss to Belgium in the World Cup. Switzerland actually gained points when they lost to England in the UEFA Nations League Finals 3rd place as it was in a shootout.
  7. Panama game will definitely be for points as they are making a push for the Hex. Costa Rica game could potentially be training we'll have to see. I like how you won't admit you were wrong that "The truth is it’s almost impossible that we overtake El Salvador." and have insert a negative comment every time a friendly gets announced.
  8. Canada can move into 6th place if we win both matches and they lose both of theirs (exact point totals may change slightly due to Panama and Costa Rica friendlies beforehand).
  9. https://us.as.com/us/2020/02/17/futbol/1581968523_520857.html?fbclid=IwAR3VlN-OulKuWdKRC6H_dDIz7EiCNTRm5IpNsyjKwv6hJcGZQIJcaQ9LRmw @Olympique_de_Marseille slacking πŸ˜‰ For real though, this is crazy. El Salvador are set to play Costa Rica in Costa Rica on March 31.
  10. We've talked about having an out of window camp in May.
  11. Literally all of this is wrong lol. We're definitely not in "MUST WIN" territory. We still have the May and June windows to pick up points. If we're anywhere close to El Salvador, the CSA will play friendlies in June, no matter the cost. The California games were on neutral ground, so they didn't cost much and despite the loss to Iceland, I think everyone would agree they were worth it. It would be nice, but no the March 31st game doesn't need to be opened up to the public.
  12. Opportunity to gain 7 FIFA points
  13. Anyone have any more information on the press conference?
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